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  1. Don't know who made it, but it is still available at Geocoinshop.com/shop/
  2. There goes my budget. Done spending for this week! Nice coins CM.
  3. Such a tease! I think I got to buy them all... then Mal, Mike and Liz will have to come to me for trades. My newest evil plot. Great Looking coin. Can't wait!
  4. Just a note to my mission person. You are probably wondering where your package is. Don't worry, I haven't forgot. I am waiting for a very special coin to arrive. I hope it will be worth the wait for you! Jodi
  5. No regrouping here. I will just do my coins individually. Thanks!
  6. ooooooOOOOO Nice coin!! MUST BUY!!! Great Job ~ P and J
  7. TSUN, how about a full size turtle and a baby turtle... holding hands. When you download waypoints to gps.. the parking coords are called "child" waypoints. Plus... it would symbolize "family caching" Just a thought. I hope I can have the opportunity to get my 1st ET, the only way I see that happening is if you do a new one!
  8. Wow! I did not realize that there are sooooo many cat pictures. Thanks for the cointest! I'll also watch yer TB!
  9. I like it Mike. I will buy a couple when they are available for sell. Nice design!
  10. Received Sock Monkey coin in the mail a few days ago. VERY NICE COIN! My daughter loved it when she saw it listed here. I bought it to surprise her. I am giving it to her on her 18th Birthday on Feb. 6th. Dang, I sure feel old! I am sure the Sock Monkey coin will be going with her to college along with her stuffed Sock Monkey! Thanks for such a nice coin TeamGeoduck!
  11. I received my coins yesterday. Nice coin!!!! Bought a few extra if anyone would like to trade. I like all the finishes!
  12. Got any traders????? Yes, CM, I do have a few traders now. I would like to trade with you. I have a small list. I'll email you with my trader coin list. Thanks!
  13. Yep, cute doggie too. Thanks CM. Might have to see if the budget allows coin purchases this month.
  14. I LOVE THIS COIN. GREAT JOB P. I will buy more than one.. got to have those trader coins. These would make for great trade bait! Everyone will want one. Of course, I'll keep some for myself too!
  15. Nice coin. Looks similar to another I have seen. Who designed it? I can't remember the one I have seen before... too many coins I look at.
  16. 1. Participating - email sent 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Mission Arrived!
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