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  1. bump While we're at it, let's have some scratch marks and drool on the GPSr.
  2. The water part..this is a really tough hike, so I don't think many folks would be willing to do that! The fold feature...is it the "lake" he's talking about? (the part that's all sandstone) And for the other idea, I'll try to find Dry Lakes Ridge Summit. (There is no summit in the road near the ridge, the road just keeps going up) Thanks!
  3. So here's a description of the area I found on a website: I'm just stuck on how to make good questions to get it approved. If anyone has help with that, please either PM me or reply here. Thanks!
  4. Don't do anything until they need maintenance. THEN find someone to adopt them.
  5. I have one called Pining for a Cache. Based on your description, the difficulty rating would be unaffected and the terrain would be 3-4 stars.
  6. It would be useful because trail cache often go the full two weeks. Around here, the FTF hounds are everybody, so if the caches are on a trail, most would only get it if it was a FTF oportunity. And when the notes get changed to smileys, it looks as though the cache has already been found. Caches would get found quicker, then reccomended to other cachers. It would mean more people ultimately go find the cache.
  7. I try to make the finals of my puzzles regular or large, but don't mind if their micros. And regarding ^^this post^^, you will eventually get used to rating pyuzzles. Maybe base it on the ones you've found??
  8. AGREED!!! About 20% of smalls I have found this year fall into that category. Film cans, altoid tins and even 2 bision tubes. Altoid tins are actual smalls. Film cans and bison tubes are micros.
  9. Lots of multis are just, yeah, many finds for one smiley. linky How do you think I could've done that without making it a multi?? Also, why do people care about their smiley count anyway?
  10. Yes, but I didn't have more than one feature request! This also shows what I still want, as well. This might make sense if there were so many EarthCaches around that people were having difficulty identifying the single-stage ECs from the multi-stage ECs. But as it is, I don't see the point (other than adding another icon). ECs are rare enough that I don't think we need to subdivide the category any further. I know of one guy who has over 200 ECs. Another who has over 100. There are lots around here. I want it so when you click on the cachepage you know exactly what to expect. You can already click on the "Google Maps" link on the cache page, zoom in all the way, and then zoom in one more click to get StreetView. Assuming that StreetView has data for the area near the cache, of course.This is mainly wanted (by me) for scoping out cache locations. So many puzzle ideas, CCC ideas, etc, too few spaces. It's good to be able to easily find spots that will work. If this gets implemented I'll elaborate. Like others who posted to the original (and now closed) thread, I don't get it.It's a waymark that's also a geocache, only hard to submit. Just log your "beta" find sometime after the first few logs are posted. Around here, betafinds are extremely common. People post a note saying they're a beta and in 2 weeks (or after the FTF is claimed) they change their logs to smileys. This would help because peoiple can still see that its a possible FTF, and the betafinds don't have to worry about it any more. Like others who posted to the original (and now closed) thread, I don't get it. OMG! After reading that about 5 times, I think I'm the first one other than the OP to understand it!! After submitting a Waymark, if you can beat a little online game, involving clicking your cursor on fast moving objects, you will be allowed to post your Waymark on Geocaching.com as a "Waymarking Hybrid" Geocache. I say bring it on! Correct Lots of people would use this. The log shows up on the cache, it just doden't alter the number of finds on the cache. It gives you a smiley though.
  11. I'll take some. But I already said that elsewhere...
  12. I think he meant seperate, not combined.
  13. So how about a log type where it alters your smiley count, but does not count to the total smilies logged in a cache? eg, you can log one, the cache will still show up unfound.
  14. By popular demand, all of my feature requests today will be in one topic. Here is what I currently want: Multi-stage earthcaches - See this thread for more info. Street view in google maps - See this thread for more info. Waymarking Hybrids - See this thread for more info. Betafind log type - See Post #2 for more info. OK, that's it for today. Edited to fix BBcode. Edited again to make it look less like release notes.
  15. No to both questions. but there should be a way.
  16. While caching in the woods, wear long pants, gloves, and a jacket. Should work.
  17. A graphic that's pretty much just bacon falling from the sky. That make more sense?
  18. I have had no bad experiences while group caching. Favorite groups, well...random cachers really...
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