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  1. Oh, but going up it wasn't really the problem. It was coming down, where you have to back a few feet down a slanted ramp and then reach hopefully with one foot for that first rung. As far as Weldr, he must have been just catching up on logging it before it's archived. He's been up there before, I'd guess more than once - it's in his territory. He was at the Brownie Hot Fudge Sundae Event passing out his photo CD's, which are awesome. Everything now is BSL or ASL. Before or after Scary Ladder.
  2. Oh, dear. I see Weldr's post.....the Coast Guard will be removing it.
  3. Do you have any idea why? Or whether it's temporary? Hope nobody got hurt there.
  4. Micro spew or not, you just can't compare numbers from the early years of caching to today's numbers. When I started, in 2003, my family found our first cache (a micro, by the way) a couple miles from our house. To find our second cache, we drove 20 miles. Obviously, with cache saturation levels rising, today's cachers can hit more caches in in a given time period, because there are more caches around, period. How can you compare apples to oranges? You cannot get such controlled circumstances. Everyone would have to have the same amount of free time to hunt for the same list of caches to see who is "best". There is an area cacher who has a fairly low find count, considering that he is a charter member who has been continuously active. But his finds are almost all long hikes into the mountains. Can you compare that to someone picking off magnetic gaurdrail caches? Obviously not, and this cacher is very well respected within his community. I have been hiding an alarming number of micros lately, and they are not clever hides. My current interest is local history, and my cache pages are long, and hopefully contain interesting information. Then, I take the seeker to the spot to contemplate what I hope was an good story. I never put a micro where a full sized cache would fit; I have a number of full sized caches in my car, ready to go to the right home. I've seen well known cachers take every imaginable shortcut to get to my caches and rack up their smiley, and I've seen cachers who are brought to a new spot by a cache hide and ~sit down and enjoy it for awhile. Or explore nearby trails~ Some cachers get an adrenaline rush out of finding as many caches as they can in one day. I simply don't connect with this--I geocache to relax. I stop for lunch. That certainly doesn't make THEIR experience bad or wrong or invalid in any way. There just is no quantative way to compare cachers numbers. There's been some mind-boggling revelations about various forms of 'cheating' lately, but even within the set of community approved cache finds there is a tremendous variation in experience. That all being said, if I hide an absolutely pointless micro with no redeeming value, I hope that someone sets me straight. It's hard to always tell, though. The first time I saw a magnetic keyholder attached to a guardrail I thought it was clever. The fifth time, not so much....
  5. Did anyone mention Shunra? 1200, at Eraseek's 'Once in a Blue Moon'. If I am allowed to mention it here, he's also pretty high up on the TC charts. This is a man who has just has a ton of fun caching, and it shows!
  6. Huh? What kind of "game" is this? Up their numbers like everyone else? Good gravy....
  7. Dispose may not have been exactly the word I was looking for; it sounds like potentially a very generous FTF offer. I would be careful, however, if there is any likelihood that the vehicle will need any expensive work done in the near future. I'd disclose the condition of the car, to the best of your knowledge, so the seeker could make an informed decision as to whether they truly want a 30 year old (?) car. And, yeah, I agree with the poster above about mentioning a FTF prize, but not that it's a car.
  8. May I ask what the value of this car is, and why you choose to dispose of it in this way?
  9. Forgive me, I did not look up your profile to see how many or what type of finds you have, but from your posts it seemed that you were defending the logging practices being debated here. I truly cannot conceive why racking up smileys would be anyone's primary goal. The few event caches I've been to, everyone has been extremely friendly and eager to get to know each other; they are not breaking into sullen cliques. No artificial stimulus like pocket caches has been necessary to get people to say hello. And how the pleasure of "beating the system" by logging archived caches from the comfort of one's computer chair compares with going outdoors and getting a little sun on your back is totally beyond me. I simply don't understand what pleasure would be derived from this, cheating or not. I can't think of any reason TO do it, except to run up one's numbers, and that seems silly to me. Living real life is so much more interesting. If I'm missing something, please enlighten me.
  10. I just don't get it. When I come home from finding caches, I have (usually) pleasant memories of the walk, the search, the new places I've been shown. If somebody says by their cache that they have a great trail to show me, I don't scan maps for a quicker way to get there. It's the experience I enjoy, and the smiley is a part of the record of my geocaching experience. I'm not asking in a snarky way, I'm honestly curious. Without even approaching the ethics question, I just don't comprehend how that feeling can be replicated by logging multiple finds at events, by sitting home logging archived caches, or by logging PC's. Can someone please explain? Team GeoBlast?
