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  1. It would be an excellent cache and I hope I haven't ruined it for someone else. A multi, in, on and above the bunkers and batterys and then a trip to heaven. Flashlights, climbing ladders. You can see that it would be fun. It's worried me for quite some time, because I want to, very much, but I cannot do it.

  2. Hi everyone, I haven't been around for quite some time and I'm coming back with a really off the wall question, if you'll humor me.


    Oh, and I'd like to apologize to my approver, because I know he's here.


    I had a cache planned, and I was looking forward to it, I was going to have a lot of fun with it. I'd already gotten permission for it, it would have been in a State Park. I don't want to taint the location, because I still think (I think) that it would be a good one, but this is what happened.

    It was my birthday, and my choice to spend the day there hiking, enjoying the sunshine, and doing a little preliminary work for the cache. There is a tunnel there, and at one end it is spray painted "to heaven" and the other it says "to hell" We laughed all afternoon about how we had gone to heaven, but we got home and there was a death. A real one. We definitely stopped laughing.


    I had intended to put the cache in heaven.


    My 10 year old has asked me to never go back there.


    This was just a bad coincidence, right, or are there some places you just shouldn't go?

  3. Back to the beta tester subject, I'd like to thank very much the two I got. I had got the coordinates 'round backwards, and it's lovely to have help from other cachers. One figured it out from his computer chair, and one went out and got it. Nice. The geocoin I was worried about is going on a ride with someone very safe.

  4. No, I didn't quite just shrug my shoulders. But I do see some things as inevitable. I can't stop that woman from having child number 18, 19, 20.


    On the scale of things, I do live fairly simply. I found a site where you can figure out your "footprint" and we came in way low. I can do that.



  5. And is that Pink Floyd? The lunatic is in my head?


    I'd have to list that way up in my top 10 albums, (and, yes, I'm old enough to be talking vinyl) of all time, as far as differing perceptions.

  6. I did go back and re-read your posts and have always respected you. I wouldn't want to meet that bear in the woods. Not so much.


    My point is that at the rate humans are reproducing, and creating trash and car emissions, and building houses deeper and deeper into the woods, well...you're going to lose more bears. And other species. And there will be more unpleasant encounters on the way to making them extinct. That's not an original thought, but it's the sad truth.

  7. I thought your position was to save the bear, and I've had no problems with bears myself, I was willing to defend the bear.


    But, some places you don't expect to see a bear, you go in behaving as you would anywhere else. I don't have a dog, but it seems there are so few places you can let them run free anymore. Our population is increasing. Did you see the story about the family who had 17 children and wanted more? They were being applauded for their parenting skills. (Apologies to all of you out there who have 17 children).


    So, do we save the bear? Was it the bear's fault that someone came along and scared the heck out of it? Is there any way to put it back into its natural environment? And, more importantly, where are we headed, as a human race with an increasingly overloaded planet?



  8. Oh dear, this cache and everything about it just keep getting worse. I called Garmin, to tell them how my GPSr was acting, and they gave me the patent answer, $79 plus shipping. I wasn't exactly happy, and became the squeaky wheel. I called back and said that I knew two others who were having the same problem with their GPSr of the same variety, and blah blah blah.

    So, now I've been told that the price is reduced to $40, and that they probably won't fix it, they'll give me a new one.

    My mother says that I'm an idiot for balking at this. She's about to throw away a computer, it's horrifically old and unfixable, maybe five years. Yep, into the landfill. Another piece of trash.

    Does anyone else look at their GPSr, and remember where you've been?

    I have an offer, and an e-mail address, and I have to make up my mind.

  9. Yes, I enjoy the bear bell story. ;)


    I'm still thinking this one over, and I think slowly, hence the multiple posts. If you have a bear that gets into your garbage can, and gets an easy meal, is the bear not forever changed, more likely to come looking for garbage cans?


    If the bear was frightened by a bicyclist and dogs, and attacked, and it worked, the bear got away safely, are they not more likely to use the same tactic next time?


    I don't know why, they have said that they would not relocate this bear, but I'd have to say that with my limited knowledge, that would be my choice.

  10. I can't disagree with you Totem Lake. But, considering the fact that people ARE sharing these woods, what's best now? Is the bear not more dangerous because it's had a bad encounter? And, no, I'm not saying I want it euthanized, I don't, I'm asking because I don't know how it may have changed the bear's future behavior in human, or human/dog encounters.

  11. I've only met well mannered bears. Met a few. Maybe the next encounter will change my mind, but I still think it's a question of shrinking habitat and stressed animals.

