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  1. I don't need pictures to buy these. I saw them at GeoRendezvous! Got mine ordered now. You came out with a two-toned one! Fantastic! This coin got me to let loose of some of my Aussie vacation money. They are that nice! ~jodi
  2. The little "red thing" is PabloTurtle's sig item. The other red coin is a one of the Dragon Fly Talisman coins done by Tsun. The pouch is handmade and only a few special people ever get those pouches! edit: I can't spell.
  3. Looks like a S for SOUTH and a W for WEST. I bought mine before the price went up. I think the guys at geoswag do a fantastic job. I buy a lot of coins from them. (not even a inkling of this at GR, you are good at keeping secrets!)
  4. GG.. Gosh girl..no coins..how sad. I'll bring you some! 28 days til I leave for Aussie. I see you soon! I will be sending my mission box out after I get back from Australia. I'll have to pick up some nice Aussie trinkets. If whoever I get seems to be waiting forever, be patient, it will be coming before Christmas, I promise. I'll even Fed ex if I have to. Jodi
  5. WooHOOO!!!! 1. Participating:Email sent 10OCT08 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!:
  6. Darn! I would love to participate, but I will be out of country for the month of Nov. Any chance of changing the mail by date for missions mailed in the USA?
  7. 1. Participating - Email sent 2. Received Name-Name received 9-14-08 3. Mission Complete- 09-26-07 (that was fun!!!) 4. Package Received!
  8. Whoa.. Lionslair. I was not implying that you were in need of 12 bucks. I was just trying to be a kind person and trying to help. Yes, I understand that fraud is fraud. I am not going to discuss that here. It has been hashed out in other threads. I was just trying to find a solution for one person, you, so that perhaps you could go to bed feeling a bit better. I guess I will stay out of the mix from now on. Sorry if I caused you any grief. mea culpa! I will keep to myself.
  9. LionsLair if you email your paypal address to me I shall send you 12.00 I know I will be repaid by the person whom you speak of. Please, anyone else reading this, don't flame me. I am only trying to be of help to someone who really needs it. And bring some smiles back to the forums. Jodi
  10. I second what Cheesy Pigs has said. I know Jim and Paula well. I am sure that those who have coins still to be delivered will get those coins. Please be kind in your words. Jodi
  11. Ha ha. I happen to know that TSA will be looking at my carry on luggage very close. They saw all the little metal discs on their x-ray machine and asked me to show them when I came back for my last event. Thanks for all the responses. I am going to enjoy dropping coins for you. Plus a few (gasp) of my own too. I still have a little room if anyone else wants to part with their coins. Jodi
  12. 3 down, 12 to go. I still have plenty of room.
  13. Most everyone knows I will be going to Australia for holiday. I leave the USA on Oct. 30th. Arrive in Perth on Nov. 1st. Was wondering if there was anyone who wants me to drop a coin in Aussie while I am caching. I will be in Perth (Western Australia) for 2 weeks and then in Hobart (Tasmania, Australia) for a week. I am willing to carry about 15 coins with me to drop for anyone who wants their coin to travel Australia. Email through GC profile and we can start to make plans for your coins journey. Thanks Folks! P.S. I will also be sending a little quarter size metal sig item, "NurseGirl visits Australia" to those who choose to participate. Jodi
  14. Joe Friday is going and you know him. I am sure he will stop by. You are not going? Nope, I have to work, work, work. Yes, I know Joe well, I am taking some TBs to Aussie for him. I am sure he will order me a coin or two. Thanks for the heads up. I should be in Denver around Thanksgiving, we should meet for a afternoon meal and a winter cache run. Have fun at the event Mike! Jodi
  15. HA HA.. I am on your email newsletter list. Reserved my coins!!! Nice design Mike. Hey, I know you...would you stop by your table and order me a black nickle version? Please please? Jodi
  16. 8 Dragonfly Talisman coins - stunning coins TSUN! (Thanks LadyBee4T!) MWGB Chick, Big Bean-Saucy Wench and a homemade personal Kokopelli - too kewl. Thank you again LadyBee4T 2 Manatee Gold-LE 2 iCache Gold - LE
  17. 1. Participating - Email sent 2. Received Name-Name received 9-14-08 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received!
  18. Today I opened my birthday package from Geo.Error. I left my camera with the hubby, so no pictures for a while. Mmmmm, black licorice, some cake type of snacks (hapklaar), a small figurine of a Dutch boy and girl kissing, some candy, a heart shaped polished stone, a booklet about Veldhomen and a CHEESEOCOIN. Corina..you spoiled me so! Thank you my friend. Now, back to bed. I am celebrating my birthday by sleeping all day long!!!!! I am not answering the phone..no way I am working on my birthday.!
  19. I have a lot of new coins from the mail and from trades at Geo Rendezvous. I haven't taken pictures, YET. I also got a package from GeoError. I have not opened it and I am saving it to open on my birthday. Thanks Corina... the package got here. I'll post once I open it. Jodi
  20. Jodi, Let me talk with Rick and if he says I can I will try to purchase some coins for both of us. I'll be up before the sale time anyway since I have a stupid dentist appt. at 8:40am. Kelly, Thanks so much, but I have it set up already. YAY!!!!! Can't wait to see you again!
  21. Tsun... I am not complaining about the sales time. Actually it would be a perfect time for me ( I am a hour ahead of you). But since I am going to be on my way to GR I wanted to make sure I got my coins...I just can't miss ANY coins you put out there. I know I am spoiled huh!!! I wish you were going to be there. I'll just have to do e next contract in MONTANA! Jodi
  22. I will be on a plane at the time of sales. Is there anyone willing to buy 2 of each coin for me? I will Paypal the money to you and pay a "buyers fee" plus shipping. I really would like to have these coins. Email my GC account please if you are willing to do this for me. Jodi
  23. Shirt!!! I will be in an airplane flying over Colorado when these go on sale. Perhaps once I land in SLC I might be able to get online and buy one of each. I am super psyched to be going to Geo Rendezvous, but depressed I might not get any of you newest design. Oh well.. Hey Steph..ya want me to tie you some more Flies?? Beautiful, striking, gorgeous, stunning and they take my breath away. I get to see Karma in 3 days.. I'll find out what names she was suggesting.LOL Jodi
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