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  1. For anybody who doesn't get it or thinks we're overreacting...here's the latest on the creepy bookmark that has all 205 of our caches on it....The public link to this bookmark has been on all of our cache pages for 2.5 years ! 2 days after we told all of you, the GC public at large, about the bookmark, SUDDENLY, the public bookmark link is GONE ! Hmmmmm. Geee. I find that interesting don't you ? That's right. After 2.5 years the creepy bookmark link that was plastered on all of our cache pages is now GONE ! Why ? Because he didn't want any of you to see the link that lead to the creepy bookmark that would then lead to him, that's why !! The public link ON ALL 205 OF OUR CACHE PAGES is gone and that's great BUT, we know this person and we knew he didn't delete the bookmark, he made it private. Isn't that what stalkers do ? Once exposed to the public they hide in the dark ? So, in order to find out if the creepy bookmark was deleted or just made private, we conducted an experiment. Because all of our caches are PMO, we have audit logs. For 2.5 years, anytime ANYTHING was posted to any of our caches wether it was a found it log or a dnf or a note or a needs maintenance log, minutes later this person would show up at the top of the audit log. Didn't matter if it was morning, noon, night or middle of the night, he was there ! He would get notified via email of EVERYTHING posted to our cache pages because of the creepy bookmark but that wasn't enough. He would then come directly to the cache page to see whatever was posted "in person." So after the public bookmark link SUDDENLY disappeared from our cache pages ( after 2.5 years ), we posted 3 congratulatory notes to 3 FTF'ers on 3 of our new caches as well as 20 random notes on 20 random cache pages of caches we own. The congrats notes were our standard congrats notes and the other notes simply read "test." Then we watched to see if he would show up on the audit logs on those cache pages. If he did, that meant his creepy bookmark was still active because there was no other way he would be aware of these notes. Sure enough, there he was, on the audit logs for all 23 caches within minutes. So you see, he removed the public link to his 2.5 year old creepy, stalker bookmark 2 days after we exposed it to the public. That fact in and of itself, speaks volumes. He didn't want the GC public at large to see it. He was proud of his bookmark when it was just local. He added to it and added to it for 2.5 years so why, when we spoke about it publicly, did he remove it from public view ? Hmmmm. I wonder. Why is he hiding it from you ??? Seems to me HE KNOWS it's wrong and creepy and he would be TOTALLY EMBARRASSED if you saw it and found out who he is !
  2. (assuming this is true. not seeing the bookmark lists you refer to) This could be fun! For the sake of argument, we'll call this guy "Fred". Start posting notes to all your cache pages, worded to the effect of, "Hi Fred! Hope all is well!", then delete the note. Repeat every hour, on all your cache pages, for the next six months. Fred's email will fill up pretty fast! "Assuming this is true ?" Guess what ? Surprise ! This PERSON removed all public links to his bookmarks 2 days after we told all of you about the bookmarks here ! Why ? Shouldn't he be proud of those bookmarks ? He's been keeping them up for 2.5 years ! Why did he suddenly remove the links from public view ? You know why and I know why. He didn't want the GC community at large to see what he was doing or find out who he is. He might've removed the public links but that doesn't mean the bookmarks are gone. We know better than that. He made them private. He's still stalking us. How do we know ? We posted 20 notes to 20 randomly owned caches. The 20 notes read "test." All 20 times HE showed up on the audit logs for those caches within minutes. Why, after 2.5 years did he suddenly remove the public links to his stalker bookmarks ? He doesn't want you, the GC community at large, to see him !!!
  3. Nothing. If the owner wants to question the validity of my find, they are welcome to check the log for my initials. We asked the CO to do just that. He wasn't interested because, uh, gee-whiz, let's see, the person in question is either a friend or too much of a "supposed," bigwig in the GC community that he would not dare to question his log or ask him to edit it even if it was the right thing to do ! That's when we learned real fast...don't rely on or expect other members to do ANYTHING to stand up for what's right....they won't because they're too worried about being popular. Do it yourself.
  4. Currently, there are 6 unfound caches ( 2+ years old I think ), in the state of Illinois, we own 5 of them. The terrain isn't 4/5 but the difficulty is. As for setting the bar ? It's already been set and it isn't moving anytime soon.
