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  1. I was chatting with a friend who likes to ski about whether or not a geocaching event run on skis is a real possibility. Has it been done before with caches hidden on the runs... either in trees or on poles. I wouldn't want folks to have to drop their skis to trek into the woods. And would everyone in attendance have to sign some kind of waiver so when they crash while looking at their GPS it wouldn't be our fault! ; )
  2. I've spoken with the Grounds crew at a local college. If anyone would find a cache (and wonder if it's suspicious), it would be them. If they won't answer your questions, they would probably know who to forward the question to.
  3. when were the street maps re-updated? i think that's the reason you can't see my large cache--most of mine were placed in September of 2007, and the maps haven't been updated recently. The 35W bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis is still in existence on Google Maps, and that was the beginning of August 2007.
  4. While it was kind of you to try to rehabilitate the cache, it is ultimately the owner's responsibility. Finders are not obligated to do so (which, I'm surmising, is why the last finder did nothing). I see that the last finder at least posted a "needs maintenance" flag on the log; that's the least IMHO that any finder should do. Not all cache seekers carry cache-rehab equipment. I think you mean this comment to be sarcastic. You could go the extra step and log a "needs maintenance" to ensure the reviewer can adequately track it. A topic like this was started a while back. Take a look.
  5. are you being grumpy, or is it your avatar speaking? Darn if I keep spelling avatar with an "i" instead (avitar)... RRR. When was the last time you changed yours?
  6. That's too bad. Expectations are a dangerous thing. If I have chicken nuggets every Friday, it will start to get boring, dontchathink? If all the jokes are done on April Fool's day, wouldn't it get a little predictable? I had breakfast for dinner tonight. It sure was yummy!!
  7. We switched them on purpose yesterday--at least some of us.
  8. We were just wondering (those of us in the Off-Topic area) if you've been more than confused today with the swapping of avatars. Obviously for those of you who may be new to the forums, you won't think much of it... but for those of you who have been here for a while, have you noticed? Geocaching, geocaching, geocaching.
  9. Shouldn't he have put the pen where the sun don't shine to keep it warm?
  10. Does the owner plan on maintaining them? ; )
  11. Shhhhh!!! Don't go giving Bobcam any ideas!! Meanie jelly beanie!
  12. I would have loved to see it, but I was out at prayer meeting. Unfortunately, I can't find evidence of the show on the listings. Was it a segment in a larger program? Might it be available on PBS' website?? I've searched but I can't find it.
  13. Not an Indy fan, but we went to the Monster Jam Truck Rally on Saturday at the Metrodome. My was it cold!!! I've been told there's a cache in the Metrodome, but there was no way I'd be able to find it amongst all those people!!
  14. My psychology text says that folks who are drunk and hide money often don't remember where they hid it when they're sober. When they become drunk again, however, they seem to find what they hid right away. Have you ever gone caching while drunk? (answers to this one could get interesting!!) Have you been unable to find the same cache while sober (and the other way around)?
  15. It's awesome that your A1C came down so low--you must be doing something right! I think the doc wants to start Confucius out slowly--some don't tolerate the stomach and other... end-user... symptoms on the common diabetes meds. Diet and exercise along with the low-dose meds are an appropriate place to start from what I've read.
  16. "something with sugar" is vague, and there is no reason to eat extra food if it's the "wrong" food. Let me start off by saying that every person with diabetes should be closely followed by a certified diabetes educator. There are lots of folks (even pharmacists) who aren't certified yet feel confident that they're giving the right information. The nurse and dietitian are generally covered by medical insurance--you just need a doctor to fax your order. They would be better equipped to answer your questions far better than any of us (even with experience) can. It's recommended to try and cut pop out of your diet; if you must treat with pop, the guidelines below say that only 1/2 cup is necessary, at first, to raise your blood sugar above "dangerous" levels. Glucose tablets are important to carry--they're small, and you can keep them in your coat pocket for other "emergency" occasions. Even better would be to carry some granola bars--they're more nutritious anyway. Causes • Not enough food (skipping or delaying a meal or snack) • More exercise than usual • Too much diabetes medication • Alcohol (if taken without food) • Changes in the timing of insulin or diabetes pills Signs and Symptoms Shakiness, irritability, weakness, confusion, sweating, combativeness, dizziness, seizure, rapid heartbeat, and headache Treatment 1. CHECK your blood sugar if possible. Eat something with carbohydrate (step #2) to raise your blood sugar if: • It is below 100 and you feel symptoms (not everyone does). • It is below 70. • You have symptoms but are unable to test. 2. EAT 15 grams of carbohydrate. • Glucose tablets--3 or 4 • Regular pop (not diet)--1/2 cup • Fruit juice--1/2 cup • Sugar or honey--1 Tablespoon • Fruit--1 serving • Lifesavers--7 to 8 pieces • Skim milk--1 cup *** For a blood sugar below 50, take a double serving (30 grams of carbohydrate) *** 3. WAIT at least 5 minutes. Resist the urge to continue eating. Most people feel much better in 5-10 minutes. 4. RECHECK your blood sugar in 10-15 minutes. If it is still low, eat another 15 grams of carbohydrate, and repeat every 10-15 minutes if needed, until your symptoms are gone, or your blood sugar is above 70. 5. SNACK only if it will be longer than one hour until your next meal, and you plan to be active. 15 grams of carbohydrate each hour will help keep your blood sugar from falling again during activities such as shopping, housecleaning, or yard work.
  17. Hey Bunganator!! It was the Bruce Russell Park cache near Posenville. In fact, I'm told that Posen used to have a hide there that he had some trouble with, but I never emailed him directly to find out what kind of trouble.
  18. I couldn't believe that the slide was wrong when I walked up to the park!! RRRRRR.... I wanted to find a similar spot under the "new" slide, but no joy would be found tonight!!
  19. Okay, so it was muggled by a human but not quite... I had to archive one of my playground caches today because the Park folks swapped out the slide!!! How RUDE!!!! It used to be a straight slide but when I went to check on it tonight, the slide was replaced it with a curvy one (with no convenient nook underneath!!) I had a lot of fun watching folks find or not find that one; I was disappointed to see it go!! Also, a cache I was looking for once was probably bulldozed over... there was orange caution tape and a mound of dirt near GZ!! Have you ever had a cache go missing because of a "major" event?? Perhaps the woods containing your cache was bulldozed for a parking lot, or perhaps storm damage obscured your spot. Did a bridge or building collapse nearby rendering your cache inaccessible? Do you have a unique cache disaster to tell us about??
  20. no, but I stumbled upon someone's wallet out in the middle of the forest. I called the guy who lost it two years prior when he was in high school. He giggled about it being in the woods and asked me to cut up the cards and toss it. I can only imagine why he was out there... I doubt it was geocaching. ; )
  21. perhaps you could only go to the caches that have been found in the past two weeks?
  22. my hope/plan is to combine geocaching with some of my current outdoors activities; rock climbing, fly fishing, and cycling (both road and trail).Awewome!!! There was a nice mountain biking blurb on TV last night. I was hoping the guy biking the trail would pull out a GPS, but no luck!!
  23. That is, ant Lions, Tiger swallowtails, and wooly Bear caterpillars... (My son and I collect insects, butterflies, and caterpillars while caching.) Do you combine any hobbies while you're out in the field - perhaps fishing, metal detecting, making gravestone rubbings, etc??
  24. Agreed. IMHO, did you expend effort? = log a DNF "Effort" is clearly subjective here.
  25. Hit the report button at the bottom of the inactive ones and ask the moderator to close them.
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