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  1. Dec 18 7lbs 4 oz. 19 3/4 inches. Congrats to becoming a G-ma. Enjoy!
  2. If the cacher you are buying for is into coins Geoswag.com has some xmas stocking grab bags for sale. Great bargain. I bought my hubby something geocaching related, but he sometimes reads the forums so I can't say what I got him.
  3. Got one slipped into my stocking order too. Nice little golden poopie.
  4. Found one in my stocking today. Cute coin. Thanks Santa.
  5. WoW... I made a good purchase. I bought the Geoswag x-mas stocking grab bag. 10 coins for about 50 dollars. Here is what I got. Geoswag Coin Club May 2007 (The mom coin and Pin) Geoswag Coin Club July 2007 ( Celebrate Summer coin and Pin) Stop Geocoin thief Santa's little helper holiday Gnome - The new glitter one Generic geocoin Cache mover 7th anniversary celebration coin Benchmark coin (four corners) Golden Crappy Cache Award (non-trackable) 2007 GeoRendevous Food Coin - Fort Buena Venture (non-trackable) Also got When Pigs fly coin March of the Penguins I like coin mail!!!!!
  6. I am a Travel nurse and I am in ABQ until Feb. I went to the NM cachers page and posted there before driving from Cheyenne, WY. They have been very nice and very helpful. I even got a couple of cachers who were willing to go caching with me. I suggest you go to their site and poke around a bit, and perhaps post an inquiry. I haven't been here long enough to suggest caches. I have enjoyed caching here. www.nmgeocaching.com
  7. Tsun. WOW! What a nice coin. I would have loved to get in on the V1. Please put me on the list for V2.
  8. Darn Damenace, you still have GREEN grass in UTAH? Where did you hide the cache?
  9. Last year Fireboy spent 6 hours putting up brand new lights on our new house. Next day.... the lights were in NEBRASKA. DANG WIND! Just can't see spending our coin money buying more x-mas lights (gotta have priorities). It's a good idea for a cointest, but we agree with TSUN , we will have to watch this one to see all the pretty pictures.
  10. Hi, We live in Cheyenne and have placed 25 caches in the last year. While some of them are cache-n-dash we have placed some ammo cans too. Look under our profile and you can see some. I suggest doing our" Mountain Seeds" if you want to go up to the hills between Cheyenne and Laramie. We have two caches up there that might not be accessible if snow is on the ground. There are plenty of caches for you to do here in Cheyenne. There are some other hiders new to the area too and caches are easy enough to find. You could easily grab 25-50 caches here in a day. If you want a challenge try " Can Lions Swim II" it is our hardest cache to nab and it should be back up again by next weekend. (had to wait for the structure to dry) Welcome to Cheyenne. Hope you have fun caching here. Team FIREBOY
  11. I got one padded mailer today. It contained The Autism Awareness coin. Nice!
  12. I-25 in Albuquerque.... or I-25 or I-80 in Cheyenne, WY. Either place will get you someone of the team to trade with. Drop us an email if you are ever close.
  13. I saw it in the Geoswag presale page, but when I added to cart it said it was sold out. Keep checking sometime I have been able to get coins once all the orders have been filled and they have some left over. and.....from another thread _________________________________________________________________________________________ "Here is our current update: The matching pins are in. We will be selling these seperate as well as with sets. The Geocoins should be on hand and ready on Wed of next week. I will post some of the pins tonight. Thanks -------------------- Caching around the world. Custom Geocoins Geoswag Your one source Going around the bend for the next cache." _________________________________________________________________________________________ Hope this helps Frozen Buns
  14. Hmmm, many to choose from. If I was caching where you are I would go and do the Garden of the Gods Earth cache. I believe it to be east of where you cached 2 days ago. I grew up in the state you are in, but it has been a long time since I've been in the area. Now I am south (Albuquerque) for the next 13 weeks. I would say you couldn't cache because of the SNOW that is falling.... not really a terrain thing, but dangerous to be on the road when it is slick. Believe it or not it is snowing here too. Now.... to figure out exactly which caches....
  15. In a cache in Scottsbluff, NE a phone (corded) that my son uses in his room and a brand new set of x-mas lights that my daughter uses in her room. Had to empty all our regular (brand new) swag into the ammo can to feel like we were trading fairly. We usually place a mini-mag flashlight in out new ammo can caches as FTF prizes and we have had many emails thanking us.
  16. I am amazed with the generosity of the people here in the coin forums. I posted my desires, mostly because I wasn't aware if there were any other Firefighter coins (we have 2 different ones) and/or coins for remembering 911. I was hoping for information. Well, I got some information and.... IBcrashen is sending a Remember 911 coin to us. WOW, WOW WOW! I am used to being the one who gives, and now I find myself on the receiving end. How do I respond enough to let IBcrashen know how wonderful his gift to us is? Thank you does not seem enough, but THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU!!!!! J Now.... bwaaa haaa haaaa... how to pay it forward. I must find someone to gift one of our coins to... More later!
  17. I would wish for a Rain Forest Jewel coin. I already have one of Tsuns coins, the Belize Toucan. Tsun makes beautiful coins! 2nd wish, would be any coin related to Firefighters or a Remember 911 coin if there are any like that out there. I am a noob to coins so I don't know how many different coins are out there or what my coin collecting habits are yet. Hubby thinks I am addicted to coins and that I should attend a "Coin-a-holics" meeting. If he only really knew...bwaa ha ha ha
  18. OOOOh Preeeety. Had to get a "Northwestern" one. Nice artwork Paula. Great coin Castle!
  19. Reserved mine. Nice work Castleman and Paula.
  20. Wow, Intolerable.... have you got a Pot 'O Gold yet? You're on a roll. Congrats on the CCC coin!!!!!
  21. Congrats Intolerable! Glad there was a big reward for you after all the hard work you did!
  22. Received coin today. Thanks A Lot, nice coin!
  23. WooHoo Rex, couldn't of happened to a nicer guy in WYO. Now we have a Fairy coin on both sides of the state. Her wings must be tired.
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