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  1. sleecjr

    Tracks On a 60csx

    Why does it save them?
  2. sleecjr

    Tracks On a 60csx

    I had no saved tracks, but i did have some on the card that had dates beside them. It is set to auto record method and set to 3000, i just changed it this morning what does that do?
  3. sleecjr

    Tracks On a 60csx

    I had no saved tracks, but i did have some on the card that had dates beside them. It is set to auto record method and set to 3000, i just changed it this morning what does that do?
  4. sleecjr

    Tracks On a 60csx

    I Thought I could do this before, but now it only shows one day at a time for the tracks. Can I change that so i can see the whole loop?
  5. sleecjr

    topo 3.02 overlay

    Here is the quote. If it helps. Now, as a caveat, I also have loaded a customized transparent topo overlay (using Topo 3.02), so I'm sure searching through 2 map sets doesn't help. Although, hiding the Topo map does not increase the speed at all.
  6. sleecjr

    topo 3.02 overlay

    I read a post that talked about a topo overlay. Can you overlay the topo over teh city maps? I have a 60csx with topo 2008 and city2009nt.
  7. I just have topo 2008. The other topo looks very cool though. I wish they could do the whole us on one map. When you switch maps, does it just chage the display? Are teh map features like autorouting still there?
  8. I am going on a road trip and plan on spending some time in the smokey mtn park. I have a 60csx with topo and city nav 2009 in it There are some park roads that show up in topo and not in city. Can I start to navigate to a place with city and then switch to the topo map so i have more detail?
  9. here is a free one http://www.websbestcampingguide.com/gps-poi.php and here http://www.poi-factory.com/node/12676 and here http://www.gps-data-team.com/poi/united_st...ampgrounds.html
  10. I got the free upgrade pulgged in the gps to download and it states. Previous version not found and closes out. Could it be i dont have the map software on the computer?
  11. sleecjr

    60csx POI question

    Is there a way to add a catagory, like coffee shops. I know you can down load starbucks, but that is not what i want. I would like all coffee shops. Is there a way?
  12. It beeps along the way to tell you when to turn, but it doesn't give you and arrival alarm. I cant find it in the menu. I found proximity alarms, but i only need it when auto routing. Any ideas?
  13. I just purchased the CN 2008 NT. I was on Garmin last night and there is an update for it. They are sending me a new disk and unlock code. Any ideas what it is? Why an update so soon?
  14. I use mapsource to create a route. Some on road and some off. I can get it in there and save it. I start a new one and save it. But it will not let me open more than one route at a time. I am going on vacation and have a route to get there and then some day trip routes. Is there a way to down load them all?
  15. sleecjr


    I have a 2gig with all of cn2008 and about 1/3 of topo maps on it. Yes the biggest problems is the segment limit. As well i dont think 4 gig cards work in the unit.
  16. Not sure why. I pushed find then waypoints and it only has the one i did on the gps it self. What did i do wrong? I have tried diff zoom levels. still not there Got it! cant do wy points to the card.
  17. OK i am planning a trip. I have CN2008 and a 60cxs. I have a starting point and an ending point. I would like to add truck stops along the way that are with in 1 mile of the track. I know i can just do a search in the gps while going, but I will be driving and the wife would need to do it. HMMM. It would be much better if i could just make the truck stops show up along the track so when i am low on fuel she can tall me there is one ahead. I also dont want to see all poi's just truck stops. Any ideas?
  18. if you don't care about turn by turn directions in the car just get topo 2008. I just got it from amazon for 59.10 and it has a 30.00 rebate from garmin. It has most streets and info. I would get a 1 or 2 gig card so you can load a big area on it.
  19. I have the 2 gig. It has all of cn NT and about 1/3 of topo on it. I still have some room for poi's. Make sure you get the NT version of city navigator. It takes up less room on the card.
  20. First let me say YOU ARE THE MAN! But i have a question. I purchased 4 poi files. I would like to load them in 2 groups. 3 in one group and 1 in the other. I tried loading 3 the changing the name then loading 1, but when i open the gps it still shows 4 files. Any ideas on how to fix? Thanks Lee
  21. I had a Ifinder but upgraded to the 60CSX. I purchased the antenna for the Ifinder, but it never worked correctly with it. Can i use it with my 60 csx when i am in the car? The unit will work in the car now, but it jumps sometimes. The antenna states on it. Active L1-Band Input dc +2.5 - +12V Current rating 6-11 ma
  22. I have a Toshiba laptop with a multi card reader. Everything else works in it, but the 2 gig micro SD will not. I have a 2 gig Sony and it works. Why? Any ideas? Will a outboard card reader help? Are they any faster than just plugging in the unit?
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