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  1. OK here's an idea... Each month we get to hide 1 virtual each. If we don't hide it, we get two the next month, and if we don't use them we get three the next month. Let's say we use one, then two go to the next month, plus one, and three again. Would THIS work???
  2. I have approx. 300 DNFs, 2K finds. Your not the only one!
  3. There's a series like that 'round here. Go for it!
  4. There's a series like that 'round here. Go for it!
  5. There's a series like that 'round here. Go for it!
  6. I leave an unactive geocoin on the really evil ones, like 4's and 5's and challenges. Otherwise they get nuthin.'
  7. I know, I am one, but... How long does it take a premium membership to become active? Is there some sort of free trial available?
  8. Puppy Dawg


    OK, so here's what happened to me... I have a query set to uncheck each day it runs, and I have no use for it anymore, so I deleted it. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make a new query run until noon tomorrow...I need it around sixish. Combine that with the time it will take to run and we're talking 6-7 hour delay in leaving. I could load in each cache with the 'Send to GPS' button but we're talking 500 caches here, so it could take a bit of a long while. Is there any way to make an exception here? I DELETED the query, but it ran at noon today, and is still checked for tomorrow. And I can't set this new one for tomorrow, even though the other will never run again.
  9. Oooh it happened to me too. linky Coordinates)&daddr=21.308883,-157.7199(HWP's+Herro+Kitty)
  10. We have one really good one called THEM! GCY7P4 Really good one in Santa Barbara Calif.
  11. I didn't mind he homework. Just thought it wa a bit strange, that's all. The intent of this forum was to see if its happened to other people, and how it works.
  12. Has anyone had their dog chew on their GPSr?
  13. Here's what... The first reviewer asked me to make sure it met deez guidelines: http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=25665 Which it did, so I told her? that and she? published it. The the other reviewer posted his? note. Read post #3 for what happened after that... I was sent this: http://www.parks.ca.gov/pages/712/files/20...delines.pdf.pdf
  14. We emailed the SP general site (couldn't figure out who the superintendent was) and they gave me a link to a PDF file of the guidelines. Lots of caches are out here, some of which have historical signifigance. I'd hate to see them all crashing down... BTW it meets their guidelines
  15. linky This was after a different reviewer published it. Have reviewers ever assigned you homework?
  16. When you can talk about geocaching casually. Not like a game, but just like a way of life.
  17. Not everybody marks attributes. I'd saw the route idea is best.
  18. The -wpts is the additional cache waypoints. For example, if the hider posts the parking or trailhead coordinates under the 'waypoints' section. I don't know about the last one, don't use a Garmin.
  19. "found it" "here it is" "whoa! That was clever" "got it" Do I need to go on...
  20. My record is around 50...but it was totally accidental. We like hiking in the mountains about 50 miles away. Right below them there's a little town with 2K+ caches, and all the trails have caches every tenth of a mile. We've hit that fifty mark several times, but never planned on it. Someday I might do some urban caching there to get a 100 day...who knows. PS they have lots of good ones, and one 30-mile road where all the caches are above 3 on the difficulty end. Most states is 2. The states around here are big.
  21. Maybe I'm not being descriptive enough. I want the existing ones!
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