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  1. Hum... USA IDK about contests but I’ve designed a few coins, tags and etc. ? Flatouts Designs (but not taking on projects at the moment) If I were to sugest a US Designer it would Christian Mackey, Aura Design Group. If you’re going to spend the money you might as well get the best. Love your work also. ??
  2. Did some testing on Iphone IOS 6.1 yesterday and through the Wherigo app I was able to sign on, navigate to and download cartridges. Went to the Grand Opening of the New Space Coast Geocaching Store and then off to celebrate a friends BDay so didn't get to do any.. Tested using Geocaching app still has the same problem on Iphone 3GS and 4G, the only way to sign on was to go to create a new account and then just use the sign in form. Could navigate to the cartridge but not download one. Haven't tested safari and reading up it is a safari problem with file types - was told I could change browsers and firefox works - I'll have to check that out, so long as I don't have to jailbreak the phone. Sorry I couldn't be more useful on this. As for IOS level 6+ and the maps.. Really them seem fine. But I prefer Google maps app, voice turn by turn to your destination is as good as our car navigation and way easier to enter your destination, address or search and coordinates.. For Free you just can't beat that! The only issue is as with any gos app it will run your battery down... Oh and you can turn your apps off (sleep mode) and as you approach a waypoint/turn etc. it wakes up lets you know and then goes back to sleep - that's all cool but here's the draw back (for me anyway) it is still using gps tracking and running battery down. I seem to have to actually turn the app off, my phone off/sleep to completely get rid of the gps tracking indicator (top right next to charge/usb indicator). Oh and one more common sense thing - never put your home address in the home address field of any GPS navigation system just in case the bad guy gets a hold of it you're not giving it to him/her to add to the insult (been an issues in our neck of the woods lately, mostly with car navigation systems).
  3. Not sure I understand, are you saying you do not want to install iTunes? There are (at least) 2 ways to install a cartridge: 1. Do it all on the iPhone from the Wherigo app. No need to use a PC or itunes at all. 2. Use itunes on the PC. Go into the apps, file sharing section in itunes for your iphone and Drag the .gwc file into the Wherigo section. Well this was working until recently. The Wherigo app no longer loads, heck it wont sign you on for that matter, just hangs. Something in the new Iphone release is probably the cause - attempted on Iphone 4 and Iphone 3GS both on IOS 6.0 - Prior to this release it worked flawlessly. I'm running the latest Geocaching app and most current Wherigo app. I was told (I haven't attempted) that it is still working on android. BTW you can't load the GPX file with safari - not even sure other apps for jailbroke phones would even work (as it would be ill advised to jailbreak any smart phone I will never even attempt). The new IOS 6.1 was just released and I'm installing and will attempt it again. I know this has worked in the past and is a very valuable asset to the Geocaching & Wherigo apps. If there is an ongoing thread or fix in the wings please advise... So Bummed...
  4. Sometimes it takes a while for an icon. <contents of this post referring to a completely different sale have been removed, to avoid confusion with the sale at hand. All sales get their own thread, if trackable on geocaching.com. - moderator edit> Go to the party in style.
  5. Oh and as for those who have posted on this thread, all have moved on and completed the challenge. Whoo Hoo!
  6. Quick little update. Since it's creation in 2008, it has had 21 cachers complete the Challenge (many more doing just some of the individual parts) and only 1 DNF (a minor problem with the modernization of one of the local forums that has been corrected). Most all of these cachers have become active in all of the forums and have found a new world of resources open up to them. Now that's just awesome! I wish the numbers were higher but at least it is still up and running and the opportunity for the numbers to grow still exist.
  7. Yup, that's what I did and reported it to them. Just in case I didn't want to jump in and change my side to accept it because it was working just fine. My Security is auto updated and so current all the time. But I check that also.. I also restarted as I could see in the logs that it seem to be the same svchost and local adapter port - but not sure that is relative. Anyway the restart didn't change anything.. Now this morning it is fine and all working again. I haven't restarted since last night... It's a Vipre false positive and my guess is they fixed it at their end... Who knows... LOL I also agree that the geocaching web site can be harmful as I get all scratched up, ticks and chiggers and just plan ole worn out and beat up as a result of using the site... LOL Thanks for the responses... Just wanted to make sure everything was alright and it was just me... This topic & posts can/should be deleted so not to waste anyone's time or cause undue concern.
