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  1. I was wondering if there was a story behind these. The site that sells them calls them "Night Bug Racers" They are available in Green, Midnight Blue, Orange, Purple and Red. I think they are cute and have ordered one of each color. Anyone know anymore info on these little buggies?
  2. TBNXXN - Alabama 2005 on it's way to Wyoming. We sure will be keeping a watchful eye on it! Thank You Dancing Fool for including us in this project.
  3. 1.Participating -Email Sent 02-10-08 2.Received Name 3.Mission Complete 4.Mission Arrived
  4. Here are the pictures I said I would take of the coins I received in the WEGE mission. Thanks again Stellarscapes!
  5. Here is the back of the Code 3 coin. It's just beautiful. Nice tribute to those who lost their life that day.
  6. Anthus Firefighter coin. Nomex coin I am collecting firefighting coins for my hubby - Fireboy I have these two high up on my Geocoin Heart's Desire list. Jodi
  7. Just FANTASTIC Tadpole 379! Now there will be a custom prefix. w00t!!!! Lots of other people to trade with too! Can't wait.. when is The Chinese New Year over? NERDS NERDS NERDS!!!!
  8. Awwww. Happy Belated Birthday Mickebush! yesterday~ nothing but bills 2 days ago ~ bills 3 days ago ~ you guessed it ~ bills I would like some coinmail... I have some on the way, seems to take longer when you are waiting for it.
  9. Please count me in for one mission. Thanks!
  10. WOW! I won a coin! My 1st one! w00t. email sent. Thanks for the cointest. Congrats on the $$$ you raised. Jodi
  11. My ex-husband has a younger brother. They look almost identical from behind. You can imagine me horror when I went up behind what I thought was my husband and grabbed his tush and said "I love You" and it turned out to be my brother - in - law I was groping. YIKES!
  12. Here is a picture of the front. The back has the twin towers. I'll have to get my camera out to take a picture of the back.
  13. I have a Code 3 Geocoin and I got it from the maker of the coin after finding one out in the wild too. I just emailed them and they emailed me back. It was made by two Firefighters...and it is a beautiful coin! If you have no luck finding out who they are email me and I will contact them for you. Jodi
  14. WooHoo.. 34 different colors so far. I can't hardly wait!!!
  15. Got mine yesterday. What a truly cute coin. Nice addition to my collection.
  16. Congrats to the latest finders! Great stories!
  17. You are very welcome, Naomi. Now I am smacking my head thinking I should have send you 2 Pathtags, one for each girl. Doh! Today was a fantastic coinmail day. Good posty, thanks for bringing me mail! 1. Crop circle coin 1. AG Templar coin 1. As Roseta Stone coin 1. Gabbey Road chat coin 1. Pathtag that is trackable on Pathtags.com and Geocaching.com 3. Cachepillers 6 Pathtags. Thanks everyone for the trades!
  18. Today I found a crop circle coin in my mail box. That was the last trade to come in as I only exchanged 2 coins. Thanks for the trades! Jodi
  19. Oakcoins made and sold (through Geoswag) a Unknown Soldier Coin. It was made to look like military dog tags. Hope that helps. they don't sell them anymore, so you will have to find someone who is trading theirs. Good luck in finding the coins you want.
  20. Congrats Dhen.. fantastic! Found it out in the wild... too cool.
  21. Is this the coin you seek? I don't have one, but I am good at finding pictures.
  22. WooHoo. My order is in. Can't wait! Jodi
  23. I think you are looking of for this coin. I don't know who made it. Hopefully someone else will.
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