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    The time has come when QFC looses part 3 and goes solo!

    I, Charlie, Part 3, am going overseas next year and doing the whole backpacking thing for 2 years.



    A 2 year cache hunt - awesome, imagine the stats after that! Best of luck to all 3 you guys. We wont be able to make the farewell - sorry.

  2. R2.7bn to R12bn.... good start.


    Anyway, what about the caches!?


    As a project manager in the infrastructure development / construction industry I can only wish to someday work for a boss who wont mind this slight overspend on original budget <_<


    My office is just on the other side of the lake from the PE stadium so I will get a cache up in the area soon.

  3. The Eagle(s) have landed.


    Well I don't know what look she gave Vespax when he asked her, but she was most sprightly when I picked them up from her :laughing:


    I now have in my possession 8 race TBs:


    GM Tortoise (2 more pitstops to visit after HGIMV),

    Rabid Rooster (1 more to visit),

    Simply the Best (7 more to visit),

    Demon Sheep (4 more to visit),

    Kayak Racer (1 more to visit),

    Dude (1 more to visit),

    Cash Bug (4 more to visit),

    (edited to add) Office Croc (2 more to visit)


    Question time: Do all the owners want me to place the TBs in HGIMV for pickup by Seeker2, or should I disperse them a bit? I am open to bribes persuasion. :unsure:

  4. PE come in…..come in… kom in..kom in…..Ngena…ngena


    Kaapstad let wel, Cape Town Take note, ATTENTION.


    Plenty of TB’s in your hood and in your hands… please help them out.


    Now you guys wake up?! You had the whole year to get here, sheesh and I thought the EC was slow paced! ;)

  5. I've only heard good things about T4A. As they create the maps from actual tracklogs you will not find as many mistakes as you do with Garmap maps, though on the flip side, they are not auto-routable.


    I have downloaded a tracklog onto a friends PC with T4A and the tracklog was exactly over the road.

  6. I have an I-Mate Jam and save the web pages to it, rather than carrying around print-outs. All the info is on there, albeit not live.


    If you get a Garmin GPS10 then it will work well with the I-mate (Windows Mobile), which will then be your GPS interface. They communicate via bluetooth so not too many wires to worry about.


    I do not have this set-up though, but I did upload the free Garmap software for Windows Mobile onto my I-mate, not that it is very functional without the GPS attached ;)

  7. PE is still clinging on for dear life. Sorry I have been a bit absent from the forums of late. Looks like it was an opertune time to pop in again.


    Will try my best to get the TB in and through PE.


    Who from up north (apart from Seeker 2) is visiting these shores soon? Wolkynou, QFC, anybody?


    It would be a bit sterile to just have the TBs pass through in a stop and go action, granted there is not much activity, but still. I'd like to see the race unfold a bit more naturally, but I'll go with what the TB owners wish for - I think ;).

  8. Sjoe, quite a reply - sorry I did not wade through all of it. It is nice to see that it seems that you want to do the right thing - that truly is great. <_<


    I just have to point out that the comments I made on the referred threads were not aimed at any cacher specifically, but rather at practices. I am equally sure that you are not the only one, if indeed you were, dong this sort of thing.


    I think I made the point, in one of the posts, that the thread could serve as a indication to newbies of what the community frowns upon and what not. I also pointed out that "to each his own", this is a hobby. The only rules are those imposed by GC.com and then also only if you make use of this site. The wonderful thing about it all, is the shear diversity - in caches, in locations, in how you play the game.


    I think we all share the sentiment that we would like to have good quality caches around as opposed to strategically placed litter.


    As far as the rankings are concerned - I love them. It certainly helped in growing the sport.


    Again, if you feel you were the victim of a witch hunt due to my comments then I apologise, but I still maintain that logging finds when you (and here I refer to any cacher) did not find squat, defeats the object. Not because you are getting ahead of me in the rankings, but because the next cacher looking for it never noticed it was gone, because you logged "found it".


    Happy caching all!

  9. I reckon that we (the GC community) must just propose some dates for getting together at the Gariep dam, once the nominations are in, the original creator of the idea can post an event cache on that date.


    I'll kick of by suggesting 24 September - on a long weekend - and I think in school holiday.


    Since when do geocachers have to get great prizes? We're (probably) talking about the largest group of trinket hunters on the planet! :o

  10. Well we had a fun, if rushed, trip to CT. Managed to find a balance between caching and other holiday activities. Also managed to grab Scallywag, who will now be placed in PE.


    Thanks to Discombob for suggesting other quick caches and meeting us for lunch - sadly the weather was about to turn for the worse, so not much caching.


    Also sadly, I could not get to the other race TB's :laughing: , hope they find their own way!

  11. We will be heading down the Garden Route on Saturday - not sure of the final arrangements, but am hoping to rescue some bugs from Cape Town and bring back to PE.

    If any bug owners have special requests then large bribes will be accepted, alternatively we'll grab what we can and deposit in PE.

    I see that Machu Pichu (?) Flute is near PE, would have loved to take him to CT, but wont get to him before the weekend. Anyway Vespax is no stranger to the EC, and will probably move the bug himself.

  12. Ah Fairest Cape we too hear your call,

    for racing TBs run here and then start to crawl,

    from the Eastern Cape we come by road,

    in the hope of one TB to load,


    we will be there on August 6, 7 and maybe 8,

    in the hope to relax, cache and procrastinate,

    please spare a thought or two,

    before kidnapping all race TBs,

    to take up North with you.


    Boy - writing this is taking a long, long time,

    for I are not so good at rhyme <_<

  13. More proof that tax is bad for you


    As if any was needed! :blink:


    Well, does it count if my brother is engaged to someone in another team??


    Only one thing worse (or so I've been told), and that is if he was engaged to an Australian. Come to think of it, 2 things could be worse: the other team member could be Australian!!! :blink:


    Some things are better left unsaid.

  14. I can vouche for Perdix, the Eastern Cape is well looked after with him on the scene. Thanks man.


    The cheque is in the mail :laughing: Nice meeting you, hope to see you again soon.


    Sadly, no caching for us this weekend. But I can't complain, (and I have to brag) my little dog came home from a big agility trial with 6 first places! I'll have to make up for the no-caching this weekend....


    Why not go for a win/win and teach the dog to sniff out caches? :tired:

  15. She will be contacting you some time this week to ask for help finding the cache and moving one the TB.


    Hey, you know me - anything can be arranged at a price! :laughing:


    Seriously though, will be glad to help if I can. You've got ,my contact details.


    Do I understand you correctly and that she be moving the bug again as well? Is that not against the rules?

  16. Hey perdix, we've got a cache there right by the Southern Sun Hotel: GCWM58


    Brill! I'm quite sure I can fit in that find! Now its up to race TB owners to get their TBs there or still to arrange to meet at the airport.


    I've stayed at the hotel a number of times - hope the cache is not too well hidden or too many muggles - time will be of the essence on this trip!

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