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  1. Our prayers are with you and your family.
  2. Thanks for the cointest. I'll have to be more creative with next hours post.
  3. 43 Thanks for the cointest. Happy Holidays
  4. Partners in caching coins Caching through the snow III coin. Thanks Dave!
  5. Oooohh a picture of my pathtag... kewl. I have seen both in "real life" (thanks Mr. Atwell) and I like both. I have pathtags (duh) and someday I will get a geotag. Both are quality products. What you get depends on what you want it for. I like the pathtags for trading in our little pathtag community. I like Geotags for the fact that they are trackable on Geocaching.com. I also like to drop my pathtags into caches... and for the money I paid for them I don't have a hard time letting them go. I don't release coins now because too many had been stolen. I can get geotags for a much lower price than a minted geocoin and still have a trackable item to place in caches. I like that, saves me money. My 2 cents worth.
  6. I open my mail and was surprised with: My very first Geo-Jellie Travel Penguin tag. WOW! I wasn't expecting any coin mail. What a great day this is.. put me in a good mood! Thank you BLUECHERRY!
  7. Oh, I have been so good this year. But, I would like to nominate another for this wonderful new Mystery coin... WYOHUNTER is having a tough time right now.. send him some holiday cheer. Please. Thank you!
  8. 6:23 pm Have a great weekend!
  9. Woo Hoooo... I didn't think I would get a response from the Suncatcher Coin maker himself. Too kewl. I like the coins... glad I bought them. The extra gift was nice too. This was my first Crake coin purchase. I will be buying more in the future!
  10. I ordered mine tonight. I missed out on the last version, and those are on my seeking list. Now I won't have to add these as well. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. Got a little Team LightningBug Geocoin in the mail today. It is a nice coin in hand.... much cuter than the pictures. Thanks for the coin!
  12. I wear BDU's. They come in a variety of colors. have lots of pockets.. and the blousing cords at the bottom help to tighten the pants at the ankle. Firefighters, EMS and the military have been using them for years. You can find good prices almost everywhere. Check a local military surplus store.. or Galls.com. I live where Seirra Trading Post mails out there orders.. and they have a HUGE warehouse store.... I still find BDU's to e a better choice to what is available at this kind of store.
  13. Oh, I so like this coin. Please add me to your "I want list".. to be notified when available and when you have decided how you are going to sell them. Cute, cute, cute!
  14. Hi Hanna, Welcome to the forums. Happy Birthday.
  15. That was a great story with a happy ending. Did the trucker look like him? Merry Xmas. Yes.... The trucker looked like him. I almost peed in my pants too when I saw the trucker was dressed up as Santa. I wish I would have had my camera with me.
  16. My X-mas story. Many of you do not know that I sometimes work as a travel nurse. That is I go and work at hospitals that just need more nurses. (great job sometimes). I work mostly in WY. CO.,NE., and now NM. X-mas 2001 I had been working in Rawlins WY. which is about 16o miles from home. You guessed it I worked x-mas eve and now I was off. I just had to get home to be with my kids and my husband. The kids were 9 and 11 then. In WY. it just doesn't snow.... it blows snow too. I got on the road... and drove. Geez why isn't there anyone else on the highway? I was driving my Durango..... bucking snow drifts... going about 10 miles per hour... could only see the front of my hood.. and a occasional reflective post. Dang it, I was getting home. I had no idea that they had closed the road behind me.. and only two other vehicles were driving.. behind me... using me as a guide. I finally got into Laramie, WY. and the skies cleared. It had stopped snowing. It was still blowing snow.. but the wind always blows in WY. No biggie. Over the pass between Laramie and Cheyenne I did drive.. making good time now. THEN... I see a car.. stuck.. and two people with their two dogs standing by their car in a drift just down a exit ramp. Well, I stopped. Parked the Durango on dry asphalt and went to see if I could help them. I always carry a "emergency kit" (food, water, 0 degree sleeping bad, shovel, kitty litter, camping stove, fuel, ect...) I offer my shovel... and just feel bad watching the man shovel and shovel and shovel... I offer a ride into Cheyenne.. it's only 17 more miles away. Load the people... their dogs... all their x-mas gifts into my SUV.. Great, lets get on the road. Silly me... I should have backed up the off ramp. But no.... the "I just drove through over a hundred miles of snow banks and I can get through this last one... arr arr arr (my best Tim Allen impression) kicked in. Darn.. why am I sinking.. and not going forward????? Man.... get out the kitty litter.. I just need more traction...... oh man.. I am stuck up to the differential.... Shoot. Dig, dig, dig... I can't feel my fingers... "No really, stay inside the warm SUV I'll get us out soon".. dig dig dig.... "Oh, you are going back to your own car".. dig dig dig..... I think I dug for about an hour before I gave it up. Ok , I am going to get into town somehow.... I'll bring back a tow truck.... Up to the highway.. stick out my thumb.... VERY FIRST 18 WHEELER PULLED OVER. I open the door... climb up and in... and there sits SANTA. No really.. A trucker dressed in a Santa suit, hat and white beard and all. "You need a ride?", he said. "Yep.. into Cheyenne.. can you take my friends too.. and their dogs?" "Sure" he said.. "even though this is a brand new rig, I can clean it up from the dogs" But the folks I stopped to help didn't want to take a ride from a trucker, they passed on the ride. I gave them my shovel, wished them well and off we went. The trucker gave me hot chocolate... how the heck.. oh I see, you have a mini kitchen in here. Wow. I rode into Cheyenne, called a tow truck and made my way back to my Durango.. quick pull out... because the snow plows had come down the off ramp and cleared all the snow. The plow driver must have pulled the other people out. They had stuck my shovel in the drift to the left of my SUV. I got home.. tired and wet... but I will never forget the day SANTA saved the day, and X-mas for me and my family. Hope all have a wonderful and happy holiday season. Jodi of Team FIREBOY
  17. 1) 180 2) 210 3) 390 total between both total lights... 430 Hey, thanks for the cointest. Hope everyone has a happy season!
  18. Merry Christmas 2007 Santa Coin (Castleman and Paula) Firefighter coin. Now I have to wait until I get back to Cheyenne for more coin mail I am only going to be in ABQ until Jan 3rd. Not enough time to order and receive coins here anymore. Man, how can I survive 24 days without coin mail?
  19. Got mine today. Nice in hand. Pretty coin! Good job Jim. Great design Paula.
  20. Paid invoice. This is a cute coin. Well thought out! Thanks.
  21. Nurse Nana..... from one Nurse (me) to another (you). I know exactly how you feel. I was surprised by someone when I posted my desires here too. I was inquiring about Firefighting coins and/or 9-11 coins. IBCrashen gifted me. Here is my take on this whole thing. As a nurse, we see pain, we see death, we see suffering. We also see joy and new life. I work in the ED. I see a lot of stuff that would make a strong man cry. But, we give our care (and boy do we) and we go home. I use this distraction of Geocaching and coin collecting to unwind from work. That we have found such a wonderful group of people to share this obsession with is a big surprise to me. I am so used to giving, not being on the "receiving" end. To you I say... enjoy. I have just "payed it forward" by sending a package to a person who will have no idea it came from me. That is the fun in this. To all who read this... thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this a wonderful place to decompress and spread joy to others!!! Jodi
  22. Another Wyomingite chimes in. Done. Not surprised by the results.
  23. Oh a fantastic day!!!! I just got my x-mas bonus..... and I lucked upon this coin at just the right time. Wow, GREAT COIN!!!!!! Maybe I should go and work in AK next... I like the cold! Ordered coin today... now the wait begins.
  24. Your Welcome Chancerider. It was fun to wake you up.
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