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  1. October is a special month for many of us as it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For myself, I lost my mother to this disease in 2004 and began participating in 3-Day 60-mile walks in 2008 to raise funds for breast cancer research, education and local community support. In 2011, when I walked in 14 60-mile events, my daughter and I designed our first Breast Cancer Awareness geocoin and it was such a success that we have created a new one each year as part of my fundraising.


    The 2014 coin is special as it is dedicated to mom whose 10th anniversary of her death is this year. The coins are trackable, 1.75" coins that come in both a gold and silver finish. For full details on the coins and their cost you can go to http://www.walkingforacure.info/9.html for the history of our coins, photos of this years coin and how to order one. Eighty percent of your cost is donated directly to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, with the remaining 20% paying for manufacture and postage.


    Please consider this opportunity during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer through the purchase of one of these coins. In addition, I still have a few left from 2011 to 2013, if you are interested. Thank you for your consideration.

  2. Since 2008, I have walked in twenty-eight 3-Day, 60 mile walks to raise funds for breast cancer research, education and local community support. Along with raising funds, a very important aspect of the walks is to spread awareness throughout all the various groups we interact with in our daily lives. In 2011, the thought occurred to me that I could combine my fundraising, with spreading awareness, along with geocaching. The thought was to design a geocoin that could be sold as a fundraiser, with the hope that the buyer would place the coin into a cache, thereby spreading a little breast cancer awareness as the coin travels from cache to cache.


    With that for background, we have a new 2014 Breast Cancer Awareness coin that we would love to have geocachers donate for and then place in a cache. To date we have coins in Europe, New Zealand and all across the US. The coins are 1.75", either in a silver or gold finish, each coming with a tracking number. Full details of the coin, along with photos can be found at the following link: Breast Cancer Awareness Coin Description.


    Thank you for considering this opportunity to spread a little breast cancer awareness in the form of a geocaching coin.

  3. The 2012 Breast Cancer Awareness coin is the one I'm using for my fundraiser to walk 3-days, 60 miles each in Boston, San Francisco and Phoenix. This my second Breast Cancer Awareness coin that we have done. Thanks!

  4. Just curious: The Susan G. Komen Foundation aggressively defends any "run/walk for a cure" phrasing. I know this because some Alfred University students were organizing a fundraiser for breast cancer research and used a variation of the phrase. They were contacte by the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the interaction was neither pleasant nor supportive.


    This brings me to my question, Have you cleared this with the Susan G. Komen Foundation?

    Great question. Yes, I did clear it with SGK. I have had no problems with phrases such as "We walk because we must...we walk for the cure...we walk because we walk away" or any like phrases. In fact, the one thing I did change was the looped ribbon on the back side that is like someone walking up the "Belmont Hill" had to lose the "dot" above the ribbon as that was considered too much like their icon. So I'm confident that I'm good to go. Besides, the wording that I have on the backside of the coin is exactly what was on the little girl's sign on Belmont Hill, not something I took from SGK and they are well aware of that also. Thank you for asking as it was a good thing to question.

  5. Since 2008, I have been walking in the Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure events to honor my mother who died from this disease in 2004. Last year, as many in this forum know, I took on the challenge to walk in all fourteen (14) national 3-day events. I am thrilled to say that I was successful endeavor, which required the raising of $32,200 or $2300/walk. Over $3000 of that amount was raised through fundraisers from a Breast Cancer Awareness coin that my daughter designed. Due to that success, she has designed a similar coin for 2012 and this year's fundraising. Although not as ambitious a year for me, I still plan to walk in 2-3 events, requiring $6900 for three walks.


    Our plans are to have a new coin and pin each year, with the front being similar from year to year and the reverse side representing one of the fourteen 3-day event cities. This year would be the first "city" year with the city being Boston, the first city we walk in each year. Why Boston? The reason is because of a very precious nine year old who touched my heart to the core when I saw her on the top of "Belmont Hill" on the second day of the walk. She held a sign that simply stated, "My Mom Died from Breast Cancer - Keeping Walking for a Cure." If one doesn't know why we become so passionate with our fundraising and our walks, one only had to meet this little girl and know that we must find the cure, so other little girls will not have to do what she did. My meeting her was only the beginning of the story. For the full story on this special girl, please select the link at the end of this message to list to my San Diego 3-day speech.


