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  1. I totally agree on logging a find after a change by an act of nature. I especially would do it if the tree is felled for example. That tree probably is never going back up, so there's (at least around here) a likelihood that the CO will make it eligible for a new find if/when he/she rehides it anyway. I mean the CO may decide to archive it or completely change things up anywho. . . And on the developed discussion: I go back and forth on the cheese factor with logging challenges without going through the physical part. Yeah. I think if someone made it a parisitic habit where cacher A always goes and fetches for me, that fails. But if I were part of a group of adventurers, and we each took turns, or had specific team assignments that actually contributed to the goal, that could be kind of cool. It especially wins if you put together a team of friends who each have some expertise and/or handicap. Someone else is always there to fill in the blank for you while you do so for them. I kind of think of it like an RPG group or mercenary team maybe. One guy makes the killing blow, or maybe infiltrates X in a particular situation, but the whole team gets something out of it. BTW, I undestand of the whole thing is leaking cheese in your opinion It's a step up from couch potato caching, more like plain potato caching. If they have the CO's permission, then it's sweet potato caching. If it's a bunch of micros, then I'd call it tater tot caching... love it! Glad to see that you relaxed your stance in later posts to condone people having fun in their own way. For some, the "fun" is the social aspect of going out with a group of friends on an adventure. I love to read their logs and have no problem with them claiming finds. And I'm glad they don't find a new hobby. This group of people is much more interesting than it would be if it were only people who could climb trees and cliffs. Relaxed my stance? Not sure what exactly you're referring to by that. If one person solves a puzzle, and someone goes along with them for the ride, I can understand to a certain extent. If that person just got the solution from someone else and claimed a find, that's pretty crass and shows a lack of character. By the same token -- getting someone else to climb a tree so a whole herd of people can sign a log is ridiculous. What's the point of putting it up a tree, then? Just set it on the ground and let everyone sign away. No -- these people will still claim the high terrain rating find, even though they did nothing to warrant their find. As I've stated before, I'm definitely in favor of ALR's. Since it's up to each of us individually how and where we place caches, we should be able to say what's necessary for claiming a find on them. It seems a lot of folks feel entitled to not be excluded from anything, so we have to enable them by not actually requiring them to do any difficult tasks to claim a smilie for a difficult cache. This does not make sense. You say this group of caching people is much more interesting than it would be if only comprised of those who can climb trees and cliffs. While that may be, it's not a valid reason for allowing people to let others get a cache and then sign the log. By that reasoning, NASA would be a lot more interesting if they didn't set such high standards for the astronauts. If you can't climb a tree/cliff, don't claim a find on a cache there! Good grief. If I place a cache with a high terrain rating, I will expect people to actually do the work to get it. Do you see geocaching as a competition? I do... I see it as a competition between myself and any challenges that have been set befor me by other players. Am I competing against other players, No. I don't compete, I do it for fun. However when I see many profiles full of charts and graphs of find counts and terrain levels, it's fairly evident that many others do compete. If they are waving their find count around like a banner and then having someone else retrieve the caches for them.... I agree with hukilaulau. And on the NASA analogy. The Discovery Shuttle team consists of more than just the astronauts on board. The team gets credit for accomplishments - and individuals get copies of awards. Yeah I do it for fun too. I like see other people charts and such. But if you do proactively shove your stats in my face or wave a flag around about how accomplished you are (I don't see the presence of charts as that) , I will find holes. Not competing, and probably won't start poking holes publicly. But I'll have my opinion and will move on.
  2. Definately should be a log. If they get snippy, that's their issue.
  3. Have you asked the one that turned you down? There are plenty of users here that will attest to how helpful reviewers can be with getting you in line with the guidelines. There is an appeals process also, but if the reviewer gives you specific guidelines that your cache does break, don't expect much from the process.
  4. I just skimmed the first page, but about half the caches were archived. Does that mean people think they can't hide a well-hidden cache and also have it be wheelchair accessible? Doh! Hope they don't think that! As soon as I read this my mind started turning on some great specifically themed puzzle ideas for terrain 1.
  5. Now, let's all join hands and sing, KUMBAYAH. Not. whatev . . . The finder is the one who stated he didn't have enough time to write more than just a "v". Had he found the time to write one cut and paste note to add to the logs, he could have avoided a lot of trouble. This is not a one off CO who deleted what they suspected to be a bogus log. By the finder's own admission, 50+ cache owners emailed him to find out what was up. That tells me that there was a failure to communicate. It is my opinion that the failure was on the finder's part. Because 50+ cache owners emailed him to ask him to explain, he decided to quit. I'm not sure how that translates into people thinking they are better than someone else. Because you and the other folks taking your approach and putting yourselves in a position of judgement over (what reads like) a poor kid who was trying to get a starting point on his own in the game. Maybe you don't like his perception of the game, sure. But he is a noob. His perception of having 100 finds may be wrong, his hasty and careless posts are wrong, but what else? It comes off as better than someone else because you make it a members only club. Its a club where if the people that know better deem the noob to have made a mistake, they show them the door first and then are surprised or show mirth when the guy doesn't want to come back to the door to hope he'll measure up against your experience and knowledge to be let in again. Or in the case of the OP, come to the geo-police station to be interrogated on his "crimes". I don't think many are arguing here that the logger is a great communicator. But should we not allow him a little breathing room while he adjusts? Should we sing KUMBAYAH again?
