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  1. I think you'll find the Police are the least of your worries after dark! It's what else might be out there you may want to pay some consideration to! The Police are likely to be understanding of your honest reasoning especially when you provide evidence of your activity in the form of a cache printout. However, urban caching at the wrong time of the night is likely to draw attention to yourself by those who would take a shine to the apparent gizmos you're wandering around with! And then there are those who would see you as fair game to be picked on for no apparrent reason. Be selective about where you park and where you cache so not to draw undue attention to yourself and your activities. As a general rule in most urban enviroments I have cached in I find that after the hour of around two in the morning the only people still out on the streets are the Police. If you can get out into the countryside I'm sure you'll find it more relaxing and enjoyable but there are also considerations. Reports of large cats and other potentially dangerous beasts roaming the countryside are infrequent but there are other goings on as well. Try and find an empty car park on Cannock Chase at one thirty in the morning and you'll get the idea! They may take an adverse interest in you because you're not taking an interest in them! There are of course those who are engaged in other activities they would not want the authorities to know about but a legitimate but trigger happy livestock patrol could just as easily bring you grief! A word of advice on protecting yourself. The Police will not take an understanding view if you're wandering around the countryside with anything they would classify as an offensive weapon. You'll find it extreemly difficult establishing a respectful rapor with an officer of the law if you're armed with a machete for example! Think along the lines of what can you carry that's justifiable on the grounds of your activity such as a "rather large torch" or, as is my personal choice, a walking pole! Remember also what you have of value to a potential assailant. And the most valuable item, apart from you of course, is your vehicle! Think about where you park. Even in the depths of the countryside it's still possible to give the impression your vehicle isn't in total isolation. I would much rather walk an extra half mile for the security of having parked my car near some sort of occupied dwelling. But take care not to wake up the occupants! If you have to park somewhere remote take special care on returning to your vehicle. I think the best way of summarising the adverse potential of night caching is the fact that you'll be perceived as doing something unnatural. Who in their right mind would chose to wander around the countryside in the dark looking for a plastic box when the alternative is be tucked up in a nice warm bed! I'm not going to try and sell anyone night caching but what I will say is it's more challenging and therefore, possibly, more rewarding! And as for that dadgum micro hiden behind a road sign on a busy street in the middle of town you can't get to because every muggle on earth is breathing down your neck..... what at two o'clock in the morning? Go get it!
  2. I personally consider it totally selfish for someone to retrieve a geocoin from a cache just for the sake of added an icon to their list of trackables. I've evidence to suggest certain cachers are even resorting to nocternal cache visits to satisfy their insatiable icon habit. I would like to see immediate action taken to stamp out this icon-ic self gratification. Anyone else got a Singapore Geocoin icon yet?
  3. Cache rating is as much perception as physical. The perception of a rating to an experienced cacher and/or a cacher who is experienced in the specialist skill required to find the cache/reach the cache location is obviously going to be different to a cacher with little or average equivalent experience. If you are seeking a serious 5/5 challenge GCGHJJ is one worth attention. Five caches including M2 Ben Macdui Britains second highest mountain and a ten mile round trip walk are required to locate GCGHJJ and then the challenge begins! Standing only metres from the cache location: 1. do you turn away to return with specialist equipment? 2. do you have the skill/strength/experience to go for it? That's the perception. If you fall into category 1. no doubt the cache qualifies a 5 difficulty but if you're category 2. you may consider was it worth a 5? However, for having the balls to go category 2. is evidence of the specialist equipment required to rate a 5 difficulty! Pack your rucksack, pull on your best walking boots and get yourself up to the highlands! If you want a partner for the challenge both Prince of Darkness (who will be attempting the cache(s) only at night) and Kingfisher have it high on their caching hit lists!
  4. Is this smilie still appropriate or should it be removed?
  5. I think the OP was worried about the coins and TB's being moved without them being logged out of and then into the caches. If that is what the problem is, then the experienced cacher should know better?? Well said HH, totally agree!
  6. If you're coming down to the New Forest you might like to call in here in Brokenhurst for a bite to eat. Now if you can talk them into opening similar south of Newlyn you'll have cracked it! Afternote... I think their server's just crashed! For those having problems with the link it's Simply Poussin restaurant in Brockenhurst!
  7. Well done chaps, you could now do with a holiday. How about next weekend in the New Forest?!
  8. Glad to see you're OK. Hope the drive home went without further incident. It must have been a fairway back to Oxford! Did you get back in time for tee by any chance? I suppose you still feel a bit rough, that would be par considering what has happened. Guess you wouldn't have seen it coming so had no chance to take cover in an air raid bunker should there happened to have been one nearby. Did Sue get a photo, did your hear her say watch the birdie just before the camera clicked? All the same I'd like to offer my sympathy with a pint of your favourite, join me at the 19th hole!
