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  1. I think they are asking which company made the oval CH coin and why did they make it.
  2. I was wondering if anyone is actually going to trade their Four Elements Geo Coin for the new "corrected" version. The site that sold them is offering to exchange the coin. Does a spelling error make the coin a "better" keeper? There are BN versions available now. I just bought ones of the new "corrected" version and will keep my old versions as well. Any thoughts?
  3. I ordered mine a couple days ago. Gotta love the presale page. Very cute coin.
  4. Also in the mail were 8 Pathtags I traded for. Thanks for the trades.
  5. Today I found a liitle bubble mailer in my mailbox. I was surprised who it came from. Did I forget a trade? Is this my "Hearts Desire" mission package? I opened it and began to cry. Inside.... 1.) The GeoSwag Coin and Pin Club Sept. 2006 coin : Never Forget - I had been so seeking the coin and had given up on finding one. 2.) The Breast Cancer Awareness Coin I was trying to find for a friend who is surviving Breast Cancer. 3.) A red Mustang coin - I had a 67 Mustang Fastback when I was a teen. (yes, girls drive cool cars too) I looked and looked... no explanation. So I emailed the person who gifted me such a fine booty. I asked why did you send me these coins. The answer...... because you were seeking them. Such a simple reason.. and such a very kind gift. Thank You IBcrashen from the bottom of my heart. Jodi
  6. Naomi. It's doesn't "get better", it just gets easier. You will always feel the loss, but won't think of it every waking moment. You won't dream it every time you go to sleep. I lost my twin girls at 16 weeks 9 years ago. I remember them on the day and on the day they would have been born. I remember them in during the holidays, I remember them on days they would have reached a milestone in their life had they been born alive. But I don't remember the pain everyday. I think having two other children who are teens has helped me. They have brought so much joy into my life. Even when the boy gauged his ears, pierced his lip and stole his sisters car I know I am blessed. I have been able to see life again through their eyes and I will (hopefully) get to be a grandmother some day. Monday a teen committed sucide and was brought into the ER I work in. The teen was in a fight with parents and ran away, later the teen did the job of committing suicide. I cried for the 1st time in about 5 years. I cried hard. I try to find a reason for the things that I see in my profession. I try to look for the positive side. I hope my tainted view of death helps me to see just how precious life is. I came home Tuesday morning, woke my kids and held them very tightly. Both knew, without me telling them, that I had had a bad night at work. They both patted my back and said.. "it will be o.k., MOM" How is that for joy?
  7. Would someone who figured the code out please email me the answer. My brain hurts and I only tried for about 10 minutes a month ago. I just don't do puzzles. Thanks.
  8. I'll have to get some of these, since it's the great state to the north of me. I am trying to get one of every state that touches WY. Montana, what pretty countryside you have! Tsun... maybe we will trade. I am tying flies for you.
  9. 12 Pathtags. Another EMPTY bubble mailer. I think my posty is a coin collecter.
  10. 1. Participating - email sent 2. Received Name- 01-19-08 3. Mission Complete- 01-31-08 4. Mission Arrived!
  11. I have been looking for the GC&PC Sept. 2006 Never Forget coin.. Congrats to you!!!! ANYONE ELSE HAVE ONE TO TRADE?
  12. Arthur and Trillian- W.E.G.E. COIN Mudnuri - W.E.G.E. COIN Northern Right Whale- W.E.G.E. COIN I love Geocoins - Nice design Paula! Geocaching JEDI - WOW! and Thanks! are two words that come to mind. Gabbey Road - Thanks RC A great coinmail day indeed!
  13. Wow, beautiful in hand. The pictures are great.. but these are soooo nicer in hand! Great job Paula! Can ya quit designing for about two months so my bank account has a chance to bounce back?
  14. 1. Participating - email sent 12/22 2. Received Name- yes 3. Mission Complete- finally.. will be mailing tomorrow! 4. Package Received! Yes, today! Nice day for coins! Today I got my WEGE mission! Stellarscapes you did a wonderful job! You even picked a coin that Fireboy wanted! I will post pictures tomorrow as I have to charge my camera battery. Thank you soooooooo much! Jodi p.s. hi Shelly ;o)
  15. Yahoooooooo ! A little bubble mailer from me to me. I know what that means! I have been gifted by the Force! Coin number 77 WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. Geocaching JEDI, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! Jodi
  16. Interested. Will watch to see how this progresses. Jodi
  17. A TORN and EMPTY yellow bubble mailer. First time for everything.. so sad to get coinmail... but no coin. I'm gonna hunt down the posty and give him/her a wedgie.
  18. Congrats!!!! A girl. They are so fun to raise! 6lbs 8 oz 19.5 inches.
  19. Wow P and J, bitten by the bug. Congrats. Oh Mr. Buggy... although it is cold here in WYOMING.. we are warm blooded. I won't swat you! Come on in for some western hospitality. )
  20. Cute coin. Budget says.. nope no more coins til March... Jan. and Feb. money gone. Darn it.
  21. Looking for a Breast Cancer Awareness coin. If you have one to trade please email me. This is for a friend who is a survivor. I have one.. but I activated it. I am looking for a second one. Thanks!
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