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  1. I have a friend who wants to sell me this model GPS. Just wondering if I should buy it for geocaching and how much should I offer?


    I've always used the Explorist 210 and it has worked fine for geocaching. I don't know how much it is worth but I know the 500le goes on sale in Canada for $149.00 new.


    Used ones on ebay go from $120 and up depending on extra accesories and maps. I wouldn't spend that much myself, for another $80 or so you can get a used PN-40. If you don't want to spend more than $100 and it's available for that much I would go for it.

  2. Sounds like rockhoppernc may have unknowingly bought one of those fake NiMH 2.4 vot CR-V3 batteries instead of a 3.7volt Li-ion battery. Is that possible rockhoppernc?

    I hope not since I sold him the unit. I bought the unit second hand, so I can't guarantee it's not NIMh, but it looks exactly like the one on Delorme's website. How can you tell the difference?

  3. rockhoppernc,


    What are the issues exactly? The green light does mean fully charged on the charger. What kind of runtimes are you getting from the battery? When I used the unit I was only using it once a week for 2 and a half hours at a time. So basically I would use the usb cable with the wall outlet adaptor and charge it the day of use, then I would go out and cache from 9:00p.m. to 11:30p.m. and the battery lasted fine for that use. Tell me what kind of actual run time you are getting. I just checked the delorme website and if your battery time isn't up to standards, I'll be happy to paypal you the $13 they are charging for a replacement battery. Hopefully this is just a wrong setting or something but if not I want to make things right.


    I did just update the firmware before I sent it out, and never used it with the new firmware, are there any issues with the new firmware that anybody might throw in?

  4. if i had it backwords and no batteries in the gps will it still be on?

    i have it screwed into the back of the gps and cable is runnning down the gps.. it should be running up, maybe?

    Yes I believe it will. If I remember right if you put the cable on backwards it will still power the device, but will not connect.

  5. As far as bare necessity the only feature I would require of a GPS is computer connectivity. After that it's all convenience. If you want to go on the cheap I would recommend an explorist 400 and up, or one of the garmin etrex line. Just make sure if you get an etrex with serial interface that your computer has a serial interface as well. Or you can get a serial to USB converter.

  6. Never used an Explorist 100, but have used Explorist 400, 500, and 600. The explorist line does not have a high sensitivity chip. I'm not sure about heavy tree cover, but it has good reception.


    I would not buy for geocaching as the 100 will not connect to a computer. You will have to manually enter the coordinates for each cache. The explorist line is a good for geocaching, just get one that will connect to a computer.

  7. Up for sale I have a Delorme PN-40 with 2 USB cables (one has a micro usb to Delorme adaptor), Li-ion Battery with wall charger that also has a car adaptor for it, Zagg screen, Ram Cradle( Cradle only you will need to buy either suction cup mount or handlebar mount, 4GB SD Card, Topo USA 7 and Topo USA 8. New all this would run $315($233 for PN-40, $47 for battery setup, $15 for Zagg, $10 for SD card, and $10 for RAM cradle). Selling for $225 Shipped via USPS Priority mail.


    everything in good working order. The In/Out zoom button shows a little wear (some white showing up on the edges) but the button works fine. Selling because I just got an Oregon 550T







  8. Now that is a problem. Being a Mac user (and glad about it too!), I would like to avoid pulling out the PC whenever I can. I know that Vantage Point is Windows only and I will have to use it to load maps. On the eXplorist, I just took out the SD card and put it in a card reader attached to my computer. That way I could just drag the Geocache files to the Geocache folder on the card. Will that work on the Triton?




    As far as I know, and someone correct me if I'm wrong. The ONLY way to get geocaches on a Triton is to use Vantage Point. One of the many reasons I recommend against the Triton.

  9. There are many models of Explorist and etrex, so it depends on which models you are comparing. But if you were comparing similar featured Etrex and Explorist ( Color screen, compass, ect..) Then I would say the Explorists are a little better for geocaching than the etrex line. This does not extend to the Etrex with H in their title. These GPS's have High sensetivity receivers and will acquire and hold signals better. Technical support for the Etrex will be better than the Explorist.

  10. As far as paperless GPSR's go they are last on my list. I've had and Oregon, A Triton 500 and Triton 2000 (both with the newest firmware) and currently am using a Delorme PN-40. If you don't want to spend more than $100, and I wouldn't spend more than $100 on a Triton 500, it is a usable option. If you are OK spending more step up to the Delorme. The Oregon is my favorite, but it is more expensive. Haven't used the new Lowrance units, so can't give any opinions on them.

  11. At your price point $200 I would recommend the Delorme PN-40. Amazon.com has them for $199 as I type. You can use the POI loader on the garmin and use GSAK to get the terrain difficulty and most hints (character limits). But with the Delorme you would get the Difficulty, Terrain, full cache description, hint, and the last 5 logs. Plus you'd get routable street maps for the entire u.s.

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