    On the news, they showed a 15 year old boy who said he was going in there. I'd be willing to, as well.I think it was just an encounter that frightened an animal.

    On the other side, now that the bear has been frightened, it's more likely to fight.

    I'd go in, but maybe not so much alone.

  12. Ooops, I'm sorry. Port Townsend, Cappy's Woods. I've gotten a phone message, and I'll only burden him with my very long answer, and I doubt that he'll be coming. I don't mind continuing to wrestle this cache, I'm just so embarassed that I have a geocoin in it that the owner really wants moved, and I moved it for them. Problem is, the cache I moved it from was found about 20 times during the WSGA event, while this cache is sitting calmly in the woods and has been found by none. Well, of course it hasn't, I haven't submitted it yet. It's the geocoin I'm worried about, and it's only a replica, but it doesn't belong to me.

    I'll get there in a week or so, I just wanted to move the coin sooner, if I could. Thank you.

  13. I need help. I have a cache that has been hidden for a while, and I, and a combination of family members have been out there 5 times already, trying to get it right. I have a dying GPSr, and while I think it's still accurate, it's hard getting the info out of it. To make things worse, it's a two stepper, and (I'm so sorry) it doesn't make sense what I've got here, I think the coordinates may need to be the other way around. Five times, yes, I'm an idiot.


    If anyone will go, I can give you parking coordinates and the two other coordinates. It's maybe a half mile walk. I just want to get this one done because it's got a geocoin in it that needs to move. There's also a FTF geo-button. My family is getting really sick of this cache, and, ironically, it's called Having A Ball. Nice green trail.

  14. Wow. I have met bears in the woods, and never had a problem with them. That being said, I don't have a dog, and to go offf topic a bit, I don't hike with grizzlies.

    I'm afraid part is the dog issue, and part is the fact that people are thriving, and moving constantly deeper into the woods. There's got to be some stress there for the bears.

  15. I'd just like to say thank you, because at the WSGA event we got so many thoughtful logs for our caches.


    Edited to say that I don't need a single reponse at all, I just really wanted to say thanks.


  16. Adding a note now that the campout over:

    I learned many things this weekend.


    1. Food cooked in a casket tastes great.

    2. There is a REASON that the Federation banned Romulan Ale

    3. I now know what caused Zaphod Beeblebrox to grow two heads.

    4. Paul Mua'Dib must have truly been the Kwisatz Haderach to survive injestion of the Water of Life.


    I have no idea what you're saying, but I have an idea you could talk to my son. Do you understand mealies (sp?) Arphus, Farsee-er blademaster, quilbors?


    If so, get your bottom over here.


    Uh-oh. The child says HE understands #4. All water is precious on Arrakis?

  17. Anybody interested in hitting a few fire lookouts or highest caches either Friday or Sunday? In the general area of the campout, en route or as side trips. There are several to choose from. If so, post here or email me, I'm looking for some hiking buddies. :)


    I wish I'd seen that earlier ~ I'm slow, but I don't stop. Or, I stop, but I get going again. I still don't have any logs for my cache that was the longer walk, but there was an awful lot to do and the weather wasn't good. Some other time? I haven't looked for a while, but if the Mount Jupiter cache is still there, I still want it, and it would take me from sunup to sundown. Or more. Be kind, I'm old enough to be your mother. However old you are.


    Edited to say that we appear to have the same cat. Mine's named Salt and Pepper. If she likes you, and she likes everybody, just Pepper. I'm allergic to cats. She's in my lap.


    Edited again to say mine doesn't read yet. We're working on "fetch". Or "eat". That one was easy.

  18. So please just have fun and stop worrying so much. Take reasonable care and go about your business, this world was here long before you, and it will still be long after you are gone.

    That settles it. I had a cache I had decided not to place because it required me to build a town in the woods behind a park. Since it's going to be gone 90 years after I archive the cache, I'm going to go for it.




    That made me laugh. Thanks!

  19. Our State Park system has hammered out a hard won agreement about geocaching, and one of the stipulations is that the cache be examined yearly. If there's a major geo-trail to the cache, or anything else going on, the cache doesn't have to die, but it has to move a bit. I think that's reasonable. There's one moving this fall, because it's been there since 2003 and is causing damage to the ((tree)) where it's hidden.

  20. Oh, no I have to confess. I usually just tell the truth, or, treasure hunt / scavenger hunt works, because people "get" that, and you're not stuck with a long explanation. But one time, just for the fun of it, I made up some wildly named plant that I was looking for, to determine the biodiversity ratio and toxicity, and they sure left quickly. I was awfully proud of myself.

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