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  1. I would like some recommendations on a PDA to purchase for geocaching purposes only. If possible a large screen/display would be prefferable.(old folks can't see that well any more). I have experience with Palm Zire and Kyocera 7135 phone/PDA but am at a loss about using an inexpensive unit for paperless caching only. All suggestions appreciated. Thanks nonnipoppy
  2. For those who cache together, how many of you feel your obsession for the sport is about the same? As a general rule poppy is more obsessed than nonni.Do most couples only do this together or is caching with others okay? We cache together most of the time but we have cached with another couple (Golfnutz her brother and girl friend) or part of that couple (when she has to work). Are you competitive with each other on stats? Between she and I not at all. We are a team. It does not matter who finds the cache but we gotta find it. Recently when there were five local caches approved the same day we were FTF on 2 and were headed toward our third when I said “due to the fading daylight we will probably be able to get these next two but we may have let someone else get #5”Nonni quickly said “ the heck we will.” Do you share a GPS or to each his own? This would not work well at all. She is technologically challenged. Poppy’s job is to get us to the cache. Many times while I am still fooling with the GPSr she locates the cache. Has caching improved your relationship? How? Yes it has. After 27 years of marriage we had a great relationship but had somewhat separate interests. She found an article in the newspaper last Feb and suggested I read it and ask “ do you think we would enjoy doing this?”I am the gadget king and owned 2 GPSrs so about 3 months later we tried our first caches and were hooked. We spend even more time together now with lots to talk about other than business and kids/grandgirls.
  3. This is a great flashlight http://www.copquest.com/21-1600.htm#ASP_Triad_Tactical_Flashlight
  4. My wife and I are going to be in Vegas next week and would like to seek some good caches. Are there any do not miss caches there that you might recommend. WE are older and are cachers before hikers probably caching early AM. Trying to avoid what we can of the heat. Thanks
  5. I have had success drilling a softer sandstone rock using a masonry drill bit and a drill press. We used a cigar tube for the container. The results are the Holy Smokes cache.Sorry I don't know how to do the link thing.......poppy
  6. We were caching out a good amount of trash this morning. My hands were full, and it was hot, hot, hot. I had the short lanyard of the GarminIII hooked on my little finger. We arrived back at the parking lot where I could dump the trash into a can. I did just that. We walked over to the vehicle and I realized no GPSr. Yep sure enough, it was dropped into the trash can, but unhurt.
  7. Wow! what a great bunch of answers. Thanks to all. My problem is that the geopartner has difficulty reading stuff on her and my PDAs. Since she is our O-fficial navagator that present a problem. Unless The older PDAs had larger displays. I had wondered if some mapping software on home ps would accept waypoints to allow some minor strategy to attack 10-30 metro caches. BTW Solohiker I miss your caches. Mt.Nebo was my first DNF and I will never forget the lessons learned.
  8. I am currently in OKC on a caching vacation. I goy a PQ of caches in OKC and downloaded them into GPSr. I printed the caches tht interested me. After arriving I realized that I had no organized route to use searching for caches. Which finally brings me to the question. How do you determine your route from cache to cache. Is this the excuse I need to purchase mapping software? BTW GarminIII is GPSr. Now I'm NOT in I.T. so please make it simple for an old geeser to understand.
  9. I found anothe solution in these forums it is called cache simplifier located at http://parkrrrr.com/cachesimple.html it works well for me.
  10. What an idiot. I found it. A mind is a terrible thing to lose.
  11. I was able to click on the state in the geocache by region/state and find a state map that had icons to show each cache. Help I've lost it.
  12. Will these palm programs work on Palm Zire?
  13. My brother in law has a magellan sport trac pro. It has a comment field that stores the name of the cache when downloading. My I Garmim III does not. I've thought about an upgrade to Garmin V and wonder if it has this comment field?
  14. Our first grandchilds was born last Nov. My wife thought long about what she wanted to be called (not Grandmother) and anointed us nonni and poppy. We geocache together so nonnipoppy.
  15. Thanks for all the replys. Since I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer I had never considered all those options.
  16. Alan thanks for the warning. Does this relate to another thread in this forum about black helicopters? Tell me!! Tell ME!! TELL ME!!
  17. I notice that other accounts are watching a cache of mine. I have no idea who they are or why they are watching this cache. So the question. Why do you watch someone else's cache.
  18. We started in May and have logged 38 to date. Last weekend we went to Galveston and found 18 in 24 hours BUT we will not do that again. We found it was not as enjoyable so back to fewer for us.
  19. Congratulations on your first cache! We (wife and I) have only found 4 to date. I can identify with your situation. WE are 57 and 50.Our kids are grown and 350 miles away. Geocaching gets us out, for quality time together along with the exercise. We hiked 6 miles on Mothers Day. I am particularly enjoying the learning curve associated with the new activity. There is still a lot to learn. Good Luck!
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