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  1. And on top of the other problems, I go into the route, I press delete or try to change the name an on submit nothing happens, other than returning to the list of routes.
  2. I am having simular problems. Here is what I do. I created a gpx file that has the route in it using Expert GPS. Load the GPX file into the caching within a route page, it shows the preview fine, I save it. Looking at the route page it shows the correct distance but now the it shows "Route Turns: 0" I select to create a PQ, leave everything default and upon submit
  3. Why would you be hurt if people had different tastes than you? On caches I tried to find and disliked so much I added them to the ignore list, I also posted a fairly blunt DNF that would probably hurt there feelings more. I am sure that ppl who place caches on tops of mountains, places you need a boat to get to or any other difficult location will not be alarmed by the number of cachers who ignore there cache.
  4. Try this http://zip4.usps.com/zip4/welcome.jsp The removed it from the search page when they added the ability to search by city name. Of course I used it mainly to lookup zip codes to plug into PQ's, which has not been updated to search by city name.
  5. Personally I don' t think ignoring a cache necessarily means that its bad, just impossible to find. Examples of caches I have ignored, one is out in the bay and you need a kayak or small boat to get, and I don't own one. The other is in a fence covered with ivy (picture a very long wall of ivy), its close to home, I tried twice, it was painful, tedious and gave me a rash, I did not want to try that one again.
  6. I think its a great idea and I think everyone should be able to see it, not just the cache owner. I don't think I would automatically ignore a cache just because lots of other cachers did, but it would be useful information on if I should try and how long should I continue to search if I can't.
  7. Like CoyoteRed I also get the complete set each week. Since archived caches don't appear on the standard PQ's the only way to tell a cache is missing is that it has not been updated in a week. Personally I wish the 'updated in last 7 days' option would not include caches that were just found by someone because that fills up the 500 cache per pq limit too quickly, but would include caches that were archived since I would really like to know the cache has gone away and I should not try to find it. The best work around I have found is to use the notifications. Upon receiving each notification you can open the cache page and manually download the gpx for it. It can be a bit tedious at 5 clicks per cache.
  8. Maybe I am missing something but I just checked a random cache in Guatamala and the Geocaching.com Google Map' and 'Google Maps' links were there.
  9. Actually they have brought back virtuals, but they are called earth caches now.
  10. Well, if I had 2,000 finds, I suppose I would feel the same way! But as lowly newbies to the sport, we(desperately) need all the help we can get! Well even with 3000 finds I still need all the help I can get. I would vote for 10 logs or at least all the logs posted in the last 7 days
  11. Cachemate does not show maps, but it is a wonderful tool, probably the best 8$ I have ever spent. My normal method includes generating a number of PQ's of an area, importing those into GSAK, using a GSAK filter to select the caches in a polygon shaped area that I want to go to and then exporting from there to cachemate and the GPS. It did take a little bit of time to figure the GSAK filters but once you do that it is a great time saver. To view them on a map you can export from GSAK to a gpx and then view that in ExpertGPS or Google Earth.
  12. I think this is a great idea also (and have said so in previous posts). What I would like is a big smiley (or red check mark) on the top of the page if a found log is posted, else a big frowny if a DNF has been posted. Of course this would not need as much if they would add an option to the notifications to only send if you have not found the cache.
  13. I like the stats, in fact I would like to see more stats not fewer. How about this as an opt in/out option. All premium members get to see the stats. All regular members don't.
  14. One, and only one. GSAK has a macro that will set the date ranges for you based on the caches in your database. I am a heavy user of this technique and it takes many attempts to get it setup the first time, since you do not yet have the caches in your GSAK database. There are over 40000 caches in california, and getting then all in a single PQ would be a bit much. I would rather they let you combine the results of mulitple PQ's into one data set, so you could run 1 x 2500 cache PQ rather than 5 x 500 cache PQ's, or even 1 x 10000 cache PQ instead of 20 x 500 cache PQ's over four days.
  15. Don't you want Jeremy to be able to put food on the plate for his children?
  16. My experience is that the GPX data is the same except that when you get it from the page you can get up to 20 log entries where as the PQ GPX file only has 5.
  17. While I am not a fan of puzzles, in fact I am boycotting them at the moment, I don't think this is a good idea. Solving the puzzle is part of the requirement to get the puzzle smiley. If something like this was implemented I think the cache owner should have the option of turning it off.
  18. Personally I think censorship in any form is evil, and if on a website they insist there should always be a link to the original uncensored text.
  19. I think it could be expanded to non flying biting insects, but it really should be in the description as the precautions you would take for ticks is different than you would for black widows. (I have seen both this season.) I agree with the comments of others that including mosquito would not be useful as it would generally apply to the entire region, where as ticks only apply if to get to the cache you have to walk through vegetation where ticks live.
  20. I am one of those miscreants that keeps an offline database of all the caches in my local area, of which here in the San Francisco Bay area are about 7000 within a 50 mile radius of my home. I then use several polygon shaped GSAK queries for each of the the several irregular shaped geographic areas that make up region. One of the big reasons I do so is that when you get a PQ, it typically only has the last 5 log entries, if you maintain your own db those past logs build up over time and you get a more complete listing of the logs. (Interstingly, if you download the GPX from the cache page itself it has up to 20 logs.) If they really dont want us to maintain private DB's they should: 1) Allow polygon shaped PQ's 2) Increase the number of caches to 1000 (many of us have GPS's that can hold that many) 3) Increase the number of logs returned.
  21. Personally I don't think the seed cache is different enough from others to warrant its own type. Maybe an attribute so users can search for caches where they can get free containers.
  22. I tried it again this morning and while it lets me lookup the coin using the code, when I try to grab it is still says the code does not match. Am I doing something wrong? is there a bug in the system? please advise.
  23. I dropped a geocoin in a cache today and when I got home discovered that someone else had already logged as being in there possession. I emailed them asking for the code back so I could record the drop properly, and the responded right away with the code. I then looked it up using the code (it worked) but when I went to record a grab from other user it said the code did not match. I then tried to record a log using the code and it worked. What is happening? I carried this thing from the east coast to the west coast and the new holder says they are taking it out of state. I want to make sure the distance is recorded correctly.
  24. I agree with KoosKoos, if you have an event the first saturday of each month then submit a new event each month, it will take you less than a minute. It may be at the same location but its on a different day so its a different event. If this were happening in my area I would be complaining as the event would not show up on the cache listings I use since it had been found (attended).
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