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  1. Are you simply upset because five of yours have gone missing? His cache wasn't rarely visited, and it was in a perfectly fine spot.No, eight bugs owned by fellow cachers. The point is to travel not be recuse fodder for an out of the way cache. You obviously haven't visited the cache; it's not out of the way but it's not a PNG either. I don't remember it being much further than 300' away from the parking lot.
  2. Are you simply upset because five of yours have gone missing? His cache wasn't rarely visited, and it was in a perfectly fine spot.
  3. I'm not sure what you're getting at. Someone with footprints--cacher or not--stole the TBs. Are you implying that knowschad stole them from other caches to put in his?? Good for him--that's the sole purpose of TBs... to move them along. One of my bugs was in a "They Must be Nuts" Tour Group which included Maggies Cat, Little Engine #9, Autumn Rose Coin, RDJ Fishhook River, T&A Warrior Rogue, Manokwari Indonesia UD, Crash"s USA Coin, Celebrate 100, Lil K, Fire Bug 001, Rusty Rudder, and Crawler Zach"s Jedi MM Racer. The cacher that was moving these bugs along didn't steal the bugs because they were conscientiously logged at every chance the cacher got along the journey. Perhaps the person who nabbed the bugs from knowschad's cache hasn't gotten a chance to stop and log them.
  4. I would have picked up most of them. It's not uncommon for cachers to swipe all the travel bugs in a cache. In fact, I swiped five TBs (from caches I've visited before) to bring to an event. If I'm not heading to an event and see some interesting bugs, I wouldn't hesitate to nab as many as would fit in my bag, log them, and place them in my own frequently-visited cache (if I don't have time to cache other spots) especially during the snowy season. Tis better to place them than to make them sit my car for a few days.
  5. perhaps a cacher who visited the cache earlier than billionsincache put playdoh in the cache and it was ravaged by wild beasts. ; ) wink, wink. I'm truly sorry for the loss of those bugs and the violation of your cache. Folks are traveling these days; we can only hope that they turn up in a log soon!
  6. Which do you prefer--hiding caches or finding them? (please forgive me if this has been covered in a previous topic thread)
  7. Acabo de actuar como yo no hablan español! Good try, but you used Google Translate, didn't you... "I just act like myself do not speak Spanish!" "I just act like myself" - yeah, knowschad - that repulses just about anyone (in that case, you don't need a reply for "what are you doing")!!
  8. A friend of mine did the same thing (minus the dog) on one of my caches but refuses to admit it on the log! ; )
  9. Can I hide my son as a "large" geocache as long as he's hiding on public property? I promise he won't pee on you when you come to sign his forehead (a specific logging requirement), and he will happily hand over his McToys if you want to trade swag.
  10. I prefer options to no options. Enough said. Goodbye topic; it was fun.
  11. No problem, and my name's not Merry. ('Clearance Clarence' 'Roger Roger' 'What's our vector victor?' 'Surely you can't be serious?' 'I am, and my name's not Shirley' - from "Airplane")
  12. A good non-micro is any cache that isn't covered with thirteen broken sticks for cammo.
  13. I ask thou why I would would want to drive from parking lot to parking lot. Is it for thy smiley?'Tis but thy boring micro cache that is my enemy;--Thou art thyself, though not a Regular. What's Regular? It is nor Small, nor Large, Nor Micro, nor any other cache belonging to a Virtual. O, be some other cache! What's in a cache? that which we call a micro By any other size would smiley as sweet. So cachers would, were he not cacher call'd, Retain that dear smiley for which he is owed.
  14. To be or not to be, that is the question... Cache (boring micro) or no cache? Would you prefer to find nothing on your map search--a vacant wasteland of nothing--or boring micro?
  15. Yes, we will all get picky in our old (caching) age. I hope that whether it's your 10th or 2010th, you'll still find the game exciting! Welcome to the sport!!
