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  1. Happening to me too. Running Safari 4.1.3 on an Mac running Mac OS X version 10.4.11. I hope my 'putter is not getting too old!
  2. Don't forget that most of the 'imprecision' is derived by the intentional degradation of the civilian GPS signal. The GPSr really has nothing to do with it.
  3. Got mine yesterday. Mailed from same post office as the others, 46052. My address was correct as was the city. State should have been Ohio but was Maryland. Zip code was wrong also, 21014, which is in Maryland. I hope someone from the Frog is seeing this, so that the problem can be fixed for next time. I'll ask the postman how it got to the right place. Just glad I got one!
  4. about two weeks ago, I am trying to show off the t-shirt my girlfriend got me for christmas...she was not along! edit: forgot photo...doh
  5. Thanks for letting us know. I plan on finding a geocache on the 9th even if no one else cares. I'll make my own souvenir! (maybe only people who joined on May 4, 2003 really care about the 5,000th day)LOL
  6. I am having fun with the August souvenirs. First of all I am getting good at spelling souvenir! I knew that I would not be able to get all 31, as school starts at the end of the month, and I will be working crazy hours. So I decided to use the souvenirs to help me fill in my 366 grid. I am only looking for caches on days that will add to my 366 grid. I thought it would be a cool way to remember why I got those specific days. (well I made a mistake and found one on the 5th that wasn't needed....oh well) It has been fun because I almost never look for LPC's when I cache, and I always plan my caching day. The last two I grabbed I drove to an area and said I'll go for that one! Pretty fun actually. As for the theme of going for a streak, I should be able to beat my last streak of 5 days this week with 7 so I am happy for that. I forgot the art part, there always has to be an art part for me! I enlarged the 31 days map, and I found an orange bandanna (could not find an orange sweat band), and am taking a photo with the day's souvenir near GZ for my gallery.
  7. Logged a DNF today, looked for like an hour. I was hoping to be the second to find. Funny enough the FTF was a new cacher with 35 finds, and they said they spotted it in 5 minutes! Since it was the first one of the day I was pretty bummed. but then I got 4 smiles for the day, so pretty good!
  8. Will there be a new coin each year with the for each of the Chinese new years? That would be a cool collection, even tho it would take 11 more years to complete!
  9. I got mine a week or so ago, very sweet. I like it better than last years.
  10. Like most things I do, I do them differently. I like to use the map only. Even back with my Sportrak I used the map, and it was just the base map with no topo. I like the map screen because I think it helps me visualize where the cache is. I use it track up, so that I can see where I should try to head towards. I also like to see how I am walking across the ground. Must be the art school in me, It's just more 'visual'.
  11. Here is my area today, just east of Akron, Ohio. Gotta lot of work to do! here is my image from 2010 when the same question came up, note the different map look.
  12. I know this may be crazy, but I would like the hint to be unencrypted in the app so that I can decode it by hand. Maybe it could be a setting or a toggle option. I have always done it that way in my paper-full days, and wish I could do it now. edit for clarity.
  13. Hello I Might be ten but give me a puzzle .....Bang ive done it -.- its easy for me I love maths like 3+3= eight 2+2= fish and 7+7=triangle BOOM you have to draw them its simple! I love maths so I think I can do it! (with my dog ) i actually say 2+2= applesauce when I am trying to get someone to think about a problem in a different way!
  14. don't forget we would need to add paying members at a rate higher than 3x's the rate now. At 3x members added we stay even with the amount of money the premium memberships make now. That's a lot of new members!
  15. When I first started caching I had found a cache and had walked over to a bench to sign the log. Well right there on the bench was an eraser from the art supply store where I work. i could tell because we hand write our prices on items, and it sure was my handwriting! I thought that was pretty cool.
  16. no maps here either, safari 4.1.3, osx10.4.11 cleared my cache and reset safari too. i hope this helps
  17. Ya I have been looking at that one too, and have been waiting for someone else to bring it up. I might have it on all the time! Question: Would the lack of maps be weird, after have all the bells and whistles of a 60csx? Well it wont be long now as the say it's a 3rd quarter item.
  18. Thank to everyone who gave me some advice about caching in San Diego. I had a really great time there and the caching was a lot of fun too. I only cached for one day, and the Daily Ranch was very close to where we were staying. I had a great 5 mile hike and found five caches. It was amazing how quiet it was out there, and after I got further from the parking area the less people I saw. Truly a great day. I posted pics to most of the caches, here is the list: http://coord.info/GC11XDP http://coord.info/GC1ED5K http://coord.info/GC3JN43 http://coord.info/GC314PE and this virt in Old Town http://coord.info/GCGE40 It was funny, after I was done in the Daily Ranch, I was bummed I didn't even see any snakes! Well bummed might not be the right word....
  19. Thank you for the info, that is the info I was looking for. I will most likely hang around the MTRP in the Escondido area, as that is where my tick magnet's family lives. Looking forward to it. I'll be sure to post some pics, I have been getting into that as of late. thanks again Brian
  20. Will be around for a week in July. I have been looking at some caches and have seen the snake icon. I am used to keeping my eyes out for ticks and poison ivy. So I was wondering what sort of precautions I should take when in your part of the world. Also, what are the caches I should look at to get. I am looking forward to visiting SD, and grabbing some caches in the hills. thanks again Brian
  21. WOW! that was fast. Thanks to everyone who responded. I got one on order, so consider this thread closed.
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