  8. Is anyone else using Web security having issues with www.geocaching.com I use Viper + and I am getting the following warning: "VIPRE has determined that the site you are trying to visit contains potentially harmful or objectionable content." Note: If you don't have web/browser security you will probably not have this issue. My experience so far with Viper is that there is some kind of issue or it doesn't block me. Not saying Viper is perfect. But I'm not going to chance getting clobbered going around it until I know why. As of now I don't know why and I don't know when or what but it was working fine this morning.
  9. All very interesting. I have had the signature line of "It's all about the Journey!" since I started. Not that is a big deal.. But it is how I cache and how I hide. If you want change you have to make change happen. Will you change the world? Probably not. Like most have said in their own way. It is what YOU make of it, nothing more and nothing less. It is entirely up to you. I like all kinds of caches. Urban and nipple deep in a swamp. All have their place and serve their purpose as far as I'm concerned. If in urban setting and the cache isn't all that to me then I move on to the next one and hope for improvement. Those Gems of a cache can be almost anywhere you never really know where or when, so in a way it adds another element to the game. I like everyone else don't like wet logs or MIAs but it comes with the game. Sure I wish folks would consider the main purpose of a container is to protect and preserve the log but that has been an issue sense day one so I suspect it will probably not change much. I do my part. I try to hide quality caches or at the minimum interesting ones. Are they all perfect, nope. I've adopted a few that I'm not proud of. I've hidden a couple that in hindsight that were probably crappy but I do maintain all of them. I'm not perfect and I know I'm not alone. I also repair most caches that have issues much to the aggravation of some of the people I cache with. But I look at it as a good deed that I hope someone would do for one of mine should it need it. IMHO I'm doing something about it. BTW I did the Original Stash and it really isn't all that great of a spot. The only really cool thing about it is that it has a placard stating it is the Original Stash. We totally enjoyed the trip and the way back we found a pull off with a beautiful view of rolling hills filled with Christmas trees and the back drop was Mt St. Helens, Mt Rainier and Mt Hood, the sky was crystal clear... Then further down the road in an old broken down shed we found a barrel full of film canisters, a young Canadian lady with a portion laid out before her.. Even though this I would consider this my worst nightmare we stayed and helped until we finally all gave up. You know what we actually ended up have fun and got to know her and talk for a bit. It is what it is and what you make out of it. I was once told by a cacher I highly respect "there is no whining in Geocaching" no truer words on the subject have ever been spoken. The Cacher was Clan Riffster. I hold him to it every chance I get..
  10. Yeah I'd like to see this video could you please post a link..
  11. I wasn't going to pipe in but reading this, one has to wonder how someone that joined in 2007 (much like myself) can argue the purist point of view with someone that has been in the game/sport since 2003 plus others attempting to suggest this narrow view may be slightly askew that have been active since it all started. I'm thinking that in itself is a HINT... I mean really how is it possible you have even seen the original. I've been to the site of the (so called) original stash but I've never actually seen the Original. I also share the feeling that I would hate to see the game diluted. But with GPSr's released with preloaded Caches and Phone Apps with no explanation for the most part of how it all works... Good luck with that. Over the few years I've been involved I've met cachers from all over the world. I know very few if any that don't have a personal geocoin or travel bug. Just Say'n... Lighten up we know it's your opinion but those whom live in a glass house shouldn't cast the first stone. It could give the wrong impression that everyone else is wrong and your opinion is the only correct one and when you persistently cram it down our throats (then I'm not sure it's and opinion anymore). It's a game. It has no real rules only guidelines, the folks that make those guidelines and maintain the facilities go through great efforts to make it fun for everyone, not just the self righteous puritans. Me personally prefer some indication a traveler is not lost - if it visits (of which I am one of many that applied efforts to get this feature) that at least tells me it is still out there. The time it saves in logging and the cutting back on "Dipped" logs on cache pages and the residue of travelers that are left in event cache and other cache pages that the CO is responsible for alone is worth pissing off every purist in the game. So I would like the "Visit" feature promoted more so folks start using it more. There are many other aspects out there that make TB's a lot of fun, like one that we currently have possession of which is a Bushwhackers Challenge Stick... When you find the cache it is placed in you can log it, carve your name and then place it in another or create another cache to place it in for the next one to meet the challenge. It becomes very sought after and fun. There are Banners that go to events, We've seen Tattoos, Cars, huge TB Tags, heck even Signal wears a TB tag... Anyway, thank you for playing and good luck with your opinion it is refreshing to know there are cachers out there that try their very best to keep the game going in what they feel is a good direction. Please just don't get so entangled that you forget to enjoy it and take it all in along your Journey. Seriously this isn't meant to be a bashing, only "My Opinion" of what I read and an expression of how I feel.