    What I am looking for from people is a pre-production, pre-sale "interest" from people who would like to order the coin, so I can have an estimate on how many to order. The coin will be a 1.75" coin, both in a silver or gold finished, with a tracking number on the edge of the coin to preserve the design of the coin. The donation for the coin is $25 and for the pin, $10 or for a set of both, $30. Although this sounds expensive, $20 from each coin goes directly to my SGK account for grants for research, education and support for those affected by breast cancer. The $5 I keep almost covers the production, shipping and postage, with the remainder of the cost being covered by myself as I really want the majority of the money generated going to the SGK organization.


    Please give consideration in taking part in the effort to end breast cancer through your donation for a coin, pin or set. My thanks extend beyond myself, as it includes those for whom your donation will help.


    To see the artist's rendering for the coin

  6. Please give your friend all my best. I'm also walking in the 3-day for the Cure. In fact, I'm attempting to walk in all 14 2011 events, so have her get in touch with me and maybe we can walk some in the city she's at. She can get me at: Walking_Them_All@WalkingForACure.info. Please give her all my best!

  7. Breast Cancer Awareness Geocoin Fundraising Update:


    To everyone who has been so generous with their purchase of my breast cancer awareness coin and also for the very kind words on the coin, the packaging and most importantly the words of support for my dream to walk in all 14 3-day events, THANK YOU! Through your purchases, over $2500 net has been deposited in my Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure account. That has exceed all my expectations for which I'm most grateful.


    For those not familiar with either my cause or the coin, please go to www.WalkingForACure.info and read about what I'm doing and why, then checkout the Fundraiser tab to see how you can support this cause through the purchase of my trackable geocoin and/or matching pin.


    How much for the coin? $25. That's a lot for a coin, but $20 of every coin sold goes directly to Susan G. Komen where it is used to fund grants for research, education and support of those affected by breast cancer. So consider the purchase as a fundraiser donation where you get a great coin!


    Please help make a difference to end breast cancer through your purchase of a coin ($25), a pin ($10) or a set ($30). To walk in all 14 3-day, 60 mile events this year, I need to raise $32,200. To date, I have raised over $15,000, with nearly 7 walks funded. I would be very grateful not for myself, but for those you will help. I would simply ask that you tell others about what is being attempted and the good that can be accomplished. Finally, for those that want to do even more, please go to www.900MilesCloserToACure.org. Thank You! :-)

  8. I walked the Susan G Komen 3 day this year in Dallas and WOW what an experience. I love this coin and sent an email about it. Totally going to help you get to all of the events this year. I can't imagine the commitment it will take but what a great year of life changing events! Congrats on thinking of this wonderful way to bring your two loves together!


    Thank you so very much for your support. It is most appreciated.

  9. I used Oakcoins (www.oakcoins.com) and was quite pleased with their service and quality of product. They also made the pins that go with the coin and they were also quite good. I have receive many compliments from people who have bought the coin from me as to their craftsmanship. If you contact them, Emma was the person I worked with and she was super! Best wishes.

  10. If I may be so bold, I'm selling a breast cancer awareness coin, in honor of my mom who died from breast cancer in 2004. Although a bit more expensive than most coins, all money raised from selling this, minus the cost, is going to the Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure as I am attempting to raise funds to walk in all fourteen 2011 events. You can see the coin (and matching pin at: http://walkingforacure.info/10.html.


    Having given my cause a plug, and I thank you for your patience, while looking for ideas, I found most of the awareness type coins on eBay and a few on Craigslist. Hope that helps. Best wishes in 2011.

  11. I don't know what changed, but this coin now has a nice custom icon on geocaching.com. That might very well increase the appeal of this coin to potential buyers.


    Custom icon or not, this still a sweet coin.


    A fellow cacher, with a heart for the cause, paid for the custom icon, so that people who purchased the coin would also have the icon. A very nice gesture on his part for which I'm grateful. Now it's time to hope for sales!!

  12. I wanted to let all who have made a difference in finding a cure for breast cancer through the purchase of one of my breast cancer awareness coins, that this past week I deposited $1025 into my Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure account. All money in that account goes directly to Susan G. Komen. The success of this coin has been quite unexpected as nearly 70 have been sold in less than two months! In fact, I'm now considering a second order of coins to further my fundraising.


