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  1. Can you tell me if this map update applies to a 2500T (NA Crossover)?


    From Magellans sad excuse of a website it appears that it does... But if I look under "map updates" in the support section, it says there are no map updates available. I'm going to be even more pissed about ever getting one of these if they want another $70 for the map update. (On a < 3 month old product, that has loads of other problems)


    (And WTF is with the update requiring a SD card? Does that mean I can't have the USELESS topo west canada I bought on the same SD card? How convenient.)


    I will undoubtely write to Magellan again later tonight. I also have no doubt I will get the same useless canned response they always give me. (Either that, or one written in broken English that isn't even related to the questions I will ask.)


    What a horrible, horrible company.






    Anyone want to buy a 2500t with Topo West Canada? :laughing:

    There are 2 updates one for the 2500t and one for the 2200t. Both have the same map data. Yes you have to use the SD card for the new maps. JetSkier got the update and stated that there is 500 MB free on the SD card so maybe you can put your topo on there. If you remove the SD card it reverts to the old mapset. I just got off the phone with magellan tech support. They stated that no Pro-Rated or free of charge updates will be given out. I asked him what if I bought this unit 2 weeks ago. He repeated that no pro-rated or free updates would be given out. I told him thank-you and that I would be passing the information on, which I am. And it's not $70 it's $79 plus $6 shipping plus $6 tax. I live in California where magellan is based so if you live outside of California you may not have to pay tax.

  2. They did an advanced exchange on mine. Took my credit card #, sent me the refurbished unit, now I have to send back the old unit. If they don't get the old unit back they charge my cc for the new unit. There should have been a shipping label to send back the old unit in the box with the new unit, but there wasn't. Just hope they get me the label within the time frame to send the old unit back.

  3. They sent me a replacement GPS, but they forgot to include the return shipping label. When they sent out the replacement they also forgot to put down my street address number so instead of 123 my street they just labeled it my street. So one order and so far 2 little errors, but at least I got the new unit. It's not that they do anything horribly wrong, it's all these tiny little mistakes and the associated time delays that are really starting to get to me. That and being put on hold so long, oh yeah and like you said an hour+ to do something that should take 10-15 minutes tops.


    It's interesting but it would appear, from my limited knowledge, that the firmware update is not much different than the 2.14 which you can download. Personally I wouldn't pay the $79 for new maps I would expect those maps to be loaded onto any new Crossover purchased now or offered for free for purchases in the last 30-60 days. At $229 (Costco Price) the Crossover is a good deal but with the additional $80 in maps that puts the Crossover at just over $300 and IMHO not as good of a deal.


    The Crossover is a great concept in mobile GPS but I feel that is just falls a little short of what it could be. It could be a great device if Magellan would work on getting a consistent GUI across all navigation modes and the maps need to be up to date.


    Funny you mentioned Costco because they aren't selling them anymore. They weren't on the site once the update was available on magellan's site. I'm wondering if they sent what they had left back to magellan for the updates.

  5. Yes it is possible. Are you a premium member at geocaching.com? If so do a pocket query and you will get a .gpx file with all the caches you requested. Then use the Magellan tools (should have gotten this disk with the GPS) to import them as enhanced POI's. THen you can route to them. There are other ways as well, that's just the way I did it my first time. (3 days ago). You could also use a program called GSAK. Read this thread it has alot of good info in it.




    Also if you do a search with the word crossover in it you will get quite a few good threads. Make sure you update your firmware to the latest from the magellan website.

  6. Dear Garmin,


    Please create a landscape display mode for the Colorado, it would be ideal with that spiffy swivel mount on the auto kit.




    A new Customer

    And a Cig power adaptor with a speaker like the 2720 so I can quit screwing around with this magellan crossover which is turning into more of a hassle then I thought it would be. I want voice prompts!

  7. This is all very strange. Where did you order the CD for new maps. If I go to the Magellan support page and enter Crossover I am directed to this support page https://www.magellangps.com/support/product.asp where there is no mention of a CD for updates.