  12. BTW Team kizb the QR for your avatar is way cool also...
  13. Oh I wanted to add that reading this thread top to bottom, isn't it amazing the skepticism at the start, but in any case lots of great knowledge and pointers were shared so it was all good. Glad you didn't give up on your idea!
  14. Very nicely done I received 24/70 - my only problem was finding the activation code but reading this thread turned up the answer. For the future you might consider putting a place on your website to get the activation codes and/or coincodes.com as it may be a year or more down the road when someone attempts to activate a coin. Also some coin collector nuts like me want to know any and every detail about a coin, it's design, history, designer (you obviously) and anything that the coin represents - a storyline per say. Of course this one and the series are Area 51 based I get that. But there is more to this I'm sure. Best of luck on your future designs, coming out with one such as this right off the bat seems next to impossible to top! GREAT JOB!
  15. Ray, It is public info from the web site of Geocachers Magazine - was going to send an email/Msg as requested but might be others that have concern so try this: Michael Jacobus ~ Publisher Geocacher Magazine 550 West Plumb Ln., Suite 444 Reno, NV 89509 ~ U.S.A. mike@geocachermagazine.com It might also be worthy of noting according to a note on GM's Facebook Fans page, Michael Jacobus (Publisher) suffered a mild stroke and is recovering. I've noticed Folks usually are a little more understanding if the person they are having issues/dealing with communicates. I've seen this type stuff with Geocoin companies/vendors.. Just a simple update can save a reputation. Course some are unsalvageable and they probably were out to ripe off geocachers anyway. I have no idea about Geocachers Mag intentions, seems once FTF mag got going and popular it was a motive to jump back into the game for a few quick bucks. Just a feeling and what kept me from subscribing... How many do we really need anyhow... It's like Podcasts.. I can barely make it through one.. LOL
  16. Oops my bad a duplicated post - I don't know if or how I can delete it my self.
  17. I was lucky enough to get my grubby hands on one of these but can't figure out where to get the Activation code from (card missing?). Could someone help?
  18. Most folks will never get the connection of Y2K or 2012... because there's none! Silly rabbit..
  19. It seems everyone is right in one way or another... Perhaps a better way to research than competing for the definition of Geocaching as a Sport, Activity, Game, etc.. Would be to go out and actually engage in the Sport, Activity, Game, etc. of geocaching. Perhaps subject yourself to the many aspects of the Sport, Activity, Game, etc. such as Events, Teams or just about any of the many ways you can actively play. I will say this, some municipalities define it as a Recreational Activity, Some a Game and some a Sport. So for the meanwhile they are just as confused as many of us. To us it is a fun activity that takes us on many journeys that we probably wouldn't have done otherwise. We personally don't care what it's called. If you want something to throw into the mix to add further confusion consider "Hide and Seek" is that a Game or a Sport or is it the Activity of playing a game of a particular sport? How about treasure hunting? Game, Sport, Hobby? I'm thinking we can toss hobby out - collection Geocoins could be a hobby (consider it carefully as it could mean a tax write off - just say'n) If you have played it hard enough almost every one can say they got a RASH!! So it's a R.A.S.H. - seeing how it's so new and most can't determine what it is then perhaps it's time for a new definition! All we have to do is type it up in Wiki and most will follow suit and openly accept it... No matter what it is, we like it and do it often as we can.
  20. Chris that is great but should the coin be like 4" LOL
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