  16. (I'm looking back at my brother's emails) Mar 2007: "Here's a possible adventure if you're going to be out in the wilderness that my boss mentioned: geocaching. It does require one piece of technology though: GPS. Basically you get coordinates to something hidden and you have to go out in the wilderness and find it." Great--I really don't need another gadget--especially one that costs over $200. But wait--an ADVENTURE, you say?! Hmmm. Stick to the topic at hand. We need to find a camping spot for the end of June; where should we go? Another email came through, "Sometimes items are tracked - someone from another state visits and replaces the knick knack with another one and you track the knickknack across the country or globe." Right. That's nice. So at which park should we CAMP? Focus, hon!! More emails: "geocaching... blah blah. geocaching, geocaching, blah, camping, blah. geocaching!" We eventually figured out where to camp, and at the end of June he took my son with him on a geocaching side trip. Unfortunately, I missed out on those introductory trips because I was stuck back at camp. My brother was _supposed_ to drive straight down and set up camp with my father (but hijacked dad along the way to geocache.) You see, my father isn't the adventuring type unless it's HIS adventure. He refuses, to this day, to do anything that involves the "G" word. My brother returned from these trips with my son and everyone was basically jumping up and down about how much fun they had. Needless to say, when we returned to civilization, I checked out the website, bought a used GPS on craigslist, and have been off an running since July. The rest, as they say...
  17. Really? I'm disappointed. I thought you had a handheld hedgehog that would point his nose to the caches! Maybe Loco IS the hedgehog... ; ) Hmmmm. Makes ya wonder exactly who I'm talking about on logs and forum when I refer to Loco, doesn't it!! What you can't see is the little tiny blue GPS in the hedgehog's hand at left. He doesn't like to admit not being able to find them with his keen sense of smell alone! I hold the hedgehog, and the hedgehog holds the GPS. It's really a slick system!!
  18. The old cassette technology would be interesting (but both fun and irritating at the same time)... how many of us still have a walkman? Can you hide the tape as a stage and tell people to either bring a walkman or drive to the cache in their old Chevy? Those older cars still have tape players, right? Or perhaps you could buy an old R2D2 unit from those sand people and beam a hologram of yourself explaining the next cache location.
  19. Dinner with Lewis and Clark is another example. There is mention in the description of the "gazebo-like greenhouse in the back with a stenciled flower and white trim". Unfortunately, I was paying more attention to the gazebo from the cache description than I should have. After rooting around in the gazebo for a few minutes I looked down at my GPS to find that I was about 75' off. Oops!
  20. We'd have you saying "WOW!" "OMG!" "COOL!" for days brother. SIGN ME UP! That lighthouse cache is pretty sneaky--it looks so REAL! How did you lug it up the side of that mountain?
  21. Oh, so that's the lemon rind I saw from Highway 94??? How on earth did you get that published with it being so close to the highway and all? You MUST have had a helper toss it out the window for you! And what wonderful coords!! I'll bet the numbers clicked up there pretty quickly as you whizzed by. Did you drive by twice more to verify them or just once?
  22. Are you kidding? If they don't have enough time to place a decent cache, what makes you think they have enough time to read forum topics??
  23. Thanks for writing (and speaking from experience)! What circumstances have caused you to get stuck? And do you always cache with a friend just in case? Are there other handicachers who would like to chime in? I went to the handicaching site but don't see any topic forums there. I'd like to "upgrade" more of my caches to wheelchair accessible but I don't want to do it incorrectly.
  24. In my profile, I state (regarding micros), "You may pleased to know that the caches I've placed are NOT on lamp posts or skirt lifters, electrical boxes, telephone poles or guard rails. You may, however, be displeased to know that they tend to be on, around, or near playgrounds. I've placed them mainly because folks with kids (like me) enjoy not having to search a great distance away from them when they're playing. I have been careful to mention that it's in a playground so you don't waste your time for nothing." (I began a playground cache thread once, so please go here if you want to add your rant about playground caching.)
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