  6. For any of us non-premium folks: I did a google search and quickly found this bookmark list. Betting you can find more that way. Found some other pretty super bookmarks that way too!
  7. Well, there you go, you won't ever be able to archive your cache because it will be illegal to remove it.
  8. Sure, you were probably nice enough in your messages and actions to any one who has a few caches under their belt. However, this is a new account they were logging under. From the order of things in the OP, it sounds like you deleted the logs and then sent him a (according to you, polite) "I think you are a geo-criminal and will be investigating" message. He wrote back and obviously had a cavalier attitude about logging old finds. Maybe you could have educated him nicely about the value that YOU put on those logs he wasn't going to bother with. Tell him it's nice to have a budding cacher starting off on his own and that you like to read about it. And did you notice that he actually apologized! It wasn't an "I'm sorry, but . . . . . ." like you went on to do in your very own OP. He actually said "I apologize" and went on to explain that he didn't realize you were so strict and serious. He also said this got blown out of proportion. There is your friggin clue that you and some other CO's collectively slammed your foot down too hard on somebody. That is if this is a game and not a professional sport. Maybe you could have gone in blank slate -written the new user nicely before deleting the logs welcoming him to geocaching and then offering him some friendly reminders on how things are done. No threats of deletion or accusations until you open a dialogue or get nothing back in a couple or few days. Seems like even the reviewer who alerted you made a bad assumption. Actually I am wondering if you would have approached this differently had the reviewer not already deemed them "bogus finds" in the e-mail to you. I'm hoping and thinking you would have been less of a "douche" sans the assumptions you went in with. IMO, it's kind of the responsibility of the CO to be a bit benevolent. You obviously took offense at the "waste my time" line. Taking in his whole message, I don't think he meant it harshly. Again referring to the message. He was obviously bombarded with people slinging accusations and deleting or threatening to delete logs. You seem like a good candidate for PMO caches. You play well with other cachers, but not noobs. I don't mean that in a rude way. It's just seems like premiums would help you avoid airing noob laundry like this one and give people who like noobs a chance to foster in a player instead of stomping on his head.
  9. But I didn't think the issue was a harmful placement. It sounds like that if the other cache were adjusted, they'd be good to go. I agree with this post though.
  10. +1. I would think if you have followed the proper appeal process (wrote to appealsatgeocaching.com), that you would win this one. Goodness knows I've been wrong before though. The fact that people can get the information about the shipwreck from the other cache is a great asset to my cache. That way I can get people that have the skills actually out the the wreck and not just looking at the sign. In that case this sounds like a great set of candidates to re-organize together as a multi, or simply organize it as a "bonus cache" with coords inside the other one. That is if the CO is not game to out-right move it, but is game to cooperate. I realize this may sadden some of those who would like the smiley out of it. I guess it's really all about what your end goal is. People will get the experience either way, yes?
  11. There is the biggest note. These threads pump full of people blaming, insulting or scoffing at the LEOs'. When a call/complaint is made that there may be a bomb, that puts a very strict SOP into effect. Not only would individual officers be making career risks, the police agency in charge would be risking federal liability if they don't go by the book. There are plenty of resources confirming that DHS and other federal oversight has the power to pull what little funding they give from these departments as well as hold officers criminally liable if they step out of the bounds of the SOP laid out for them. Not to mention the civil possibilities if there is even a minor chance that the "device" will put a citizen under duress or in harms way. So where are all these kids, and all these bombs? I'm sorry, I'm just not buying it. "I read it on the internet" isn't a source. I'm going to do my best to not open this thread. Somebody Message me when an actual bomb turns up under a lamp skirt or attached to a street sign. Meh, I'm not doing all the research for you either. Quick searches will get you plenty of articles on the ones who GOT CAUGHT. Now I don't know whether you want to call 1,000 per year in the US a bunch. . . . but it's certainly enough to notice. I got the 1,000/year stat from NOVA (on PBS). It was an interesting episode to watch . . . They don't cite their sources on their stat page, but due to their ATF references on the page and in the show, I'm willing to guess they consulted the ATF and DOJ sponsored BATS system. I don't have a login, but an Info officer from any number of agencies could probably help you out. So after I wrote the above. I realized you took a quote about types of explosives. From what you write your beef seems to be with whether teens really blow up street signs and lamp skirts. Lamp skirts, I dunno. Street signs . . . . yeah. Just like they get shot up, painted on etc. Usually kids blow up things succesfully because their bombs are simple enough. Unless you've got a scanner-addicted news director or assignment editor at your local news, you aren't likely to hear about the signs that blew up -especially if the fools don't get caught. Depending on your police department, you may have an online blotter to scan through. One source for you is me. I work in news in Colorado Springs. I've driven to and from numerous explosive calls. Bottle bombs in the driveway, blown up score-board using a "chemical explosive", numerous street lights and signs being shot out or damaged by explosives were all on the list and rarely reported. <deleted cause I was a smart-a**>
  12. ..he took a really obscure unknown "prototype" device and attached it to the plane (via the putty) then left to go to the bathroom If the putty caused that much of a scare, then why did a staff member remove the device in the short time that the "offender" was in the bathroom? BOOM!!!!!!!! And no, it doesn't look all that obscure either. Yeah, this was a going through the motions reaction. Not reacting at all would have been irresponsible, but reacting this way was just lame.
