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  1. Which is exactly why whenever anyone asks I tell them that I am geocaching and even have the panflet laminated and in my cache bag at all times. Works a lot better than trying to spend 20 minutes explaining why a woman with 3 kids is in the middle of a forest bushwacking. Good idea of laminating the brochure, we have just been making copies to hand out.
  2. People from different regions pronounce words differently. In my opinion none is right or wrong. We here in WY. would never pronounce rodeo (ro de o) the way they do in California (ro day o). Down south 45 miles of here (Cheyenne) is a little river called Cache La Poudre. Check out this listing... GC135GN for a new cache listed on this little river, it explains how the French would hide their blackpowder (poudre) when caught in a storm. With that said, the local dialect here uses (cash) not (cashay) unless talking about the river. Corps... I made the mistake in Jr. high school, a long long time ago, and said "corpse" instead of "core" got an F on an oral report for that slip up. LOL
  3. We usually put a mini-mag flashlight in our caches for the FTF. Goes over pretty well.
  4. We have 2 Polaris ATVs. Not bought for Geocaching, We usually use our normal Geo-mobile for caching, but when we go camping in CO. or here in WY. we always look in the area for caches that we can do on our ATVs. It's a little different, we mount our GPS on the ATV and follow ESTABLISHED trails. We don't forge our own trails to get to a cache. Most of the caches that are hidden that we have found on our ATVs were place by someone on an ATV, because otherwise they are only accessible by hiking long (more than 5 miles) distances. If you buy an ATV may I suggest you take the ATV safety course offered by most sellers of new ATVs. The class really helps you to learn about your new ATV and your abilities to control it. (We are a Fireman and ER nurse, we see too many fatalities related to ATVs.) Public safety message done..... Have a wonderful time caching.
  5. If it was The Mudblood Squad Spring Challenge event, Team 5150, my "will attend" disappeared about a week after that event. I don't know if I have something "checked" on my listing page or not, but we have only attended one event, ever. We have 4 others coming up this summer, I guess we will see if the page changes or not. Enjoyed meeting all who came to Mudblood Squads Event, we can't wait until next year!
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