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  1. We ordered 2 pair of the Komperdell poles to use when we might travel. I really did not want to give up my old wooded stick but...after trying it I would not go back to that heavier stick. We carry only one each. Those from Sierra are cheap enough that if the gave any problem you could easily afford another set. BTW we have had no problem at all with them.
  2. Is the cable the converter you are referring to? I already use GSAK to d/l .gpx files to GarminIII now. I just did not realize it would talk thru the usb port.
  3. I have a 60CS on order. I expect it to arrive just before we depart to the Midwest Invitational Geocache Meet in March. I an not clear about the downloads but would like to be ready so my questions are. I think the maps are downloaded via usb port. Are the waypoints also downloaded via usb or do you use the com port? If the usb is used for waypoints what program is used? Thanks for your help.
  4. I have not had any other problem reports of this kind - but then I don't know if there are any other users with a Garmin III plus. I have asked the question in the GPSBabel lists and am currently waiting for a reply. Stay tuned ..... If you want to take GSAK out of the equation to test this: 1. Do the upload via GSAK (required to make sure the babel.bat file is created for the next step) 2. Exit GSAK then run the file babel.bat (you will find this file in the installation folder of GSAK). This will do the upload using GPSBabel by itself. Now check to see if the result is still the same. 3. If the result is still the same, I would be interested to have a look at the file babel.txt (also in the installation folder of GSAK). Could you please e-mail this to me. I am also using a Garmin III and have experienced the same thing.
  5. When ntrying to check my log for GCGZ07 Pinnicle Girl Scout Cache. I get this error repeatedly. An Error Has Occured The 'name' start tag on line '869' doesn't match the end tag of 'na' in file 'file:///e:/caches/xml/94373/94373.xml'. Line 869, position 29.
  6. It certainly shows some of them. I am not sure it will show them all. But it is my understanding that the topos from Garmin will not autoroute. I don't see any other choice......
  7. Ahhhhh....Thanks for the help. That Garmin website helps put my fears at rest. Now if the darn thing would just get here...... edit spelling
  8. We are planning a two day trip to Tulsa this weekend and would appreciate some recommendations of caches and areas of town to concentrate our search in. thanks
  9. City Select does not make me think of forest roads in the Ozark National Forest.
  10. That city select is what is misleading to me. I was not sure it would work out here in the boonies.
  11. I have a 60CS on order from TigerGPS. They say today "Garmin is still telling us to expect our first shipment of GPSMAP 60CS units on Feb. 27. That is all we know for now." I have no experience with autorouting at all. I live in rural Arkansas and cache locally. We do travel to more populated areas to cache some (Dallas, Memphis, Tulsa, OKC, etc). I currently own MapSource United States Topo maps. What maps would work best for my situation?
  12. Wow! A civil discussion about cache stats that yielded some consensus and no flaming. Did the world end or something? I don't believe it could have happened before. But I like it. Thanks to all who answered.
  13. My original question stems from reading lots of posts about stats. I recognize the opposing views. But there seems to be a bit of a double standard. There is a quick easy way to see forum posting stats. To see caching stats is more difficult. Thanks to the new undocumented feature a bit easier than before. It does seem to me that some of the negative comments about comparison caching stats come from forum members who seem proud of their forum stats. I am not trying to beat a dead horse here. It just appears odd. Hogarth, while not a longtime poster I am a fairly frequent lurker. Since I never learned to type well each of my posts is time consuming. Therefore I do not post a lot. But I do understand what flaming is, I did not understand the oblique (at least to me) -1 reference. Thanks for the clarification. I did not ask the question to get flamed. I ask because I wanted others opinions on the subject and to see if others has sensed the same thing.
  14. (-1 Flamebait) I'm not sure I understand this answer.
  15. If cache stats really don't matter why do we have post stats?
  16. Again as others have said I am 57. I got tired of spending the time printing cache pages before we went out caching. My caching partner nonni likes to read the previous logs and that caused me to print lots of paper. Over her objection we went paperless and now we both love it. I also had a few problems figuring out the Palm. There was just no prior experience in my life to build upon. But with the help of really nice folks here on the forums I finally worked it out. Paperless is far better and you will get it figured out and agree, I think. ..poppy
  17. Thought So.. Wondering did you use a masonry drill bit, or a diamond tipped bit? I've got the rocks, drill, and time, but all I need now is the bit. Yes a masonry bit. I believe 1 inch diameter. Purchased it at the localhardware store. The rock I used just a local rock I have no idea of it's content. I will try to photo rock and tube in the next few days.
  18. Yes Holy Smokes is a rock drilled with an aluminum cigar tube inserted for a container
  19. This one is on the County courthouse grounds and has been lots of fun.
  20. [QLast June my mother in law had me order a GPSr for my brother in law. I ordered a Magellan Sport Trac Pro from GPS City. Immediately after it arrived I sent the stuff off for the PROMISED $50 rebate. It was never heard from again. This is the last thing I will ever buy from Magellan. That is thier chosen way of doing business. UOTE] Update I pursued this rebate. I called Technical support they gave me a phone number 800 390-2344. I called this number and spoke to a woman who was very smart mouthed and said I did not send in everything required. Since I have slept since then I can't swear I sent in the UPC they say I failed to send. However it is gone from the package and I generally do what is required if $50 is at stake. My conclusion "Cheat me once, shame on you. Cheat me twice, shame on me".
  21. I don't live near Akulakat but I have had the chance to find some of his caches and they are great. 9Key and HedgeHopper in the same area are in the same league.
  22. Thanks for your reply. I have a GPX file (from Geocaching.com) for all the caches in Mexico, Belize and Honduras. But because of poor maps and my limited geographical knowledge I can't tell which ones are near Cozumel and Cancun. I must determine if we have time to seek these caches when we dock. We also must figure out the transportation problems and cannot see going very far from ship. Thanks
  23. We are going on a cruise soon and our stops are Cancun, Cozumel, Belize City and Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras. We would appreciate any recommendations of nearby caches that we might see. We have only a limited amount of time at each stop. We would like to log as many caches as possible. Any help?
  24. Last June my mother in law had me order a GPSr for my brother in law. I ordered a Magellan Sport Trac Pro from GPS City. Immediately after it arrived I sent the stuff off for the PROMISED $50 rebate. It was never heard from again. This is the last thing I will ever buy from Magellan. That is thier chosen way of doing business.
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