  13. I've been looking for a place to drop off Out of Dusseldorf, just such a TB! Thanks for sharing that. I think it's pretty cool. Reminds me of the chains of pop can tops and safety pins that kids used to thread into their backpacks around here. That TB is a much cooler version though
  14. Yeah I'd agree that a regular old bottle cap in a cache would be considered trash by most. I'd suggest someone could make a cache specifically for bottle caps if they were that interested. Also if it's the history behind bottle caps that moves them, they could make a TB with the goal of visiting bottling companies and/or breweries.
  15. On one right now that is key locked and had 5 or 6 TBs floating around that open the lock. I've only seen one or two TB from their logs that are still "alive". Grabbed one today and will see how the lock is holding up.
  16. Contact your local reviewer. They're generally pretty cool and appreciate being consulted if there is a possible issue.
  17. Looks like you're getting quite the unanimous response! Absolutely! Thanks for sharing and I hope you go for making some as TBs like others suggested!
  18. I think it's up to personal preference. I would not mark it until done since it is in progress with no true end result yet. Others may want to put a note so that it holds the order in which they attempted the cache. A DNF could be more 'honest' if you view the game as a daily approach and want to track your attempts (just like some sports agencies keep track of goal attempts).
  19. True indeed. I thought that whether it was ages or not the point still is true that it was around as a swastika before hitler. According to that other cache that was posted for instance: Not that this has any bearing on the topic at hand. . . so I may delete in a minute.
  20. Nicely put. Alternative history (or as my beloved calls it, "Counterfactuals") has an honored place in literature and other media. Seeing it in a geocache is fun. The only issue with this one is ensuring that the fun can be enjoyed without offending, upsetting, or overwhelming the potential audience. I think the CO is making every effort to ensure that is the case. Carolyn EDIT: Oh yeah, I including the posts above to just say one thing. Be really careful . . . cause you just made it okay to offend excuse a minority Just a thought. Think, but don't worry that I am that serious! END EDIT OP and other creative parties: I think there shouldn't be a problem with you using the eagle with wreath and swastika. It is a military symbol the represents the regular military units of a side in a conflict. Some may not have considered what some of those soldiers went through and/or didn't know about the country they thought they loved. I am one of those (what was it . . . . "hyper-sensitive historical enthusiasts"? ) people that don't appreciate historical inaccuracies and other PC moves to bleach a topic and make a weak attempt at a Utopian approach. Not trying to toke the flame, just sharing what it can feel like to us people . Now there are plenty of other symbols featuring or incorporating the swastika that represent the evil parts of Hitler's germany and really don't have a place in a game as this, IMO. On the re-enactment outings I have been on, the "Germans" never wear the Nazi Party Symbols, but may have some in a historical display. They also never represent the "special units". Many re-enactment units representing the Germans will wear that eagle-wreath-swastika symbol because of the argument above. Their presence is generally about education. If you ask a seasoned re-enactor playing WWII German, many times you'll hear about Hitler's Germany, and Germany itself. By thoughts shared in this thread and throughout the world, it seems that many include the entire country and military of the period in their thoughts when they think of Hitler's Germany. I would encourage you to re-consider the "those people" approach. That said, I think the historical fiction aspect is cool. I just would be sad if the only change you made to the history was to change/neutralize the symbol. I did like the Indy Jones approach of burning it from within Whatever your choice, OP. Great theme and thanks for contributing your creativity to the caching world And thanks all for your opionions and thoughts, some were very revealing and opened me to some more food for thought!
  21. Here's hoping a moderator will merge the two thread the OP made with the same name and subject.
  22. I'd probably be annoyed by those too. Let me ask though, did they actually DO anything? What have you done so far? Have you made contact and ask them nicely to change the log with the looming NICE threat of deletion? There has been some discussion before about deleting logs due to bad language and such. . . . But as you just said, "the posts are the typical pre-teen type of excrement descriptions." So are you going to change the world one typical pre-teen at a time? I'd maybe support you on principle anyway. Just curious! I know this doesn't answer your question on how to report, but maybe an encounter with them will solve the problem. Or they'll call you Cap'n Poopy Pants. . . . .
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