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  1. Sold my 60csx and was planning on buying a Colorado, but decided to wait for them to get the unit working better before I purchased. So I got a used Magellan Meridian Color on Craigslist to tide me over for a few months. Figured it would be Fun to play with a different companies unit for awhile. But I need some maps. I know the Garmin scheme on maps and serial #'s but not quite sure on magellan. From what I can gather When you create the map tiles you have to specify the S/N of the unit it will be used in, and it will only work in that unit. Does that mean that as long as I have the disks I can put maps on the unit. Is this true for topo and Direct route? Is it true for all version of mapsend topo? I tried "asking maggie" on the magellan site, what a joke, it came back with a list of 48 "possible" answers to my question. Anyways any help is appreciated.



  2. I think most people that own that unit are happy with the purchase. Since you will be doing some Kayaking you might want to look at the 76x series, they float! They will cost more, but if your near the water quite a bit it might be worth it. Check ebay, craigslist, the garage sale forum here, maybe a used one might fit your budget a bit better. Also remember that any topographical or street software you want will be extra on top of the unit.


    Well if so then I would suggest buying it soon if you get a chance stores will still price match it. Or at least best buy will I was on the phone with customer service yesterday and the lady on the phone said so long as the website is from a store that has actually store front locations then they will price match it. Not exactly sure if best buy carries it but might be able to find it at another store that price matches.


    Tell me if your sucessful and where, because for $39 I'll buy as many as they'll sell me. Most price matching policies also require the competitor to have the item "in stock".

  4. I'm new myself to Geocaching and I have been looking at gps for a few days now the cheapest new ones I've found is this one from sears.


    Magellan Triton 200 Handheld Navigation System


    I know nothing of this unit nor have I been able to find any decent customer reviews for this gps. Personally I like Garmin units so yeah.. Also it is currently out of stock so if you want one today then better go with what the person above me pmed if you don't mind waiting *shrugs* seems like a decent unit but then what do you expect for 40 bucks?


    Also as a side note if anyone has used this gps before or know anything about it please pm me!! I'm still looking into getting a gps unit >.>

    That must be a mis-price on that item. It's probaby supposted to be $139.

  5. what are the grey streets in the screen images that I've seen? how do you get those? When people were upset that the colorado didn't display street names, how did they get the streets on there to begin with. thanks


    The 300 just includes major highways. the 400t includes the data from topo 2008, which has detailed streets. (but are unroutable). If you want detailed street maps you need to either buy topo 2008 or City Navigator 2008. If you buy City Navigator 2008 you can get turn by turn directions.


    I like Garmin's hardware and service the best though (current Colorado issues aside), so I tolerate the rules for the mapping software and keep paying over and over for the same thing. They're lucky they have me. :D


    You could just buy the maps on SD Card and switch between units that way.

  7. got one for my 110 of this guy on ebay username moose_trax . $15 for the cigarette and data type shipped to me. Not the highest quality but it did work and showed up pretty quickly. If I were to do it again I would buy just the data cable from him. Don't trust the cig adapter. The data only cable is cheaper also.

  8. Went to MacWorld today to play with the Colorado. Spent about 20 minutes with the units they had there. Two of the 4 units were some sort of pre-production model, they had “extra” screws that the other 2 didn’t. The representative told me that the screws were there to hold it together. Other than the extra screws the build quality was very nice. The rubberized battery cover and the overall shape felt good in the hand.


    The unit takes a VERY long time to boot up. I'm not talking about acquiring signal I'm talking about time between pressing the power button and anything other than the Garmin logo being on the screen. I hope this long start-up is just because these are pre-production models. Unfortunately they didn't get a signal in the building. They didn't have any geocache data or City Navigator maps loaded so I couldn't check out those features. The thing was stuck in Kansas (default I'm sure) and I couldn't figure out how to scroll to a different area and look at the 3d of that area. I was stuck looking at the 3d view of Kansas, which is pretty 2d. The shading looked good, but I would have liked to see the 3d perspective of a canyon. Scrolling through the maps was fairly fast, quicker than on my 60csx. The drawing times were quicker as well.


    The Rock-n-Roll wheel is not all that great. It will take some getting used to, but right now I prefer the layout of the 60csx. The very center is basically an enter key and around that is a d-pad to move cursor. The jog wheel is more comfortable to use than I imagined. Just about everything I did involved using the wheel. With no hard buttons you have to hit options (soft key) then scroll the wheel to perform many tasks that would be one button operations on the 60csx. To change the battery type for example you hit the option button (soft), then use the wheel to get to the setup icon, hit enter, then use the wheel to scroll down four menu choices, hit enter, then use the wheel to scroll between the battery choices, make selection and hit enter. Interesting to note that there are 3 battery settings on the Colorado, Alkaline, NiMh, and Lithium.


    Entering numbers for a location is about the same speed as with the 60 series, but letters are a bit more time consuming using the wheel instead of a d-pad. The screen looks great and the brightness seemed adequate, but I would like to test it outside.


    Tried to send a waypoint between two units but the sending unit just stated searching for receiving unit and vice versa on the sending unit. It wouldn't really let me do much with the Wherigo without a signal. But the little I did see looked interesting. I will hopefully be able to attend the Wherigo event in San Jose next month to try this out and get some outdoor time with the unit.


    The new mounting scheme seems easier and more secure than on the 60csx. The mounts they had there were two parts. One part slid on the back of the Colorado and had a ball socket mount like the Nuvi’s. The other part was a suction cup with the Ball adaptor at the end. Seemed very usable and sturdy. I’m sure the bike mount is just the clip portion that slides into a bicycle bar mount.


    All in all looks like a nice unit but I’m not liking the “Rock-n-Roll” portion all that much. Without getting a signal and having something to do other than scroll though the setup menus it’s hard to say how much I’ll like this unit.

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