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  1. Very sage advice, everyone! I started caching this past July with my seven-year-old son, and although we tend to get a little focused on what we're doing, I'm sure to check out what area of town we're in before just running out the door. As always, trust your instincts, carry a cell phone, and bring lots of water and granola bars. Be sure to mark your car as a waypoint, and label it clearly!! Oh, what did happen with the hikers? They weren't caching, were they? I don't follow the news.
  2. If it burns, it's firewood. If it floats, it's a witch.
  3. Cache cammo isn't firewood, but it could, conceivably, carry the bugs they may be worried about. That's what caused the destruction of many of the Elms around here... Wikipedia says, "Dutch elm disease is a fungal disease of elm trees which is spread by the elm bark beetle. Although believed to be originally native to Asia, it has been accidentally introduced into America and Europe, where it has devastated native populations of elms which had not had the opportunity to evolve resistance to the disease." I'm agreeing with ImJustAGirl--it's about the bugs, not the wood. (I posted my reply before I finished reading to the end.)
  4. I log same day for FTFs (for sure) and same night or next morning for "regular" logs unless I'm not able to make it to a computer. Would you like poor remarks written about you as a finder?
  5. The secret is simply to have written html code for many, many years. I learned code in 1998 as a DIY, learn-as-you-go-because-I-can't-stand-not-knowing kinda way.
  6. It was fun showing my son the inside of a softball, and the carving wasn't so bad. I can squeeze a small into this bad boyl!!
  7. That's where I find it too. $3.99 last time I bought it.It can be bought there, but it tends to curl on the edges and become un-stuck. The kind I bought is more paper than cloth. If you can find cloth cammo tape, buy it instead!!
  8. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=178682#
  9. A before-bedtime smirk... here's a travel bug that will never get stolen: Cramming me in the cache would be harder than stealing me!! ; ) Have a good night, guys.
  10. Right, but what about the TB hotels that advertise as such? When you type "TB Hotel" in a keyword search you get 459 hits.
  11. EW! A friend of mine had that happen just this past week. See this topic for more info.
  12. Prime caching season?? Your fingers must be more cold-tolerant than mine. I'm not excited about the prospect of spending an hour tonight to see if a cache of mine has been muggled or if it's just buried under a foot of snow. Maybe I'm not a "true" Minnesotan, but I'm not excited about the snow like others are.
  13. I like hiding better although many of the wooded areas are already taken, and I don't want to encroach on another hider's territory. I live in the City, so I'm pretty much relegated to micros and smalls (in the local parks). I've been more creative with the containers in the last few weeks now that Winter has set in, and I'm enjoying that immensely. I do enjoy finding, don't get me wrong, but I "have" to bring my son with me when we go, and he's disappointed when I tell him we're going to find three micros, two smalls and a regular. He immediately asks about the regular (for the swag), and I generally have to rearrange the trip to hit that one first which causes me to drive further than I'd like to. I'd very much like to go on an extended caching vacation with my husband, but he's not the outdoorsy type, and I think although he'd get a lot of books read while we go on trail, he'd be bored. I'd like to get those numbers up there, but I think I'll have to wait another 11 years until my son goes to college. ; (
  14. Congratulations on the thread making it to page 2!
  15. Perhaps it's one of those gang rituals... go into the woods and steal travel bugs. At least they aren't shooting at people.
  16. Seems that they're only used when folks (like me) forget my phone at home. I lost my keys in snow just the other day when scoping out a prospective hide. It was on the rare occassion when I forgot my phone at home that morning. My son needed to be picked up from school (immediately). I had to beg the use of one girl's phone before I found them and beg the use of another girl's phone afterward. Normally I scoff at the 50 cents required to make a call--what a ripoff! But, oh, what I wouldn't have given for the use of a pay phone that day!
  17. A well-known cacher in our area graced my cache in November and took a bug, but there was a substantial delay in both the log and the TB tracking. When I discovered the mishap, I wrote a brief note to the owner to let them know of the situation. Thankfully all was righted in the end, and the TB even showed up at my event on Saturday! What comes around goes around--sometimes. In fact, the bug is still sitting in my entryway cozy and warm... I should make a trip out to my cache to drop it (and three others) soon!
  18. I took a look at those bugs, and IMHO none of them seem particularly "worth" stealing. They're not geocoins that could be sold on ebay, for instance.
  19. I've got two out there--one flat and rectangular, the other is cylindrical. I don't know how watertight they are, but they're not in places that will get wet too easily either (on purpose). So far, so good.
  20. I was honored to find this travel bug in the cache and put it in mine... See Gatie II's log for more details.
  21. Let's rephrase this one... what if said this instead: Is it his responsibility to move a few of the bugs so the cache wouldn't appear so enticing??
  22. I must say... you never answered my original question.
  23. What are they for?? I'm sure that Knowschad only wanted the best for the TBs, and I doubt he placed them to entice people to come to his cache. It's snowy and miserable out here, and folks won't go too far for a cache--his or any others.
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