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  1. Well I am pretty new to geocaching, but I was recommended GSAK, which you can get from GSAK.NET, It is a good program to load everything on my Garmin Legend and the pocket queries on my Palm m515. Also if you decide to use a PDA to go paperless, I would recommend Cachemate, it is an awesome program to use to read descriptions about the caches and lets you check the ones you have found.


    Hopefully I was of some assistance, like I said I am pretty new, so maybe others will have bettter suggestions

  2. Actually my first thoughts about Geo caching, was bad thoughts. I first heard of Geo caching from a co-worker Mmeese, he was telling me about it; and my first thought was: "that's the biggest waste of time, you need to get a life" Well my brother was actually interested in doing it, so I tagged along. The first one we found i was having the same thought "boring" well then we found another one. So here i am i believe i have found 17 caches so far, and i am going again Saturday. So I guess that saying is correct: "Don't knock it till you try it"


  3. Hi everyone,

    I did a search on the forums and on the internet, I have a Garmin Etrex Legend, and i am new to geocaching, so my question is:

    My GPS does not have an electronic compass, is that going to effect me when i go out looking for caches? I have borrowed someone else's GPS, which has an electronic compass.

    I plan on going out tomorrow to find a couple of caches, but if someone would be able to answer my question before i go, it would be appreciated.


    Thanks in advanced,


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