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  1. A delegation of four, two of whom are under the age of 7. It's uh, a small town. Congratulations!!!!!
  2. An extra hour of time is a very good thing. It might make the 30th more do-able. I would feel less ridiculous wearing a costume to a restaurant on the 30th, as opposed to the 23rd, but my threshold for ability to withstand personal embarrasment has been rapidly going down, so I suppose that doesn't really matter. I'll check into ferries and camping, but at worst you could park in my driveway. Or, if you're completely self contained, the park and ride permits 24 hour parking. Now, back to the orange jello and 1,000 trained bats.....
  3. Wow, Wienerdog! I've been trying to get my mind focused on this event, and so far I have very few bright ideas. Good thing its a ways away. I'll look into your specific questions, and make up (I mean, get official) answers soon. I would say costumes optional, the date could be October 23 so it doesn't run into Halloween at all, or the 30th.
  4. I don't know why, but those woods have always spooked my GPSr-it gets all nervous and jittery and won't settle down. From the Eggspedition to Can You Find This to Despair, all the same thing. I don't know if it would be willing to go with me at night!
  5. No TB's to contribute, but it sure sounds like fun! I'd love to go on a geo-road trip. Enjoy!
  6. Wahoo! Congratulations! A lovely place for a celebration!
  7. Oh, Lord, Futility was much, much worse. I might come up with something different from head high nettles and thigh deep rabbit holes for Spookfest. We'll scare you in a civilized manner. (Well, unless I can get the 500 pounds of orange jello trucked in......)
  8. Seems like I can make it as spooky as I want to, and not scare your kids. If I remember correctly, they've been to places like Futility, and Valley of Despair....
  9. I finally gave up and archived Natural Beauty today. I believe it was eaten by deer.
  10. Well, thanks! But what I'm trying to decide is, daylight event, or after dark spooky?
  11. I hadn't realized that the bridge would be closed from 11-1 that night, but since the event ended around 8, most people were long gone. I'm really!! sorry to hear about you being stuck! You guys should have come back, I have a small spare bedroom plus extra sleeping bags! A camping event is not what I feel inspired to plan, although camping would possibly be an option for those who wanted to. I mean, camping events are great, but I want to concentrate on, uh, silly things again. Seems to maybe be my niche. And, I'm thinking October, which always has a fair chance of wind/rain. I'll probably be sleeping in my own warm bed. So, back to the original question-would those from a ways away venture this far for an event that would require the drive home in the dark, or prefer a daylight event? My three ideas are 1) Spookfest 2) Magical Mystery Tour 3) some sort of secret agent/ spy thing I'll bow to public opinion and start planning (daydreaming)
  12. What a generous offer, and we sure would like to meet you! Unfortunately, it is our family duty to entertain Grandma on the 4th, and she has other ideas. Maybe next time!
  13. Oops! I didn't make myself clear! My volunteer helpers are from Whidbey, (if they're still interested), but if there was a Spookfest it would be right here in Port Townsend. It would start when it got dark with a night cache in the woods (with perhaps some surprises) and afterwards we would head to a restaurant/pub, whatever. But, would people from, say, Seattle want to tackle the somewhat winding road that would take them back to the ferry in the dark, after dinner/drinks, or would it be kinder and safer to plan an autumn event in the daylight?
  14. Bumbling along, I just can't seem to figure out how to post the picture from MGTS's log at the Romp; but apparently the world was all a-tilt in PT last weekend, and Miss Goody 'Three' Shoes showed up!
  15. I had so much fun planning my event cache, I'm thinking about doing another. It would be MONTHS away, I'm a slow thinker, but this is my question~ A couple from Whidbey Island has offered to help me plan Spookfest, which would be sometime around Halloween. It would involve, at least in part, an outdoor night caching experience. A lot of people who came to my last cache came from a distance away. Would people be willing to do the drive at a time of year when it gets dark around 2 o'clock in the afternoon? Or would it be better to stick to a daylight experience. Would you be willing to wear costumes? Anything else ridiculous you'd be willing to do? Just trying to decide between something like Spookfest, or maybe a daytime Magical Mystery Tour or.... Thanks for your input. Mrs. B.
  16. Thank you!!!!! to everyone who came. I had such a good time planning this event, and watching the geocachers go by. I don't want to do chores today!!!! Can't we just keep on Romping?
  17. Lucyandrickie~ Rose was here this afternoon, splashing in our blue plastic swimming pool. When I talked to her about the event cache, she seemed kind of nonchalant..... So, I played my trump card, and said "You'll see LucyandRickie again! Her eyes SPARKLED!
  18. No, don't go looking early now! Mrs. B never sleeps, and can easily get them out the morning of the event.
  19. My button link didn't quite work. If you want to see them, go to the geocaching button page, and they're the ones at the very bottom. The event cache buttons look like the picture on the cache page, except I switched to black lettering. See ya! I'm off to Sears.
  20. I've been worrying about the button issue, and this is my best solution.....Along with the event buttons, I ordered a bunch of really nice regular caching buttons--the day/night ones down at the bottom of the page, here: http://www.bumblebuttons.com/index.asp So lets say Mr. and Mrs. Jones are attending the event as Team Jones. Maybe one of them can grab an event button, and the other a geocaching button. Voluntarily, of course...If both Mr and Mrs have absolutely, positively have to have an event button, take them. Somebody will volunteer to take the other kind, so there's enough to spread arond. So, everybody gets a button of some kind. Best idea I can come up with for solving the problem. I just had no idea that 30 might not be enough, and I want everybody to be happy and well taken care of.
  21. In my original agreement with the restaurant, I said that I expected between 20-30 people for dinner, with an accurate head count to be provided by June 16. I was hoping that there actually WOULD be 20, but was prepared for less. I'm amazed, but it looks like this might go over 30 people. I will check with the restaurant today, to see if there is a maximum number they can handle. Also, I have ordered (and received) event buttons. I ordered 30 of 'em, and expected to have some left over. Hmmm...
  22. Mr and Mrs Kfam, Shall I sign you up for two on the cache page? As far as the prizes, I run every day to my mailbox and they're not here yet. Is there mail today, or is it a federal holiday? Anyway, you can show up for caching any time you like. Assuming the prizes get here, I will make up a voucher for each prize. Then the vouchers will be scattered through PT caches. So, the more PT caches you find, the greater your chances of finding a voucher. There's a limit of one voucher per person, so no single person can arrive early and clean them out. The important thing to be on time for is the Romp itself, at 4 p.m. By 4:05, it will have moved on, and it won't be possible to catch up to it. See you in 9 days! (Gulp! 9 days! I need to do some work on the Romp today! Walk the course, or something) Oh! Also! Please either put the cache page on your watch list, or check back on it often. I will be posting some additional information in the days to come.
  23. Let's see. Over 1700 caches found, for an average of 57.4 caches per day. I'd call that aging gracefully. Head start? Uh, no!
  24. I have not received the prizes from Garmin yet. Once I do, and I know what, and how much I've got, I'll make up a list of caches that might potentially hold vouchers and post it on the cache page. It is very important for me to have an accurate head count for dinner. Only the people who have signed up on the actual cache page are being counted. If you have expressed a possibility of coming, here on the forum page, and have not signed up on the cache page, you haven't been counted! Currently there are 25 definite and 3 possible attendees. Wow! I never expected such a response! Now, I'm off to have a very bad day. My refrigerator died during the night, and is now full of warm, drippy food.
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