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  1. Trouble with Geocaching is it's impossible to sneak around without being spotted electronically! Yes, I have to admit grabbing Interception 1 whilst commuting between Southampton and Manchester. No, my wife can't understand it either! But I'm out to complete Interception and if the other 2 bugs so much as twitch I'll be on to them! As for Saturday, well what can I say but yes 17:15 (Friday) arrive Manchester Airport from Denmark straight into work. 19:00 depart work go home. Midnight leave home for Yarrow Valley 00:25. Another 13 caches later at 18:00 I'm stood in a dark Dunsop Bridge determining whether to put on the UFO and head north up the fells for the four up there! My decision was to come back for those with the MTB so I called it a day! There's some good quality terrain caches up in those hills so hats off to the Cachers who've placed them. Really enjoyed Clougha Pike, infact I'm threatening to put the next Interception bug I get into it! I'll be out again next weekend, anyone care to join me? Just thought I'd add, before anyone makes a regretable decision to joining me caching. I completed Nicky Nook car to car in an hour and a half. Then after taking Clougha View at 13:30 I was at Clougha Pike at 15:00 so car to car was not much over 2 hours. If you'd like to join me you'll need a good pair of yomping legs!
  2. Hi Cheesy Nacho, Welcome to Geocaching. If your GPS gets you to the cache then there's nothing wrong with the type you have! I have a couple of Garmin III+ backed up by Mapsource on the laptop. I do all the plotting on the laptop and download to both GPS units. One unit goes in the vehicle (dashboard mount in the car, handlebar mount on the motorbike), this gets me to the cache location. I then use the second unit to walk to the cache (saves having to keep taking the vehicle mounted unit out off it's clamp). When I get home I can then upload the resultant tracklogs into the laptop and save as a file to one day recall when I need to entertain my grandchildren! Good luck caching. Regards Paul
  3. Hi Furrs, I've emailed you direct with my address and caching instructions. Glad to be of assistance and look forward to receiving our little friend soon.
  4. When he gets to 999 everyone disable your caches!
  5. Congrats! Guess you'll be flying towards your 200 now! Well, someone had to say it!
  6. Yet another milestone acheived in Bury yesterday, NattyBooshka makes the ton! Congratulations.
  7. Well done John. Onwards and upwards to 300!
  8. Who'd buy a used GPSr from this man, or even a used car?! Great effort, look forward to the party when you complete the 1000. Gotta go I'm on the phone to NASA arranging the first Lunar cache. Let's see you try to FTF that one!
  9. Bit late on this one but just to register that I tried to stop him! Even left work early but by the time I'd got up to Musbury Old House he'd already been, done his 100th dirty deed, and gone. Was very tempted to destroy the evidence and claim it for myself!
  10. Many thanks for the offer 1setter, I'll bear you in mind as I could quite easily get it down to London.
  11. I've got TB Roswell Bob who wants to get to Roswell, New Mexico. It's currently in Manchester, England. Anyone going that way can take him?
  12. Hi Everyone, Only just discovered this! Didn't realise there was a UK section down at the bottom. Haven't had much time for forums recently! Too much time creeping around woods in the dark! Check out GCEBAC for a 22:55 cache find! Bagged 74 in all for January. Have I got to send off an email to claim most prolific cacher for the month? Many thanks for all your emails.
  13. I've got TB Roswell Bob who wants to get to Roswell, New Mexico. It's currently in Manchester, England. Anyone going that way can take him?
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