  9. Now this topic has got the attention of many puzzle cachers I'll inject the following: If a setter wishes their puzzle cache to be treated as such they must ensure that information given in finders (and DNFs) logs doesn't compromise the puzzle. I openly admit that if I look at a puzzle cache and am unable to grasp the solution I'll surf through whatever information is available in the cache listing, including the additional hint, logs and photos and, certainly for a cache that's been in place for some time, either the solution or clues to the location will be found. Let's face it, who wants to sit frustrated staring at a cache listing when the real enjoyment is getting out there in the countryside making the find and the proof is getting your mark in the log book. I'm pro puzzle caches as there are some really clever ones around such as Wilkinsons "Bunny has a holiday in the UK" but sometimes the challenge for me is not in cracking the puzzle but finding a way round it to discover the cache location and ultimately get to the log book. Anyone reading this who's had a visit from me to their puzzle caches and are concerned that their cache is achieveable without solving the puzzle you're quite welcome to contact me and I'll confirm whether it was solved or by-passed and if the latter I'll advised how I managed it. Before anyone starts slagging me off saying I'm not caching in the spirit of Geocaching just remember the basics that is to find the cache and providing proof by getting your mark in the log book! Keep your replies constructive for the benefit the topic as you'll not gain anything by criticising my methods!
  10. Hey, I'm on holiday next week... got nothing planned or better to do with my time so I'll go caching! See you at your farewell event. Fills the middle of the week in nicely, a days caching around Milton Keynes. Give me a wave if you see one of my travel bug vehicles around the area, probably P99! Will you be placing any caches out for the event. lol!
  11. In case of bad weather the event will be held in Phillimore Clans tent!
  12. It's not a caterpillar. Turn it over, you'll find a TB tag attached!
  13. Geobabe I don't think so but crawling around graveyards on my hands and knees at two o'clock in the morning getting stung by nettles, ripped to shreads by brambles, wading through rivers, pursued by game keepers, dodging doggers, accused of sheep rustling, triggering UFO alerts, whilst searching for a plastic box or lump of concrete is all pretty normal compared to some of the representations in this topic! Strike one for geosanity! Anyway in accordance with sex, race and age discrimination laws we can all be geobabes! At the weekend some of you might become Mandy but as the night draws in I become.............!
  14. Slightly off topic of Byway Bookmark Lists (not Boat lists!). Just thought I'd add some broad brush clarification of Rights of Way (RoW). Byway Open to All Traffic (BOAT) shown as red crosses and dashes on OS 1:50,000 maps are legal RoWs for motorised traffic (although subject to local/temporary restrictions). Road Used as Public Path (RUPP) shown as red short and long dashes on OS 1:50,000 maps became Restricted Byways earlier this year and as a result are effectively no more than a Bridleway (shown as long red dashes on OS 1:50,000 maps) open to cycles, horses and walkers. The whole field (excuse the pun) has been broadened under Right to Roam. Also regulations governing RoWs differ in Scotland. Just a thought... Footpaths (shown as short red dashes on OS 1:50,000 maps) are only for walkers but before you go sounding off at the rider of a horse you meet down a footpath just bear in mind it might be the owner of the land!
  15. A little of the experience with my Garmin 3600 iQue bears relevance to the M4. Firstly having owned and used the 3600 for some years I decided get a second GPS/PDA for my business. I believe the main difference between the 3600 and M4 is their operating system iQue and Windows. I wanted to get the M4 for better Outlook connectivity and data transfer with my PC at work but discovered that the M4 requires a completely difference cradle for the car. Two cradles on my dashboard? No! I (my business!) bought a second 3600! One of the drawbacks of the 3600 is to use it hand held in GPS mode drains the battery too quick to be effective long use, you should avoid straying too far from your 4x4 recharger when out in the hills!. I would presume the M4 has the same drawback. I have hand helds anyway but still invested in a device I can plug into the 3600 which holds 4 x AA batteries and recharges it. The 3600 makes for a great mp3 player working from a decent sized SD card can run hours of your favourite music. Great for those long walks up distant mountains with a full pack on your back, a pair of walking poles, marching in step to your favourite gym workout tunes! Sad! Not had any experience with Memory Map but the 3600 is very effective with its own Mapsource mapping, navigation between cache locations is made very easy especially at night!
  16. Such is my custom of prowling the countryside at night obviously my ideal caching partner would be Prince of Darkness. I wonder if one day our paths will cross. Maybe they have already but we've not seen each other in the dark!
  17. STOP!! Breathe..... Carry on! Well done!
  18. Already plotted my approach from Southampton! See you there on Sunday.
  19. Now, if you all behaved yourselves and stuck to the speed limits you wouldn't have to be concerned about the location of "safety cameras". ... TBs P100 GPS & P111 GPS
  20. No bumps please, that would suggest someone's fallen! Onwards and upwards!
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