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  1. Multiple waypoints, they all do that. Use a PQ. eTrexes are good units. Go for a higher end one, you'll like it. If you don't want to have to carry stacks of cachepapers all the time, get a Delorme PN-40. (The type my avatar is holding)
  2. Did that. Motorcycle Mama just beat him to it.
  3. Each week, you get a notification of the new caches in your area.
  4. Holding onto a GPSr? Sure. Nelson Crew wasn't kiddin'...you ARE fast!
  5. Mine used to be something else. A local dubbed me Puppy Dawg, and I was being confused with two similar-named cachers. End of story.
  6. I'm aware of that, must be a lackey-only thing.
  7. This thread is here to serve as a place to post how to's for geocaching. I'll start. ]How to make your own firetacks Basically, you go to Staples (or some other, similar place) and but a pack of reflectors for road marking. Also get a box of thumbtacks. Then you cut small squares out of the reflective stuff and glue it to the tacks. Let's get some more...
  8. So how's it done? I'm making a mess of it down here: l l l V
  9. Challenges, and that the guidelines say contact a reviewer to change the cachetype, if appropriate. BTW, is the end of challenges?
  10. They need to be in .jpg format instead of .gif. Lots of great ideas going on here! whenever I do that the dragon changes to a black background......... I'm feeling pretty thick right now Here you go.... white background on the large one and forum gray blend for the avatar: Thanks for saving me a bit of work. BTW, what's the hex code for the forum background?
  11. Here's the cache: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...be-4c36a4afff3a When I log, I'll probable go with "FTF TFTC" and not submit the answers. But then again, the haikus are what makes the cache at all interesting.
  12. I thought they were still allowed on puzzles, though. They can't do it on a multi?
  13. The CO can't enforce it, right? Just making sure...
  14. You can't download them with a 60CSx. You can view the calendar, they should show up there.
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