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  1. oh, and i found that you can find a lot of buddies on the forums.
  2. My son and i slogged through what amounted to a swamp to get a cache on an island. We giggled all the way (except when we had to walk barefoot through a couple of stick-littered stretches and crawl through what seemed like briars). The suggestion online was that you wait until winter when the lake freezes over unless you were crazy. We preferred to be crazy!!
  3. i learned not to take it personally, especially in Off-Topic! (but remind me never to count cheese again)
  4. Plan? You plan? Just kidding. With the cost of gas, ya gotta!
  5. Are you implying that folks put them out simply so they can inflate their numbers?
  6. That's what I understood from your other post. I suspect that everyone else 'got it', also.Yep... everyone except Team Cotati. ; )
  7. clarification: A friend and I were caching and one was on an easement.... we explained geocaching to the homeowner who may take up caching from our explanation.
  8. I only "got" closer to the posting goal because I don't post often... you can do it. Just pad a couple of the "regular" discussion boards! After all, you've got over 700 so you've got experience!
  9. My license plate says TNLNSLAre you kidding? I'm never quite sure.
  10. Don't be too sad about your bag going missing--retail therapy with the prospect of new swag and geogoodies is a lot of fun! A while back, my first GPS went missing. I didn't much mind the upgrade!
  11. 50 with 43 or so active. I had to inactivate 6 due to the icy buildup. I may find a better place for those in the Spring so that they can all stay active. I'd like to maintain a round 50--any more and I'd be unable to keep up. Any less, and I'd be bored.
  12. we came through to find a cache that was on an easement. the homeowner knew that folks would come down the stairs and poke around but never got out in time to ask why. finally, she "caught" us, and we explained geocaching to her. she may have made a name for herself and tried a little from the excitement on her face.
  13. It's too bad it's cold and icy out here, or I'd be taking time off work to go caching!
  14. Just about anything beats the heck out of reality TV!!
  15. I love caching!!! Do you? One-sentence woots, please! Post as often as you like!!
  16. I'll bet you find all of the temp caches! ; )
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