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  1. Been lurking here since July. I can't read for too long though or I find myself becoming disgusted. I don't post because I would be too negative/mean I watch other forums for my other hobbies as well and it is the same effect in all of them. On multiple threads -especially recently- I see a general consensus to break the law (i.e. take dogs on human-only trails, stray off of the paths where strictly prohibited, even take motor vehicles into prohibited areas, etc.) Then on the other side I see Mother Nature's warriors trying their best to ensure I go hug a tree daily. "Have you had your splinter today?" j/k I see people ignored because they are "negative or mean". In some cases I understand that. If a member shows a continuing habit to only interject criticism and flaming comments that are not constructive, he/she is probably worth ignoring. But alot of people hide behind the excuse to close their ears. Many, many, many forum users are the most passive aggresive SOBs in the world but have convinced themselves that they are rooted and sainted in their "kindness". I don't post because every forum I go to generally has the same two schools of social thought; You must either think that Mean People Suck, contention is always non-constructive negativity (unless you're the contender), and maybe that "mean" people are out to destroy your way of life or you must think that everyone else is stupid and you are the only one that matters therefore when you weigh in they might as well declare the thread ready to archive. Otherwise your thread does not attract those with these schools and your thread will likely not draw that many helpful people either due to being buried, so can many times be futile in consideration your topic. Sorry for the super wordy response, but there's my general explanation for being a lurker. Sad isn't it . . .
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