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  1. my first hide was rather pathetic (but the spot was a gem). I was at work itching to get it out and riffled through my desk drawer. Found two huge glue sticks... and STOLE THEM... considering how much of my personal time I give to work on a weekly basis, I'm sure I paid for them a few times over.


    Anyway, I had brought the black cloth tape and my GPS with me to work, cammo'ed it quick and added a log book. Had to put a piece of paper around the perimeter of the glue stick container because of the residue. And unfortunately the "stick" down the middle of the glue stick prevented any swag options.


    Needless to say, I've swapped out the container for a better-cammo'ed one and am looking forward to replacing the other of my eager-to-put-it-out-and-poorly-done caches. With winter brings more free time indoors to make properly cammo'ed and more interesting containers!!

  2. I ask my son, "are THEY watching". Chances are, nobody is around to watch. If "THEY" are, we'll find something to do for a while so they have an opportunity to leave. I was only asked once (in a neighborhood park) what I was looking for. Since I was scoping out a spot to place a new cache, the answer, "NOTHING" was quite appropriate.

  3. Right now, it's too cold for me to get out there. Seems my third and fourth toes get cold before the rest. Can't wait until March (when it may start to thaw)... first stop, however, will be to check on my caches and get 'em outta the snow!!

  4. I was walking around JoAnn Fabrics after fixing up one of my caches and found something strange in my boot. A fellow cacher's wooden nickel fell out INTO my boot when I moved the contents of the cache to the new container!! I have a wooden nickel collection and was pleased to add it to the bunch!

  5. even if there were a storefront, would you welcome the resultant cachers? they may be excited to get into the game, and perhaps they'd last for a while, but if they peter out after placing a few caches of their own, then we're left with geotrash. Dunno. It's kinda like scrapbooking--hit or miss, a little pricey to start, and a passing fad for some.

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