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  1. Craters in the Suburbs


    Placed as part of our geocaching event!


    I joined Geocaching today because of this cache (didn’t even know something like this existed.)


    I stood on my stoep on Saturday (9 Aug) and saw these 2 suspicious looking people (man and woman) racing down the kloof, jumping out of their white SUV and doing something very odd down there. It was too far to see exactly what was going on but these two were in a hurry and looking over their shoulders – in and racing out in less than 10 min. I thought it was drug smugglers or something illegal, so I mentally marked the spot.


    Sunday morning I ventured down (through some thorny bushes though) and found the cache.


    Great Idea!

  2. I often put some caches on our watch list to see what other people have to say about them. And when I get the chance I go and read and see what other people thought of it.


    What I've noticed lately is a lot of negative comments about the caches. Perhaps an indication of how a lot of people are feeling in our country, and not necessarily that the cache is so bad?


    I'm all for speaking your mind and letting other cachers know if a cache is really not worth the effort to go and find. Each one is entitled to their own opinion, and I'm glad not a lot of people are put off by what has been said as they still go out and find the cache. It's just funny that out of perhaps 10 logs 1 person would moan about something about the cache, and then if you read up on that cacher's other finds you see him moaning a lot.


    Some people are perhaps just like that, but what erks me is a log I read last night. The cache has been disabled for almost 2 weeks and then the person still goes and tries to find the cache. Why? They then log a DNF basically crapping on the cache owner because they could not find it, instead of just saying oops, we made a mistake and didn't read the cache entry. Stuff like that is definitely not needed and uncalled for.


    Anyways, I'd like to know if there's anyone else that experiences the same thing?

  3. I'm ok with 9 august. And yes, we _HAVE_ to braai afterwards ;)


    We can always hold it a bit later towards the end of the year? Just a suggestion. I'd like to have it as soon as possible obviously, because we're quite excited about this!


    If you know of any other PE people or other people that wants to join, please refer them to this thread so that they can also have their say. Or let them email me!

  4. Here is the first draft. Please read through it and let me know if there is anything you want a suggest / comment on. Also, if you know of other PE and EC cachers, please point them to this thread so that they know about it as well!


    Date: 19 July 2008

    Venue: Algoa Toyota 4x4 Club

    Co-ordinates: S 33 56.693 E 25 34.125


    About the caches:


    1. Each team will place a minimum 1 cache prior to the event

    2. Caches must be no further than 7km from the venue

    3. You will need let us know 16 July 2008 how many caches you are going to place as each cache needs to be numbered with a unique number. We will provide you with these numbers.

    4. Caches must at least be a small cache which contains a log book

    5. The terrain rating must not be higher than 2 and the difficulty rating not higher than 2.

    6. Each cache must contain a clue that you've thought up. This can be anything. Every person that finds the cache must write down that clue to proof they did indeed find it.

    7. Print out at least 1 page with the details of the cache, including coordinates, additional clues, terrain rating and difficulty rating. If possible please print out at least a couple of extra pages for other cachers, so that everyone does not need to sit down and write everything beforehand.

    8. When hiding the caches remember to just stop and think for a few seconds, "Would you like to be brought here to geocache?". If you can answer that, you'll know if you're supposed to place a cache there or not. We're trying to get quality caches up and running for this event.

    9. All the caches will be logged on Geocaching.com after the event as real caches, so it needs to comply with all the Geocaching rules and regulations.


    About the participants:


    1. You must be a registered member of geocaching.com prior the event.

    2. Bring friends and family to take part in your team

    3. Anyone from Geocaching.com is welcome


    How will it work:


    1. We will all meet at 12:00

    2. From here we will all have a chance to write down all the cache information from all the caches.

    3. Each person will be given a unique order in which to go about finding the caches. This is just a guideline and you don't have to stick to them, but it would be best as we're trying to avoid more than 1 team searching a cache at the same time.

    4. We will all go out and enjoy ourselves while hunting for these caches.

    5. Everyone must be back at the venue by 16:00

    6. All the caches that are not found by you can be done at another other stage after the event, ONCE THE CACHES HAVE BEEN PUBLISHED ON GEOCACHING.COM. All caches must be published any time after the event.


    What else you must bring:


    1. Pen, paper and your GPS!

    2. A small gift per team (i.e. pen, geocache sticker, etc) that will be used for various prices

    3. Something to braai afterwards

    4. Snacks, cooldrink, etc to eat while geocaching!


    What will be made available at the venue:


    1. Indoor and/or outdoor fires

    2. Cash bar is available


    Prices will be for the following:

    1. Best cache placement of the day

    2. Most finds for the day

    3. A couple of others we'll make up during the day!

  5. Zantus, myself and ammasoeksoek have been discussing having a geocaching event here in Port Elizabeth for all the Eastern Cape peoples. It will probably mostly be the people from PE, but we're inviting everyone.


    We've put together a list of what we suggest the event will have and how it will be run. But we need feedback from people that want to attend.


    So if you think you'd like to join us email me on chris@cmcs.co.za and I'll send you what we have so far. We'd like to have it on 19 July 2008, but that can change as well depending on the demand.

  6. Definitely do the above ones and these if you have chance


    More quick ones close to Seagul Junction:


    The Graduate - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC1AJHK

    Just work out the clue before going there <_<


    Shipwrecked - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC10JAJ

    Quick if you have a good eye


    Dolphins - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC19A7K

    Nice and quick one


    SAAF Nostalgia - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC12Y29



    PE Tourism - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC1A620

    Very quick


    These are quite close. If you're looking for more I'll mention a couple of others as well.

  7. Tonteldoos I - PE - ammaSoekSoek - (Ek sal oor 2 weke daarby uitkom, op werk weg van PE af op die oomblik..)

    Tonteldoos II - Oosrand

    Tonteldoos III - Rustenburg

    Tonteldoos IV - Linden


    Ek kan een in tussen PE en Ford Beaufort plaas hierdie naweek. Dit sal seker liewers aan die anderkant van Grahamstad oppad Ford Beaufort toe wees


    Ook een by Cathcart. Maar sal moet sien oor die Cathcart een omdat dit redelik ver weg is van ons af.

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