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  1. I received 2 Groundspek Lackey coins at a recent event, one is 2007 and one is 2009. They did not come with activation codes and I don't know where to find them. Little help.
  2. ...maybe when I go I'll bring a scale with me, then afterword I'll edit the thread as need...
  3. 2010 GONIL GeoCoin sales Come and join the Geocachers Of Northeastern ILlinois (GONIL) in celebrating 10 years of Geocaching and Groundspeak! The year 2000 brought us the greatest game in the world, and countless smiles to the faces of those who love it. A lot has changed in 10 years, but the passion and popularity continues to rise. Now you have the opportunity to take home a piece of that history, this year’s geocoin pays tribute to what brought us all here in the first place- Geocaching! There will be a limited minting of these coins, so act now! We will be receiving these coins on/about April 29th, shipping will be promptly after that. These coins are $10 each, with a flat rate of $3 for shipping. There will only be one 10th anniversary, and they are sure to go fast! Orders will be taken through our WEBSITE with a Paypal.com prompt button.
  4. I have more than 1500 from my base coords. Should I stay home? ...but do you get a smilie for being at home?
  5. I was checking out some upcoming events and THIS EVENT has over 1000 active caches within a 10 mile radius! WOW!
  6. Has anyone else noticed any PQ problems lately? Some of the last several PQ's I've recieved may have been corrupted or just have wrong code lines or something. Here is what happens- I'll load the GPX file into the Colorado300 and everthing looks good, until I get home and try to Access my Field notes, and there are none. I go to my list of found caches, switch to "Show GC Numbers" and there will be a few from one PQ where the GC number is intact, but caches from the (bad) GPX file just show up as "GC"- an incomplete GC number. Even when I switch to unfound caches, and check the GC numbers some are there intact and some are incomplete. What gives?
  7. They have completely missed 10 of 16 of my last PQ's. Should we set up duplicate PQ's and delete the older ones?
  8. Yeah that's what I was going to do, I just didn't want the winner to have a hard time locating the code. Thanks for your help!
  9. I held an event this morning and am I am holding an event tonight and someone (not sure who) donated 2 unactivated geocoins to be raffled off, but I don't know how to get the activation code. Does any one know the link for these coins: Plain gold with the Groundspeak symbol and logo on one side and the other side it has a eagle and an American flag, and www.geocaching.com 2006 on the other. Thanks in advance for your help!
  10. I have installed 2.51, Idid not see a 2.51b to be downloaded.
  11. Is this intentionally getting off topic? This was for tutorial help with the Colorado 300 for avid 60Csx users. It's turned into "waterproof talk"
  12. It may be easy for some who've used it for a while now, but where are the things I'm use to with the 60Csx? The tutorials are very vague. When going to a cache, the 60Csx asked "Follow Road" or "Off Road", I still haven't figured out the turn-by-turn feature, but from what I understand, you have to switch it to "Automotive" mode- how is this better? City Navigator NT2008 is installed and working, but still no navigation. Even when I pull up a geocache desription, and go to options, and hit Go to Location, you get nothing- I then go to active route and it says I haven't entered one. Other things Like moving to pointer to a different area. and the accuracy sucks. I don't know, maybe I have a bad one, but my daughter went caching with me, she had the 60Csx I had the Colorado, she GZ'ed with perfect accuracy on a cache everyone comments on how the coords were right on, but I was showing 110' away, then 58', then 44', then 95', then 107', then 16', and back to 58'....it NEVER got to GZ. I mainly bought this because my PDA died- I used an old PalmIIIxe with CacheMate in it- worked great, until I dropped it in the water. I bought this one for the cache desciption storage, and also expected it to work as well as or better than the 60Csx, btu so far I'm REALLY not impressed.
  13. Currently I'm using a Garmin 60Csx, and an old Palm IIIxe PDA loaded with smittyware.com's CacheMate program. This system really seems to work well, but I've dropped the Palm in the puddles too often. I've had 4 of them in the last year (cheap on eBay- approx $15 ea.). I'm on my last one, but I noticed that I'm due for a cell phone upgrade (Verizon). I'm mulling over the Palm Treo so I can use the familiar CacheMate program, but it's kinda bulky. My question is about Windows based PDA's like the Glyde, or some other sleek, cool slick working PDA. What kind of programs can you use for these systems? Would you use a program like what is in your home computer like EasyGPS, or GeoBuddy? The Colorado 300 is slightly still in the picture, so I wouldn't need the PDA, but several of my friends have them and I'm not sure if the extra cost is justified yet, and the 60Csx still works perfectly. I'd appreciate any input. Thanks! Lee
  14. I picked up this cool little geocoin along with several other travellers yesterday. I'm no stranger to coins and travel bugs, travel slugs, digitalfish, etc.. This particular coin is shaped like a teddy bear, it's pink sparkled on both sides with the tracking number on it's back (an unusually short number-CC then three numbers). Under the tracking number there is a small "patch" with GW on it. When I go to track it on GC.com it always sends me to a page that says "Sorry, we have Encountered a problem with that page". Any ideas?
  15. I know this is going to sound stupid, but how do you change the background for the cache page. It says to load URL, but it won't take a cut-n-paste directly from my computer- do I need to download it to a website first and have it re-routed?
  16. Thanks Blorenges and BlueDeuce! Just what I needed!
  17. just looking to see if anyone has a download link for the "Not an ordinary trade item, Don't Keep This" page. I'm not really crazy about the one on geocacherUniversity.com. any help is appreciated
  18. Some time ago I found and took a gold coin. The Front says Canada- it has a Canada map and www.geocaching.com, along with the search engine slogan. on the back it has a geocaching symbol, with a maple leaf in it and a four digit number for tracking. However it doesn't track- geocaching.com doesn't recognize it. Any ideas? Is there somewhere else I can track it? Lee
  19. Adding the logs is very important- when you get deeper into it you'll see how cachers use your info for the find. i.e. if the cache has had several DNF's (did not finds) lately, it has probably been muggled (stolen). If you log in "coords were off about 40' ". cachers will know to expand their search. You NEVER want to give away the location, but cachers will use every speck of info to get the find. But if you give it away- like say it's in the old stump, don't be surprised if your log is deleted by the owner. Hope that helps. Lee
  20. My profile is a disshevelled mess- every now and then you run across someones profile that has reall cool personal stats pages attached in their profile. Does anyone have a link or location to help me with my cluttered mess?
  21. normally if it is a travel bug, the travel bug dog tag symbol will come up- the only ones that are different are the travel slugs, and each individual geocoins- they normally have an image attached to the tracking number. Maybe more advanced cachers could tell you how to change the images if you want different ones for your travel bug if you own it, but if it has been activated and is owned by someone else you cannot change it.
  22. WOW! Thanks ALOT everyone!!! And also thanks for the tip on Fizzy Calc, that is GREAT!!!!!
  23. ebay is normally filthy with that stuff, I get them there only because the people you are buying from buy in bulk from Groundspeak and can offer lower prices. Hobbycraft.com also has some cool ones they came up with, and eack sticker actually has two stickers (one medium, one small). But 95%-98% of the caches you'll find just use the old "Sharpie & Duct Tape" method! Cache you later! Lee
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