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  1. second year??? I think he'll have to move to another state to find more caches! The cost of gas alone would probably pay for a new house
  2. I'm proud to be acquainted with Bobcam and was astounded to watch him make quick work of my cache hides (no, they weren't terribly hard). He swooped in, using his acutely-honed geosenses, signed the log, replaced it as found and zoomed onto the next one! It was hard to keep up with him the day I hadn't intended to cache but did (barefoot), and lemme tell you, that guy can MOVE!! Congratulations, Bobcam on 4999!! I see, with a chuckle, that you've saved #5000 for your geoanniversary tomorrow! (I was happy to achieve a mere 400 for mine!) You've done Minnesota proud!
  3. The log states: "Found this by accident while walking my dog. I took the cache home before opening it and discovering what it was. I will replace the plastic bag and put it back tommorrow morning. Great intro to this cool hobby. Thanks." Who's is it?
  4. I don't believe that I just recently deployed this challenge cache because of this topic. But since the shoe fits, I thought I'd share. Oh, and FYI... my longest log had to be written in a "note" AND a "found log" because when I hit "submit", GC.com told me it was too long. Didn't know that was even possible!!
  5. The fact that we have to be only rosy, bright, cheery and thankful in our logs. If we post an honest comment, the logs tend to get deleted.
  6. I know someone who caches intentionally without a GPS. He has one; he just prefers the challenge of having to find it with a "general idea" of where it might be.
  7. runewell: "nobody is going to find this spat serious enough to warrant a decision to one side or the other to stop the feud." Personally I think it's a little strange that it's gone on THIS long... i'll step in and be a down-to-earth sister. Keep in mind that "it's just a smiley". Gee whiz...
  8. It's your puzzle--you choose how easy or difficult you want to make it! You _do_ eventually want folks to find the dang thing, right?? If I can't solve a puzzle fairly easily and I don't get a hint from the owner to help, I'll usually give up. Some folks are more persistent than others, though.
  9. nothing pleases a cache owner more than to read something interesting on a log!! We know that some of our caches can seem lame to some, and we don't need another TNLN SL to let us know. An interesting story (especially for a lame cache) is priceless!!
  10. using nothing but time and some topical "bite MD for kids" itch relief, the rash lasted almost exactly two weeks. i've got a few scabs on my calf where i unintentionally gouged the blisters while showering.
  11. as mentioned in the forums before, nobody is twisting your arm to find every cache out there. play at your own risk. cache owner is allowed to delete smileys if the name isn't in the log book, but you can always speak directly to them and ask.
  12. I hid an underwater cache (where you only have to barely dunk your head under to get the container). I have a concrete "boat" constructed on an angle. The concrete was formed around a sterilite bucket. Under the up-turned concreted bucket is another bucket. This smaller bucket has a strap around the middle so the lid will stay on. The small bucket is attached to the rope that tethers it to the "boat". Also attached to the bucket rope is a concrete anchor (formed in that shape for fun) so that when you take the dry bag out of the bucket, the bucket doesn't float completely to the surface for others to see, but it's visible enough so that you to find the cache all over again. The dry bag is clipped via carabeaner to the rope that holds the bucket. Inside the dry bag are the cache contents. The vellum log is double-wrapped in two large zip locks, and you have to sign the vellum with a sharpie (so that if it gets wet it won't get ruined). I've included lots of extra baggies in the container both to protect the swag (which nobody seems to take) as well as any travel bugs or coins that should be entombed within. There aren't many "takers" on the underwater cache as it's in a field of greenery (but not swamp). But it's a hoot to read the logs that do come in.
  13. My mother and I had a difference of opinion about logs. She thought I should write one thing, and I tend to be wordy and novel-esque so here's how it went: "It was a very rainy day, and we just came back from Agate Days in town. We were soaking wet but wanted to nab this cache before cleaning up and hitting the road home. We took bets on which leg of the trail to use but found, in the end, that both worked equally as well. My mother said, "It was a nice walk in a pretty park." [i told her that if she only wrote that on a log, it would be a pretty pathetic one! So I wanted to include a little more detail. (of course, I'm reading this to her out loud as I type it, and we're getting a chuckle.) My son said, "um. I have nothing to say." But we're staring at him, so he's feeling a little self conscious)] TFTC!"
  14. I went caching in long pants and a tankini, and darn if I didn't get the worst rash around my middle! I've been using BiteMD with Aloe for Kids (because I have an eight year old and don't want to dose him with too much when he gets bit). Well, I've been using it, and it works pretty well. It has Benzocaine 5% and Benzalkonium Chloride .13%. It's a little oily but doesn't seem to stain my clothes. While I'm writing this, i need to go reapply to my... darn it that nature calls just as you're half-way down the trail!!
  15. thanks, all, for your comments! i'm forwarding them to our Fall Board. Keep 'em coming, please!!!
  16. A friend and I are doing King Boreas' On the Road Again, GCQR3G. Let's just say that it could be done in a day but usually isn't... One message says, "Now that's a Multi! Only 316 miles from stage one to the final!"
  17. We'd like to think out of the box a little for our Fall event and offer seminars/breakout sessions for those that are interested. So far, we have: * tech refresher--paperless caching, PQs, etc * a puzzle FAQ * fresh ideas to help us make our caches more creative What kinds of seminars could we include? I don't think we'd offer too many topics, but it would be nice to have some ideas to choose from!
  18. I recently found a vertical control disc with no number on it. I did an arduous search of the nearby benchmarks with no results. There is no number on the disc. Is there a way to create a benchmark log?
  19. is their name somewhere on the log? If not, I'd safely say that you could delete their "found". Most folks aren't this nit-picky. Are you just trying to get some kind of "revenge"?
  20. I believe this has already been covered. Please see #8. Don't listen to the whiners, who apparently have a problem with people discussing their opinions, in, get this, a discussion forum, and accuse those holding those opinions of whining, when in fact they are the ones doing the whining.If I had a penny for everyone who posted a new topic so they could rant about micros, lame micros, hard micros, micros in playgrounds, micros up a tree, nanos and blinkies as micros, and microcomputers that aren't Macs, I could quit my job and cache all day.
  21. you may want to get some "dummy coords" around the park so you can submit a new cache listing ahead of time. This will ensure that you get the spaces you want. It's my understanding that the earliest GC number wins. Be sure to uncheck the box that says, "this listing is active". That way, people won't go unnecessarily into the park before a cache exists out there.
  22. Thanks for reminding me. HA HA HA HA!!!! Mmmm, ice cream. Or if you're weebl and bob, Mmmm, pie!!
  23. I was at a college with a run down bicycle that I hardly ever locked. One morning when I was going to grab my bike to get to class, I couldn't find it anywhere. It was a small campus, so I walked to class. When I came back that afternoon, I saw that some prankster had put it UP IN the tree!! It was easy to get down, and from then on out I've always locked my bike, no matter how crappy it was. When I got to Minnesota, everyone talked about bicycle registration. It cost $10 for a sticker (I think I bought it at the local bike shop). It tracks your name and contact information. They told me to put the sticker on the frame underneath the seat (the tube that goes down toward the pedals). Look for a metal or plastic registration sticker, if you're able to, and relay that number to the police non-emergency people (like Sbell suggested).
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