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  1. I just dumped all our owned TBs and coins into our archived event listing. What a great idea. Thanks for the tip. It did generated a ton of emails to our GC account though. Not a big problem.
  2. Sex of baby (we don't know yet) :GIRL Date of Birth: 21 Nov. 2007 Time of Birth: 0156 (am) Weight:7lbs. 6 oz Length: 20 inches
  3. w00t. Looked in the mailbox today and what did I see? A CreepyCrawlyCachers Coin that came to me. Number 106 What a beautiful coin. I would have to say that it is the best coin I have seen ( we only have 30 or so) and held in my hot little hand. Thanks CCC. You have made my day.
  4. I have been offline and didn't know I won anything. Email sent. WOW I never won a coin before! Thanks for the cointest.
  5. WAY TO GO CCC. WyoHunter.... couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!
  6. # 1 1745 #2 1957 # 3 47 Trick or Treaters. Okay, I edited to add "Happy Halloween", it's all good, though I won't win. Thanks for the cointest!
  7. Saw that the Geocoin Fairy had been in the area recently. Only about 45 miles away. Darn, I am here in a town just minutes (30min) away from being able to snag a great coin. Guess what.... I am on my last shift of work in this town tonight. I did not bring my GPS for these last 6 days of work. I figured I would work/sleep and then repeat. (Night shift ER Nurse) Hubby has to come tomorrow to hook up our camping trailer that has been my home for past 3 months. I called him, come now, bring the GPS! Go to this cache...... Aha. Great to live in a state with only slightly over 500,000 people. He got to the cache and the Geocoin Fairy's coin was still there. Woo Hoo ! We got a Geocoin Fairy COIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Traded it for a NavStar GPS unactivated coin. Thanks Fairy!
  8. If CCC is looking for a place to send a coin in Wyoming... send it to WYOHUNTER.. A very good and generous person. A smile in the mail is a good thing! Now if CCC wants to send one to NM... I will be moving from Cheyenne to Albuquerque in 8 days... Need an address?
  9. Tsun, Congrats on your new addition to your family! We have 4 dogs. 3 of them are hunter dogs: Yellow Lab, Golden Retriever, and a German Short Hair. What is truly funny is seeing our Herding dog, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, herd the other dogs when they are playing on our land. Most people do not know Corgi's are herders. He tries to herd the antelope that are on the property until he is exhausted from running after the fast antelope. His legs are too short, he can't keep up. My kids want more dogs... I don't want anymore puppies.... or mouths to feed. Enjoy your new pup. I suggest crate training. My dogs have never destroyed anything in the house because they have been crated while in the house when we are away or outside in the dog run. If you do a coin with dogs I would be very interested in purchasing one!
  10. To use your analogy... a marathon and having to cross each checkpoint. For multi's you have to FIND each stage before going on to another. Have you done any multis? I think not. Does a marathon require each participant to "find" and checkpoint or to "Stop" and get a secret code? By doing a multi you are getting a coordinate to the next stage.. if you find the final then you have been to each stage because most of the time you can't find a final without the info from the stages. There are ALR caches out there that require a "secret code" to be able to claim credit for finding the cache. You would know that if you have been caching long enough. It's experience that is the best teacher. Guidelines don't need to be changed because you are not aware of all the unique characteristics of Geocaching. I get your point about being a "public" member means you don't have access to coordinates for MOC caches. If you had WORKED with your reviewer in placing your cache instead of raising your hackles you could have been helped in placing your new cache enough away from the existing one without becoming a PM. In short..... WORK with your reviewer. They know the guidelines and can help you follow them.
  11. We were premium members when we placed out first cache. We waited until we had found 100 caches before hiding our first. We read all the guidelines. We hunted and found the perfect spot for our first cache. It took twice to submit our cache listing (I took too long to fill in all the blanks and I timed out). Then our cache was denied. WHY you say? Because it was too close to another cache (495 yards) DOH! We trudged back to our cache.. walked another 600 yards... and found a new hiding spot. Done.. it was that easy! Now we have 25 hides. We ALWAYS load all the geocaches in our area into our GPS BEFORE we go looking for a new location for a new cache. Since the first one we have never had any problems with hiding a new cache close to an existing one. Our reviewer was very pleasant and helped us to hide our first cache following the guidelines He/she has remained a wonderful point of contact for information regarding guidelines. If we ever have a chance to meet him/her we will buy a beer/coffee/ soda for him/her. Work with your reviewer and stop getting your underwear in a knot because YOU made a mistake in placing your first cache. It does not matter whether you are a PM or a regular member or even a Platinum member on how the guidelines are followed. We all follow the same guidelines. Mmmm.. now where is my chocolate?
  12. Kewl. A winner. I donate to locks of love about every 2 years. It's a great way to help others! Enjoy your now short hair.
  13. celebrating... darn I was on the wrong track. um found out you are pregnant.
  14. hmmm, "most people" did you have your first mammogram?
  15. Thanks all. I just activated to coin. Jeez, if I had known it was this easy to get the info I was looking for I would have never looked in the archives so long. What a great group of people in here! Moderator, please close. Thanks
  16. I just traded for a toucan coin. On back are the words "You betta Belize it". I don't know which company made the coin, so I can't activate it to put into my collect. Any help. I have spent the last 2 hours trying to figure it out, looking through all coin sites, icon lists.. and ect..... it is red on one side, with a sun.. the toucan's beak is red,green,yellow, and blue
  17. See Master.. I am still learning. I didn't know it took time for the icons to show up. Thanks to all who have answered! Spank the noobie now, 50 lashes with a wet noodle. Mea Culpa.
  18. Nada, zip, zero, zilch oh mailman.... bring me a coin.
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