  5. Before I give you guys the latest update on the creepy bookmarks, I have to first say THANK YOU for sharing your experiences with us !! Although I'm pretty sure none of you are being stalked and harassed by another member like we are, we've read each and every response and respect all of your individual experiences !! So, before I post the bookmark update I wanted to show you this: QUOTE: "Teamed up with _______ and ______ to make this find. This was the last cache of the day and we made a small detour to see what was what. Took longer than it should have to find as the previous finder was a little over zealous in the "hide it better than you found it" category. None the less we found it, replaced it as found and notified the cache owner that a check may be in order to ensure that it's hidden "as intended". This is a found it log, word for word, posted by a friend of the member who posted the log that's the subject of this thread and owner of the bookmarks. This is what they do ! They go around posting logs stating they either didn't see our sig on this logsheet and/or that logsheet or they post logs stating we did this and/or that to a cache and they've contacted the cache owner etc...blah-blah-blah. It just goes on and on and on and on and never stops and it's all about public humiliation and trying to discredit our team. This BS has been going on for 2.5 years and THE SADDEST thing is, these cachers are VETERANS who've been in the game FOREVER !!! If I spilled the whole truth here, which I know I can't, your toes would curl !!!!
  6. Here's a photo of the latest 4/5 cache in my area. The red mark is where the cache is. It's one of those containers that some cachers refer to as a Bison but it's not actually a Bison, it's more of a pill FOB. It's burgundy in color, shiny, hanging/swinging from a silver-tone keyring. This VERY YOUNG pine tree sits approximately 20' off a paved parking lot behind a church. What do you think ? Would you rate this cache a 4/5 ? I speak out A LOT about overrated caches and my intent is not to be mean or disrespectful to those cache owners but to understand where they're coming from. Caches like this are rampant where I live and I often wonder what other cachers from other states would think if they came upon this EXTREME RATED cache 8' up in a pine tree ? I've seen what other cachers in other states consider EXTREME...rock climbing, mountain climbing, scuba diving shipwrecks, trekking trails with Black Bears etc...and frankly, I'm embarrassed because I don't want cachers like that to think all cachers from NE IL are lame !!!
  7. Sorry my OP was so confusing. The question was about things or circumstances that would ruin your caching day ONCE YOU'RE OUT THERE, not before......
  8. I think certain things come around and present themselves to us in our lives at certain times and for a reason. Don't regret that you didn't know of these things sooner. Embrace them now.
  9. Excellent advice. Kind of like that old deodorant commercial..."Never let em' see you sweat !" What if I told you all that this same person owns 2 EXTENSIVE bookmarks created especially for us ? One of those bookmarks has ALL 205 of our caches on it. It's used to monitor EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that's posted on our 205 cache pages in the hopes of finding something, anything he can report. No one else's caches are on it. Only ours. The other bookmark created in our honor keeps track of any and all "Needs Maintenance," logs posted to our 205 caches. The bookmark owner copies all posts made to our 205 cache pages and pastes them into his bookmarks. No one else's caches are on either bookmark. Just ours. This bookmark owner has NEVER hunted or found a single one of our caches. He doesn't like us. We don't like him. Who cares. Move on. Go on with your life. I'm sure there are plenty of cachers who don't like other cachers but DO THEY STALK EACHOTHER ??? We don't have any bbookmarks created for the sole purpose of monitoring his caches because WE DON'T GIVE A HOOT ABOUT HIM OR HIS CACHES !! We just want him to GO AWAY and LEAVE US ALONE but HE WON'T ! He's always there....actually, his bookmarks are always there alerting him of any activity that goes on with our caches. If you post ANYTHING to one of our 205 cache pages, he'll show up on the audit log within 3 minutes.
  10. Increasing the difficulty level of a cache because of potential muggle activity ? I say "potential," because the muggle activity isn't always going to be the same. If you hunt a LPC in the middle of a shopping mall on a Saturday/Sunday afternoon you're going to CREATE A SERIOUS CHALLENGE FOR YOURSELF. If you hunt the same LPC at midnight, NO CHALLENGE. It's up to you when you hunt. If you hunt shopping mall LPC's on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, you deserve the challenge you're faced with. Increasing the D level on a LPC because of muggles makes me laugh and think of this CO in our area who increased the T level on his cache from a 1.5 to a 2.5 BECAUSE OF THE EXCESSIVE AMOUNT OF GOOSE POOP IN THE GRASS AROUND GZ ! but now that I'm thinking about it, this same member logged a find on a SUPER CHALLENGING CACHE that he saw from 240' away. He couldn't and didn't actually ever reach the cache or sign the physical log but he said he was going to "take the point anyway," because he deserved it. You see, he "had to go home and do a wash," after attempting to find a way to the cache. Edit: That comment above about pretending the cache container held a snack is one of the funniest things I've ever read !!!