    That would be really sad if Magellan required the SD card for new maps. I guess it's better than no maps but why not overload the internal maps? I guess it's possible the internal maps are not in flash memory and cannot be over written.

    My guess is that the new maps (1.5gb) are too large to put on the internal memory along with topo and OS. I think a better implementation would be to overwrite the street maps and the topo maps on the internal memory with the newer street maps and give you the topo on the sd card. But I'm sure there is some logic, however flawed to why they did this.

  8. Oh Crap! I missed that. I just thought, as any normal person would, that the upgrade CD would upgrade the maps INTERNALLY so I could still have my mp3's, photos and waypoint files at the ready. Leave it to Magellan to screw that up!



    Yeah I thought it was strange myself. But since you can't play mp3's or view photos while navigating it didn't really bother me too much. My only concern is in regards to topo, having to switch out cards for the more detailed topo is a little annoying. Is there any free interanal space on the unit?

  9. I'll let you know how the update works out. As for #2 (topo), I live in Florida so Topo doesn't really do me any good. However, you can have a different region selected in Outdoor mode than you do in Vehicle Nav mode. That means you should be able to keep you topo SD card loaded. When in Vehicle mode, it'll be set for the USA, but when you switch to Outdoor mode, it'll load your Topo from the SD card.




    Yeah, but with the new map update the SD card slot is used by the new maps. This means if I want the new Topo I'll have to remove the new maps and put in a SD card with the topo. I called and asked magellan about the SD card having any space on it, and they replied it was completely full. Now I do trust them as far as I can throw a 67 Buick, but right now that's all the info I have to go off.

  10. So #'s 1, 4, and 5 are answered which leaves #2 and #3 and I need to change #2 a little.


    Revised question.


    2.) Seems like people have been able to load regular topo to the sd card. But the new update requires the sd slot be used by the street maps. anyway to get better topo on the unit itself? It would be annoying to have to switch out cards everytime I left the pavement, but it's not a dealbreaker, just like to know what I'm getting into.


    3.) Can a screen protector be used, or will it make the touchscreen difficult to use?


    JetSkier I'll wait for a review of the new update from you before I purchase. Hopefully magellan get the software and SD card to you in a timely manner.

  11. Since the Delorme has no euro maps it's out. I don't think too many people would recommend the Triton right now, maybe in a few months when they get it patched up. My guess would be that once the Triton line gets all the kinks worked out they will EOL the rest of the explorist line so I wouldn't grab a 600 for that reason. So that leaves you with the 60csx or the 530 Rino. You've just got to decide if you want a radio or not. Can't help you with that.

  12. That's a decent price for all that stuff, if that's the unit you like. The 76s is a non-color unit. Without knowing the version of the mapping software it's hard to tell if they would be useful it might be quite a bit out of date. The topo is probably 4.20 and that is fine. The GPS unit is worth about $90. The topo worth about $50. handlebar mount $15. Street level is hard to say without knowing which version. If the power adapter is $15 if it's the kind that goes into a cigarette adapter not hard wired.


    The big question is what do you plan on using the unit for? If you don't need street maps you can get a much newer model for that amount or less.

  13. Just picked up a 2200t knowing it wouldn't be useful for caching, but hoping it could get me to the area well enough. It Doesn't. As far as a street navigator it is decent(i am not a big fan of the graphics). So now I am thinking of doing the $80 map upgrade and crossover upgrade. It looks to be a pretty good deal. So here are a few questions I have before I plop down the $80 extra.


    1.) has anybody done the new upgrade yet? The maps look much improved. How do you like it?


    2.) I have Topo 4.20 would I want to load that or are the topo maps that come with the upgrade better?


    3.) Anyone using a screenshield? How does it effect the touchscreen. I have an invisishield on all my GPS's and am reluctant not to have one on.


    4.) Where can I locate the rubber Sports Guard? Magellan says they are backordered and I can't find them anywhere else.


    5.) Can you type in Lon and Lat numbers once it is upgraded?


    Thanks for your replies.

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