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  1. Hmm... I se it just takes time to encrypt it...but having a 'decrypt' button is a no-no. Why would I encrypt it if I wanted people to be able to read it?
  2. what is the point of permanently encrupting a log?? I did it for a few that have spoilers in them and it wasn't helpful. A. There's a DECRYPT button. I want these logs encryped permanently. Oh, and only when I click 'view log' does it encrypt... So that defeats the purpose of encrypting it in the first place.
  3. Puppy Dawg


    So...what's happening to the forums?? It looks like we just get a list of all posts in the topic, and have to click each one to view the post. What's up with that?? Tell me its not the new forum thing...
  4. OK, guys, thanks for the help. Turns out it does have a way to disable the solve button, so... Im using it, even though I gotta learn Google Sites to do it!
  5. Well, it's time... I took a film can and glued dirt to the top, then stuck it into a little PVC pipe I stuck in the ground. Several more DNFs have added up.
  6. I looked at the map and descriptions, and decided you might try this one: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...48-fbd3c4b29af1 Never found it, never even heard of it until 5 min ago, just thought it might work.
  7. What I'd doo...is load them in as reference points. That way you know where they are if you need to check on them, the reviewer knows that the cache is legit (yes that has been an issue), and best of all, proximity dosen't matter on the tacks!
  8. Hmmm...How 'bout you open up the waypoint and click 'Goto' Then it puts you on the compass page. If you see a 'found' button, all is good! Just click it and it shows up in the calendar. Does the icon look like the 'geocache' one shown here:
  9. I like film cans. Seriously. Popping one open doesn't make ya look suspicious.
  10. The Masticator-- A huge piece of machinery leased by the Forest Service to create firebreaks. It chews up everything around it and spits it up to 300 feet away. I've seen ammo cans go bye-bye because of it...found huge shards of metal 200 feet away.
  11. I'm trying to get a java applet form the following website into one of my cachepages: http://www.thejmaker.com/MagicCube/MagicCube.html But for some reason nothing shows up. What am I doing wrong?????
  12. Here's one I've had out for about a month now, so far 1 find, at least 5 DNFS: Can you find it? I'll post the answer in a few weeks.
  13. I now wish I used GSAK.
  14. affordability; PN-40, Colorado screen large enough to see (eyes aren't that young any more); Colorado, Oregon geocaching (of course!), but likely not much back-country-ish stuff; All of the above turn-by-turn navigation (for road trips and vacations, as well as getting to cache sites); All of the above custom POIs; Colorado, Oregon good signal in tree cover and urban canyons; PN-40 power options (alkaline or rechargeable batteries, and car-charging is a must); all of the above good battery life; all of the above compass (altimeter is nice, but not necessary);All of the above (again) easy UI - I'm all for intuitive operating systems, but no dummy at learning something new; all able to input street addresses on the go; none of the above light-weight, including accessories (charger, batts, etc.).all of the above
  15. Really so I can hit the trails and know if I'm within .1 mile of a stage or final, for hiding caches. I don't want to work hard to make a cache and then get it shunned away because it's too close to that old multi.
  16. How about we see stages of our multis, and finals of our puzzles on the map. Also ones that we've found. Load those into GPS too.
  17. Anyone know where I could get ammo cans around Santa Barbara? Without going further then Ventura?
  18. I'm trying to make a few changes to a PQ, but every time I get the 'error' message. what's going wrong?
  19. If someone else logs one of my caches, is there a way to edit parts out? I'm not talking about adding more stuff, just removing a few parts.
  20. Is there any way I could build a Wherigo cartridge with a GPSr that won't support it?
  21. It's micros at all for me. There are many fun micros and for the people don't don't like any micros you can already filter those out. The best way to explain it is to give an example: This is a cache next to a dumpster behind a McDonald's. I have no desire to find any caches from anyone that hides these kinds of caches.... Ditto. There are cachers around here who enjoy hiding caches like that. Worse, one in particular won't even check on them if the whole town knows they're muggled. So, I vote yes.
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