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  1. Just got a 60csx :rolleyes: Selling my 60cs. Has City Select v6 unlocked to it. I will include the garmin unlock code as seen in picture. Used the 2nd unlock code from an ique 3600. All the CD's will be included. Just F.Y.I. loading the Mapsource requires you to navigate the included 3600 cd and load mapsouce from inside one of the folders. If you just stick the cd in and click okay it loads all this palm software you probably don't want. Included are the belt clip, usb cable and screenshield. there are three hairline scratches under the screenshield, but as you can tell with the screenshield on they are unnoticible. As you can see from the picture a little of the rubber is undone on the top right, It's not bad, just wanted to give full disclosure. $200 plus shipping via paypal. I will ship however you want just tell me what carrier and what service and I will just charge what they do. If you live in sfbay area you could also pick up for cash if you wanted. P.M. me with any questions.






  2. Now you have me leaning towords keeping it. I will have city select on it, so the roads from TOPO are irrelevant. My big problem is I've never used TOPO so I have no idea how usefull it is. Is TOPO like city select where once you unlock it it's tied to the unit? Or could I use it, not like it then sell it to someone else?



  3. Just got a 60csx off ebay and it is one of the bundled versions that comes with TOPO. Didn't want TOPO but the price was right. I don't hike, snowmobile, or do any back country anything. Is the TOPO helpful at all for geocaching, or should I just sell it off? I will eventually do some hiking just to get to caches, I just don't know if having TOPO will help me any. I'd just as soon sell it for the $50 or so it's going for on ebay, but if it's useful for caching than maybe I'll keep it. Any thoughts?

  4. I want a new version of the GPSMAP 60 series to come out! I'm ready to upgrade but I'm sure if I bought the 60CSx, the newer model would come out the next day! :)


    I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it!



    Just got one off e-bay, so they will probably announce a new model between now and when mine shows up at the door.

  5. For the longer answer. The units are basically the same with a few minor differences. As stated earlier the 76 will float and the 60 doesn't. on the 76 the keys are above the screen and the 60 has them below. The 76 has a patch antennae and the 60 has a quadrahelix or something like that. I think the screen is a little bit larger on the 76. 76 made more for boating (hence the floating) and the 60 more for hiking (easier 1 handed operation) but the same innards.

  6. I heard september also, then end of october. Haven't heard they'll be pushed to November yet. I was thinking of getting one of these. But put magellan's bad customer service history plus the apparent ineptitude of the company and I am cooling to the idea of getting one. Was going to get on release, now I think I'll wait at least 6 months to see how good/bad the unit is.


    Got this from the magellan website:


    The Triton series, available in stores beginning in September, is the first line of rugged, outdoor handheld GPS devices designed with a new user interface flow and screen graphics that make handheld GPS more accessible to a greater population of outdoor enthusiasts.

  7. I picked up my 60cs w/o maps for $130, which was the lowest I could find it for after hunting around craigslist for a couple of weeks. I think refurbs go for 170 plus shipping on ebay w/o city nav. So I would agree that $150 with the maps would be a good "friend" price. Maybe $175-200 for someone you didn't know, depending on condition.

  8. My friend who geocaches with me has a nuvi, and it works just as well as my 60cs. He hand enters the coordinates for the caches and I download them via the computer. His has a 2 hour battery life, and mine has basically unlimited with AA batteries. The Screen on his is a ton better and it is alot easier to use in the car for driving directions. With my 60cs and city nav. 6 it works pretty well. No voice telling me to turn right just some tones. Also the 60cs is waterproof, and in general less suceptible to breakage. If you want it mostly for driving go with a nuvi. If you eventually really get into geocaching, then get a handheld then. If you know you'll be caching for a while, the handhelds are decent for car driving. Just know that you'll have to buy additional street level maps for the handhelds to do the routing for you. You'll also need to get a mount and car power adapter.

  9. So all I had to do was explore the iq3600 disk navigate to the Maps folder and hit the setup button from there. Then it asked for the City Select disk and installed. Then I ran the codes and unlocked the maps, and am good to go. $5 for City Select, even if the info is 3 years old still a good deal.

  10. I have a 60cs that I just got a bike mount for. I also have an unopened Etrex series car mount. Will the removable part of the bike mount(the part that attaches to the 60cs) slip into the car mount for the etrex? Just don't want to open the package and have it not work. Got a smokin deal on the etrex mount incase you are wondering why I have it.

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