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  1. Yo dude! TP0540 - Buckland FBM, saw your photo of 1 Jun, thought it was Monkey World! What you done to your arm John?
  2. Don't knock the User Addeds, Paul - some of them really are there . The duplicates are a bit annoying though. Fair few left for me in Scotland. Just 3 in Wales - look out for a Party invite soon Good going Rob, look forward to the invite! Found a few of "UAs", I notice though that TP7464 - Hermitage is awaiting your visit! Isn't this refreshing seeing as we lost our forums with GCUK being offline. Any other Trigpointers want to join in and totally hijack this topic before we get an off topic lock out?!!
  3. Leaderboard? You mean TrigpointingUK.com / Info / List of users / then sort by Trigpoints logged? Or have I missed something? If it defaulted to Trigpoints logged in descending order then I guess that page would be. That's the one Rob! Not many left for you though, apart from those pesky "User Added" which keep appearing polluting my cleared areas!
  4. Thanks for the info MBF! Found Challenge Publications here should anyone be interested: http://www.challenge-publications.pwp.blue...o.uk/index.html I'm concentrating on completing a national motorcycle event this year but the yorkshire three peaks with three trigs and three caches looks good for next year or maybe something to do in the winter!
  5. Thanks Guanajuato, this being one on my hit list I'd be interested in that link! My head-on straight up the side approach to hill walking is slightly different to a route I've found published on the net! I've OS'd a 22 mile, 6 hour route on tracks with just over half a mile taken cross country at Sell Gill Holes. So I'd be interested in what the experts suggest! Does the Cafe check out/in walk work on trust or are there checks/controls to confirm your visit to each peak? Paul
  6. So close to home how could I miss this year's COC! As for the theme I could come as one of the local tradesmen, or as an Indian!
  7. Wouldn't bother... to quote the "gentleman" that answered the phone: "You've got no bloody chance, been booked up for two months". Would've offered you space in my tent but impossible what with parking the motorbike in it. I'm having to sleep in the car!
  8. What??? is this because of a worldwide shortage of lucozade??? Hey, check out Lucozade Alert, a bottle a day, let's banish sleep to history and go caching 24/7! "Mental Edge" yep good description!
  9. Thanks for the offer Tony! Don't think Prince of Darkness will be going so I should be free in the evening!
  10. Heading up Thursday night straight from work, should be there by 21:00. Spoken to Bull who have no problem with late arrival! Anyone else going Thursday/Friday?
  11. Now there's an idea for a Geocoin. On the back it would be engraved "Made in China"!
  12. Maybe they, like many others, got arrested whilst trying to get the TB serial number off the Olympic torch?
  13. If anyone is interested in motorcycle rallying this year please check out dates on my website www.Pyoung1s.co.uk and links to rally sites: Round Britain Rally Welsh National Rally National Rally Scottish Rally Email me if you would like more info. I wasn't going to do any this year until a friend emailed that he wanted to put a team into the National again and as a result I'm now signed up to them all! Am planning to combine the Rev Up and Ride caching event with a bit of Round Britain rallying! Already starting plotting controls around the countryside and searching for which caches and trigs nearby I can bag at the same time! Paul
  14. Planning to take the Bandit into London for the FlashMob Event on Saturday. Anyone else planning to ride in?
  15. www.Pyoung1s.co.uk, although the KLE250 has gone now and the Bandit 12 has just been replaced by a Bandit 1250, yep some updating to be done to the site! As discussed on Wednesday, I'm in to help you organise something if you would like my assistance!
  16. Easy caching in the winter, just follow footprints in the snow!
  17. ??? Had enought of this, I'm going back to the Teletubbies forums....
  18. Must have got off at the wrong station, I've no idea what you lot are waffling on about!
  19. Thought someone would at least go for the next inspection date first! But you're spot on, well done! Ding
  20. What's a CSC Plate? Or can you at least tell us what CSC stands for? A clue to point you in the right direction: International Convention for Safe Containers 1972 (containers... how apt!)
  21. Cheers Richard! What date is required to be shown on a CSC plate?
  22. I had the same idea with one of my TBs Was going to despatch a bovine TB myself but couldn't get daft moo to leave the field!
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