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  1. Just tried using Safari 5.1.7 and got the same error. Here's the text:


    An Error Has Occurred


    Either your session has timed out or an error has occurred.


    If you were in the process of purchasing a new premium membership, a basic membership has probably already been created for you. Please log in using the username and password you supplied for your account. Once you have logged in, you may upgrade your account.


    Otherwise, please click here to start the checkout process again.


    ** I'm definitely logged in when I click Upgrade to Premium (it even populates my information into the form, without any form history)

  2. Hi, I'm trying to give you money, but it's not working :)


    We had a premium membership a while back, and now have a basic one.


    I log in, click "Upgrade to Premium" and fill out the forms, first with Paypal, then with a credit card.


    Both give an error that seems to indicate I'm not logged in.


    Cookies & Javascript are enabled, I'm using Firefox 14.0.1 on the Mac.

  3. I'm with the people who say "delete the log to discourage the activity."


    I'm about to do this cache, which is called "Environmentally Sensitive Area Cache" and requests "PLEASE DO NOT GET OFF THE PATH UNTIL YOU REACH THE CACHE AREA". They obtained permission from a local land conservancy organization to do this.


    Seeing logs like "boy this is easier if you bushwhack" would only encourage more of the same behavior, to say nothing of making the conservancy mad and potentially cause the rest of the caches on their land to be pulled.


    As a parent, I'd say we're talking about "rewarding bad behavior", which only gets you more of the same.

  4. In this topic, TJ/Rex admits that he deleted all the log entries from his caches in a fit of anger. He seems sorry about it now, but the damage is done.


    This raises the question: who owns our logs? Who has a right to change them & delete them?


    From what I can tell, everything we type in our cache & TB log entries is "copyright © 2003 by Groundspeak". This is a reasonable position to take, though I much prefer the position taken by the WELL community system (well.com), which is essentially, "you own your own words". Posts on the WELL can only be edited by the author. The author is free to reuse their words on other systems and printed material. Permission is expected from the author of any given post for excerpted use by others elsewhere.


    I do understand that Groundspeak wants to maintain its competitive advantage by preventing someone from coming along and blindly copying 50,000 caches (with logs) to seed their own geocaching site. I've read the Buxley's saga. I get it. I even like the idea of having one central successful geocaching site.


    But I'm a bit bothered by the implicit agreement that by clicking submit, I'm signing my rights away to whatever I write, whether it's a cache description, log entry, or forum post.


    I'm more bothered by the idea that cache or TB owners, or even Groundspeak, can edit or delete posts without my having any say in it. Each post is a little slice of my life. I spend time trying to make things creative & interesting. I like having the opportunity to write a few paragraphs in the ongoing geocaching saga. The prospect of someone coming along and hitting the delete key on a few hours of my life is troubling.


    Just my 2 cents,





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  5. how hard is too hard? when no one ever finds it!


    Regarding the impact of vegetation on a terrain rating, keep in mind that in some areas, spring/fall are very different from summer. We looked this picture and were amazed, since this entire area was covered in shoulder-high very dense nasty plants. People give the rating as it was when they placed it. Should they alter it as the seasons change? Should they make the description also say, "May be slippery in winter?"



  6. There's a big difference between rechargable batteries & chargers. I'll save you the time researching the results. Here's the best on the market, and well worth it: Maha c402fs. I highly recommend, as do others:


    Steve's Digicam Review


    Imaging Resource Review


    Also, make sure you get a 2000+ mAh battery. It adds time to your charge. Here's a review of the leading contenders. PowerEx has a 2200 mAh that we're using. Makes a big difference:


    Battery Shootout



  7. got a sunroof? my experience is that it's simply about line of sight to the satellite. If you look at the satellite page, you can kind of tell where each of the 3-4 satellites are in the sky. Might be that your windows are positioned well enough.


    Others probably know better than me though. Must say though, that given your nickname, this is an ironic issue, and good first post!



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