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  1. How do they just vanish? In caches they were put there a few months ago and now, gone. What happened?


    Good questions, Joey. And the Lord only knows. I have/had 9 trackables: 5 tbs and 4 gcs. Two of the tbs simply disappeared from caches last summer and haven't been seen since. One of the gcs along with a number of other trackables disappeared from the cache it was originally placed in in May. Another gc is in the hands of a newby for over a year who hasn't responded to e-mail requests :laughing: My latest gc is in my hands and its going to stay in my hands...I'm just dipping that one as I go. So, 4 out of 8 that are on the road have disappeared...I don't know if that's the average, but I don't know that I'll start any more. It's disappointing and frustrating :anitongue: I voiced my concern in the forums before...Eartha has heard me vent...and if you're considering sending some on the road, definitely try it but don't be surprised at their low survival rate. Good luck :laughing:


    P.S. Read this thread if you'd like to increase your survival rate: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=64691

  2. I'm not familiar with a Magellan either. I have a Garmin Nuvi. If you can enter coordinates, you should be able to find that somewhere in the menu...keep exploring the menu pages. Also, it would be a lot easier if you could simply download pocket queries with GSAK...then you wouldn't have to enter ANY coordinates! Good luck...I've used a car gps for geocaching but a handheld is a better quality piece. It's studier, waterproof, and you don't have to worry about the battery running down when it's not plugged in.

  3. Not knowing what you are looking for is part of the challenge of this game. Caches come in all sizes and shapes...most are well disguised, camoflaged, and/or hidden. I recommend that you check on the size of the cache containers and concentrate on caches that are at least regular size or bigger until you get a few "under your belt" ...soon you'll learn to recognize what you're looking for. The size of the cache is noted under the cache page on the website. Also...your gps is not always going to put you right on the cache...it could be off by 15 -30 ft or more. Those satellites in the sky are always shifting positions. So expand your search outward from ground zero a ways. Good luck... and welcome to the adventure :P

  4. Just a quick question about car gps's, can you punch in cords in like your hand held. If you don't have an address and you want to drive to your cache how do you add it. I was thinking of getting a car gps to take with when on the road looking for that cache. So was wondering if any one else uses this combination. Thanks.


    Some you can and some you can't. It depends on the type of car gps you have. I have a Garmin Nuvi and I can enter the coordinates by hand or even load the .gpx files in.


    We use a Garmin Nuvi to get to the cache site in the car and then an Oregon to get from the car to the cache.




    Ditto, except I have Lowrance hand-held. Great combo! The Nuvi 200's are cheap...the 205's were advertised last X-mas on sale for under $120 at some stores. You can download pocket queries to them or put in coordinates manually. Don't use them on the trail...they're not waterproof and have a short battery life when not plugged in (and you DON'T want them to run down). Good luck on this great adventure[:unsure:]

  5. So, I didn't sign it, I just drove home. If it's not frowned upon, I will be back in that area in 6 weeks and will sign it and probably note the whole event in my online log.

    You did the right thing! And by all means, make a note of your experience in your log...I always like reading them when cachers log my hides. Welcome to the adventure[:unsure:]

  6. I live in northeastern Wisconsin [even farther north than the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field) with winter lasting 4 or 5 months of the year. So I save all the puzzle/mystery caches to solve for those long winter days when it's snowing like a banshee or the temps are 20 below zero. Then when spring arrives, I go find them. So, yes...I think there's a place for puzzle caches in geocaching[:D]

  7. We've all, at times, been stumped with 1/1 difficulty caches. Eventually, the "duh" moment arrives and the find is made. One thing that might help is never arrive at a site with a preconceived notion of the difficulty of the cache...treat them all as difficult finds. Then start looking for what seems out of place, the "black holes," and places you'd hide a cache. Look low...look high...look from different angles. Look on top of...look under...look in. Look near ground zero and expand from there.

    Good luck on your great adventure[:anicute:]

  8. Asking people to mass email someone, even if they are nice emails is still abuse, and won't be tolerated. I volunteer here for the powers that be (see "moderator" under my avatar), so I'm answering your question. It is not allowed.

    If you are still unsure, please read the Terms Of Use for this website. There will be no mass email campaign.




    Point taken...I'm dropping the idea and the discussion. But I still think it's an issue that Groundspeak will need to address at some point and in some way. Too many cachers are involved on both the losing and taking end. I hate the whole idea of sending out trackables to be dropped because it is a novel and intriguing concept.

  9. My solution was never meant to send "nasty" e-mails. It's just meant as a way to get their attention. I've tried sending a number of "nice" e-mails to remedy the situation...even offered to pay for having it mailed back. But I get NO RESPONSE. How many of you have tried the same thing and gotten the same results??? I don't know that it would be considered "threatening" if done in the proper manner...it may or may not be harrassment, but only the powers that be could answer the question whether it is or not. I'm just posing a solution that I don't think is unreasonable to a genuine problem.

  10. It also looks like coins can have goals but can also be picked up and collected, traded or sold ?


    Activated, trackable coins should never be collected. They are meant to move from cache to cache unless the owner states otherwise. There are people who do collect activated trackable coins. The common word for them is thief.


    Amen! I don't think I'll ever buy another geocoin unless I keep it and dip it in caches for the miles and the memories. There are too many thieves out there who collect them. Stick with tb's...you'll stand a better chance of their actually "traveling".

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