  11. Thank you to all who participated in this thread. If any of you are interested, this is the best that could be done to solve it; and the story of the Tide-E-Bowl. After I re-submitted it, it took about 5 minutes to get approved. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...b5-dc4f358e634d
  12. bumblingbs


    I would LOVE to see a place on GC where one could get basic HTML information. I have searched my old posts and the forums, and I can't seem to pull up the info I want. I am so lousy with computers, and if someone told me how to do something 6 months ago, and I haven't used it since, it's gone. First, how do you put a picture on the cache page? Assume the user is really stupid, like me, and explain it ~exactly~. Now, I have the picture up there, but the writing is all squished up next to it. How do I do a paragraph break? How do I center the picture? If I don't want to center the picture, how do I get the text to come cascading down alongside it? Either a short tutorial on this site, or a link to another site that could help would be glorious. In the meantime, I have a rather half baked looking web page that I would like to pretty up. Thanks!
  13. Am I the only one who read the title of this thread and thought it was going somewhere a bit different?
  14. Can you do the two smiley thing? I've never seen that. In my experience, a lot of cachers (maybe most) who find an easy cache are not going to go look for a more challenging cache with a devious hide that they cannot in some way log.
  15. It's a Victorian Seaport-no parking garages. Again, I found a nice little hiding place 478 feet away that would be fine. It's nice enough in itself, with a fine view of the water and marina, and it's a rather uncrowded spot. Then there would be a little waterfront series to do-this new cache, then you go by the cache that's too close to the Tide-E-Bowl, then the Tide-E-Bowl itself, then a cache on the wharf. It would be only sensible to walk between the caches, so it would be natural to stop and have a look at this thing. 478 feet is just not quite far enough, though. I could go another 70 feet and place a perfectly legal cache. There is a bench, and there is some metal underneath, so I could pop in the usual magnetic key holder. Problem is, 70 feet makes quite a difference in atmosphere. This spot is teeming with people, and the bench is used once or twice daily by people awaiting a tour boat. I would hate to hunt a cache here, and I refuse to place one. And, I personally have seen enough magnetic key holders on benches at this point. I already know where I'm going to have to place the cache. Not thrilled with it either, but it will have to do. When the cache is up, I'll post a link here; you can all see if you like the story.
  16. They could just toss me into the Tide-E-Bowl, it would be a fitting end. If this cache ever does get published, I'm afraid it's been earmarked for Team Misguided's watch list.
  17. This is totally off topic, of course, but did you know that after your cache is approved, you can move it a short distance and change the coordinates without re-submitting it. So, if a tree falls on your cache, or you see a geo-trail developing, you can adjust accordingly. I don't know what the maximum distance is, maybe 1/10 of a mile? (And I thought I was in trouble before )
  18. Well, actually, I was just thinking of changing the coordinates to 50 feet away, so it would definitely fit the guidelines. Of course, it wouldn't be a 1/1 cache anymore.
  19. Since I've put so much work into this, including stuff besides the forums, like visiting the Historical Society and spending a good part of a day trying to figure out how to get a picture onto the cache page (bumbling), I hate to let it go. It has been agreed that I can put it 528 feet away from the other cache and suggest that people stroll over and look at the thing, but I cannot require that they do so. so, that's what I'll do. Trouble is finding the right spot, even for a micro. One direction is the other cache, another way and I fall into the sea, and the two other directions I bounce into buildings. Was out today and found a spot I would have been quite content with. It was 478 feet away. Aargh! There's a perfectly acceptable hiding spot at the Tide-E-Bowl that cannot be used. Such is life.
  20. Umm. The town formerly known as Port Townsend will now be Port Tide-E-Bowl. The neighbors will adore me.
  21. Well, yes, that was my first thought. It probably only weighs about 5 tons. I could make it an Event Cache to get some help.
  22. Well, Forty-n-Eight, one of the problems is that with most puzzle caches, you either get the "delivery method" or you don't. I have owned puzzle caches, and it's hard to give a little clue to get one started without giving the game away. I've just returned to caching after some time off, but months ago I spent hours and hours on a puzzle cache and never did figure it out. The cache owner did try to help me, but the clues did not make any light bulbs go off or get me any closer. If the cache is still there, I'll get back to it. It'll be a real triumph for me if I ever do find it, but it would be a rather uninspiring find if someone told me how to do it. I have not looked at the puzzle in question, but there's some way to pull numbers out of it. You know some of the first numbers for your area, so see if you can make those appear somehow. Again, good luck.
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