    With this in mind, and Christmas just around the corner, please consider purchasing a coin ($25), a pin ($10) or a set ($30) as either a present for someone else or for yourself. Again, all money from the sales, minus the cost of the coin and shipping (included in the cost), goes directly to Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure (www.the3day.org). The cost of the coin and shipping is roughly 20% of your cost. Payment can be made through PayPal (hillmanj@att.net or hillmann@alumni.calpoly.edu) or by check.


    For those wanting more information on my story on why I'm raising money for breast cancer research and support, you can go to my website at www.WalkingForACure.org. The website also has two pages, one with photos of the silver and gold coins and one for the silver and gold pins.


    Again, my thanks to all who have already contributed as this not only means a lot to me for your support, but also to the many affected by breast cancer who will be also supported through your contribution.

  13. To those that are reading this discussion, thanks for those that have contacted me as that means a lot for what we are trying to accomplish. Also, just to show what can be done by a little word of mouth, a Yahoo group in PA, posted my story on their site and within 24 hours I sold 12 coins and 7 pins! This was fantastic and demonstrates where I hoping to get with this coin, i.e., through the word of mouth on various forums and the like, just letting people know how a small donation, when combined with as many as we can get the word out to, can really add up and make a significant difference to this cause. So if you know of other forums that you can get my story to, that would be greatly appreciated. As I tell many, it's not about me or my selling of the coin, but the money generated and making a difference. Again, my thanks to those that have responded already. :-)

  14. I think people need to look at this as a donation to the Cure and not a $25 coin. Make a $25 donation and receive a coin.

    Thanks to the Atwell Familly as their comment is a good way of looking at it. It does cost more than a normal geocoin, but it really is a donation towards making a difference in finding a cure for breast cancer. Thanks again for all the support.

  15. I'd just like to add that even though Jim doesn't mention it in his info about the coin, it comes packaged very nicely- not just in a coinflip. I wasn't expecting that, so was impressed when I opened my coin and saw the extra effort that went into the packaging of the coin. He also was great about communicating with me and very personable in the communications, all for the sale of one geocoin. That made a positive impression on me as well, because it was good customer service, even in the face of a large fund-raising task, to which my purchase was contributing only a small amount.

    Thank you very much. I'll pass this on to my daughter as she was the one who designed the coin, pin and the really sweet box to send it in. The cost was minimal as it was homemade and does make a nice presentation as a simple way of saying, "Thanks!" I'm pleased that you like it!

  16. Am I missing something here, is there really nothing to be said about this coin?? Did this one just get missed in the night??

    If you are referring to the icon that you pay for when you mint the coin, unfortunately, the answer is no. As this is strictly being minted as a fundraiser, i.e., all money about cost goes to Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure, I tried to save some money on the coins so more could go to SGK.

  17. On February 26, 2004 my mom died from breast cancer and it took me until 2008 before I finally was ready to make a difference in the hunt for a cure. In 2010, my daughter, a graphic designer, thought it would be great to combine my passion for walking for a cure (Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure) and geocaching which I do while performing my training walks and that was to design a geocoin that could be sold to benefit breast cancer research. With that in mind, she designed a beautiful 1.75", trackable coin that I am selling to sponsor my walks.


    For 2011, I have committed to walking in all 15 SGK 3-day, 60 mile walks for a total of 900 miles over 15 weekends between mid-July and mid-November 2011. The coins are, both in a gold and silver metal finish, with the tracking number on the side to allow full usage of the front and back. I already had 100 made, 50 each of gold and silver of which 15 have been set aside as I plan to place on in each city I walk in with the intent of 15 coins passing from cache to cache around the US.


    (As a newbie, I'm not sure how to add photos as they require, but they can be seen at: http://www.walkingforacure.info/10.html or at my Facebook site "900 Miles Closer to a Cure".


    The price I'm asking for is $25 which includes all shipping and handling costs. I know this is a high cost compared to most geocoins, but all money, over the cost of the coin (cost is about 20%), is going to Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure. My website for what I'm doing and why can be found at www.WalkingForACure.info from where you can order the coin. I also have a matching 1" pin that can also be purchased on the website.


    Thank you for your consideration in making a difference for finding a cure for this deadly disease.



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