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  1. I take a rather pragmatic view of my travellers. How much does a bug or a coin cost? About a fiver? I can get two pints in my local for that, and on a warm Friday evening they won't last half an hour! How much does it cost to get in to see a football match these days? When I look at it like that they are a fairly inexpensive form of entertainment, but I can also understand the disappointment when they go missing.

  2. Hang on! Have I missed something? At the moment there is an auction on eBay for a coin. The proceeds from this sale are to assist a fellow cacher (resident in the US) get her car through what we might consider it's MOT (and other financial hardships). But this is advertised in the Geocoin forum. Where does charity begin?

  3. C'mon Moss T, you're starting to sound like Victor Meldrew!


    This is the first time anything on this scale has been attempted in this country. The committee have one chance to make it an enjoyable day out for as many people as possible - if something doesn't work then it won't be repeated at a future event. And what appeals to one age group doesn't necessarily appeal to another. But I sincerely hope that the event is a success.


    Personally I'm going along just to see what's there, probably spending too much on nice, shiny coins in the process, and that's about it. However, I do live fairly local!


    667 attendees? I hope there are multiple signing in points - if it takes 30 seconds to 'process' an attendee then a single queue will take over five hours to admit...

  4. I agree that it is extremely unlikely, just wondered if I'm being paranoid or others have thought about it too.


    Getting the activation code isn't too difficult if you know who made the coin, and there several requests for that sort help on these forums. As for why would someone do that, why do people log travel bugs from seeing the tracking number in a photo?

  5. I'm thinking of taking some of my trading coins along to a local meeting. The thing that crosses my mind is that as they are unactivated someone could note the coin number and activate it themselves and I would be none the wiser. The only time it would be discovered is if someone who traded for it tried to activate it.


    How do other cachers / coin collectors / magpies deal with this?


    Toodle pip!



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