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  1. You've obviously never had to deal with best buy return staff. They are the main reason I vary rarely shop there.
  2. Try this guy. http://billsgps.tripod.com/ I've dealt with him before and he is a nice guy.
  3. All the units are sold except the eXplorist 400 without the cables. I am going to post that on ebay in the next couple of days, but I'll pull it off if someone wants it before a bid is made.
  4. I'm switching because the explorists have too many buttons and features for the cub scouts. They only use them with me twice a year and they inevitably end up at the sattelite screen asking me where the arrow went. Plus the smaller size for their little hands makes sense. I currently have only the 400 without the cables left, which would only be handy if you wanted a backup. I have 3 of the explorist 400's pending, and If I don't get payment in the next few days I'll put them back up for sale.
  5. All the units with cables are pending. If I don't receive payment in the next few days I'll contact you.
  6. I have one 400 with no cables and generic screen saver (white) and an explorist 210 left. each are $40 plus shipping (usually ends up at around $5 for priority mail.)
  7. Yep. I'm interested. Please contact me at gonzalezl@cfbisd.edu. I'm looking for some units to introduce people to geocaching. email sent.
  8. Actually, the older Magellan Mapsend products work fairly well under Codeweaver's Crossover. So unless you have an old, pre-Intel Mac, it's not TOO difficult. What firmware revision did you say was in the 210? I'm temped even though I really don't need it -- those were really good little units and I can always use a spare. ver 3.1.78
  9. I know it's possible to use a mac with an explorist but since there is no native software it wouldn't be simple.
  10. The explorist gc is a much better unit than the explorist 400. The GC is 2 generations newer with a color screen. I already have the 6 replacement geomate's so I don't need anymore.
  11. In case anyone was wondering all the 400's have working batteries. I don't have the AAA pack for any of them.
  12. I just shipped a colorado to Ontario Canada and it cost $21 to ship via First Class Registered mail with return reciept. I think it would be about $25 for priority international. I'm only going to charge you what it actually costs, but those numbers should be about right. If you tell me which model your interested in and PM me your address I can box it up, weigh it and give you an exact cost. Using a small international flat rate priority box will be $13.25 plus insurance if you want it. A GPS and cables will fit in the small flat rate box fine, it's just doesn't leave much room for padding.
  13. Going to switch my cub scout pack over to geomate jr's. I have 5 explorist 400's 2 white 3 green and one explorist 210. Four of the explorist 400's have invisible shields on them. one of the 400's and the 210 have generic screen protectors. They are all in good cosmetic condition and are all fully functional. As far as cables go I only have 4 power and 5 usb so I'm going to have to sell one 400 without any cables. Price for explorist 400 with cables $50 plus shipping. Price for 400 without cables $40 plus shipping. Price for 210 with USB cable (missing tabs but works fine) $40 plus shipping. Also have Mapsend Topo 3D USA version 1.0 for $30 plus shipping. If you buy all the GPSr's Topo and shipping are free. I'll leave them up here for a few days then post them on fleabay if nobody is interested. And F.Y.I. my fleabay account name is the same so you can check out my history there.
  14. I went from a 60cs to a 60csx and the reception under tree cover went up dramatically between the two. You also get a faster lock if you lose signal with the 60csx. If you are in a deep canyon even the newer high sensitivity receivers aren't that much of a help, but you will lock on to satellites as soon as you are in the clear. The compass on the 60cs and the 60csx are pretty weak when you compare it to the newer triaxial compasses on the Oregon 450, 550 and the 62s. In your shoes I would go with the 62s and I'm pretty sure you'd be very happy with the results. If you wanted to go cheaper with the 60csx you would still have the compass issues, and you wouldn't have the paperless features of the 62s, but you would see much better reception. I currently have a oregon 550t, and I love the touchscreen. I do 95% of my caching at night, so I don't care about the main drawback of the touchscreen, which is the daylight viewing.
  15. No, not really. You can download the imagery with a subscription for device X (with device X connected), copy the downloaded files to another PC, and there copy the imagery onto device Y, which also has a linked subscription. The signing of the JNX files only happens when they're transfered to the target device. The cryptography behind the signatures in the JNX files hasn't been broken, but apparently it's possible to patch up your firmware to make it read unsigned JNX files. Not something I would recommend though. Makes sense, I thought they were tagged during download (I mean something's gotta make it take that long.) But that's good to know. That way I can download once and upload to my two devices that have subscriptions. Thanks for the info.
  16. While the High Sensitivity recievers are nice, I would prefer USB connectivity and a base map over the High Sensitivity reciever. If I were you I'd go back a few generations to the Magellan eXplorist series. Either a 210, 400, 500, or 600. All four have USB Interface and base map. the 400 Adds SD card compatibility, the 500 adds color screen, and the 600 adds compass and barometer. you can use GSAK to upload caches to them, and they will contain a small amount of cache data as well. Dif, Terrain, Type and hint usually. I've seen the 400's go for as low as $20 plus shipping U.S. on ebay. I personally have 6 400's and use them with my cubscout Pack. They definetely aren't the latest and greatest, but they are accurate, get a fix quickly enough, and are my favorite pre-paperless GPS's for geocaching. You mentioned you were a technophobe, so if you don't plan on hooking the gps up to a computer to upload caches, I would still look for a unit with a basemap, like an eXplorist 200 or 300, or original garmin legend. here is a quick info chart on these. http://www.gpscentral.ca/products/magellan/exploristcomparison.htm I am pretty sure they made European versions of all of these, so instead of the North america basemap they would come with a European basemap. You may be a little weary of it, but If I remember correctly there was a way of putting the Europe basemap on a North American model and vise versa. There is a small risk of bricking your unit when you do that, so given your technophobia that may not be an option for you, just thought I'd give you the info.
  17. I don't think this would work, unless you were able to break the encryption. It's been a while since I've used birdseye, but doesn't the device you are moving the data to have to be conected to the computer you are downloading from?
  18. It's less than 24 hours before it closes so I don't feel comfortable pulling it off ebay. So if you want it bid away on ebay.
  19. Please do bid on it on Ebay. Since no used ones have sold on ebay I don't know what the going price on these are. If it goes for $400 via bids that's what it goes for. If someone wants to do the buy it now for $450 that's an option also. I was just giving people choices.
  20. Not original owner. I bought from a guy on craigslist who was selling the eXplorist and an Oregon. I wanted the Oregon, he wanted to sell both, so I bought them both and am selling the eXplorist keeping the Oregon.
  21. Have a slightly used Magellan Explorist 710 for sale. I have it up on ebay here. I would sell it on the forum for $480 shipped payment via paypal instead of $500 plus shipping.
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