  11. I appreciate and respect your answer but I meant in real life. I've been to Florida. I can't imagine caching there ever gets really rough ? Edit: There are several cachers around my immediate here in Illinois who flee to Florida every winter to cache. They must've been really happy this winter when the Blizzard of 2011 hit our state and we got almost 3' of snow ! While we were digging caches out from under all that snow they were sippin' Pina Coladas under the palm trees !
  12. I would love to search for a nano hidden on The Great Pyramid of Giza. ps: this is a VERY COOL thread ! Getting insight into places other cachers dream about is awesome.
  13. that would absolutely ruin a great day of caching for you ? I'm sure you could probably think of a few, possibly many, but I'd like to know about your main BUMMER...your major party pooper...
  14. I just finished reading all the replies to my question and want to say Thank You for sharing your experiences with me A friend of ours once received an email from the site stating "It's NEVER appropriate or acceptable to embarrass another member." Our friend's account was suspended for 30 days for this exact reason. He "called out," another member for destroying his cache and the terrain at GZ after walking up on this member doing the deed. My friend posted a note pretty much "pointing the embarrassing finger," at this other member. Within 24 hours my friend was suspended. Isn't what this person did to us not the same thing ? Did he not "embarrass another member ?" He basically called us LIARS and CHEATERS. Now, think about it. Geocaching is a game that basically runs on the honesty and integrity of the players in it right ? Everytime someone logs a find the CO doesn't run out to their cache to make sure the person signed the physical logsheet do they ? No. They trust that person and they take them at their word that they signed the log and they play the game fairly and with integrity. THIS WHOLE GAME RUNS ON HONESTY and if one cacher posts a log like this cacher did about us, calling us LIARS AND CHEATERS in front of everyone, I think it should be punishable. He embarrassed us BIG TIME. My friend embarrassed another cacher and was suspended. What's the difference ? Why do some members seem to get away with breaking the rules while others don't ? Is it because some members are watched more closely by those who don't like them and report everything they find that might jeopardize that member's standing ? The member that posted the comment about not seeing our name on the log TOTALLY HUMILIATED US to the point where we felt we needed to defend ourselves which is why a friend went to the cache and photographed the logsheet and posted that photo on the cache page. Why should we have to do that ? Why is it ok for him to freely embarrass others ? Is he more important than we are ? Are the rules for everyone or just some people ? If I reported his slanderous log I GAURANTEE NOTHING WOULD HAPPEN. NO ACTION WOULD BE TAKEN. On the other hand, if I posted the same log or my friend posted the same log or john smith posted the same log and called this member a liar and a cheater, action would be taken ! There are cachers in my area who post notes all over the place embarrassing other cachers and NOTHING ever happens but if others do it, you better believe you'll see "banned member," on their profile page.
  15. I'd "contact the poster directly about this." Failing that - revisit, take a picture of the log, post it with a note to the cache, and call him out on it. Either way, you've probably taken it to a far wider audience and drawn attention to it far more through this thread than he has on a log that's only ever going to be read by the next few visitors to the cache...... Thank you keehotee for the reply. I should've mentioned that we would NEVER, not in 1,000,000 years EVER contact THIS poster directly because if we did.....yea, second thoughts about broaching THAT subject here. Sadly, we got our friends involved in the ugliness and asked them to go to the cache and photo the log. They found the cache 3 days after the SLANDEROUS POST and photographed the logsheet. Basically, they had nothing to say to the CO who stood idly by and DID NOTHING, so their found it log was blank and they simply posted their photo of the logsheet CLEARLY SHOWING our signature front and center ! This CO could've easily visited his cache, checked the logsheet and asked this person to remove THE LIE. He didn't. In my opinion, the truth is everything. This person slandered us in his log because of personal issues and that's wrong and the fact that we had to go overboard to prove ourselves, is disgusting.
  16. You find a cache that's pretty challenging and elusive. How elusive you ask ? A nano in row of pine trees ( those tall, soft, slender bush type pines ), with shakey coords. The major majority of cachers who've gone after this cache have DNF'd it multiple times, some 3,4, 5 times !! Those who have found it either got help from the CO or a PAF who got help from a PAF who got help from a PAF. So yea, it's a good one. You become intrigued by this cache. You go there. You find it in 10 minutes. Clean. No CO help. No PAF. You log it. 2 months later a cacher that YOU KNOW ( and everyone else knows ), doesn't like you, AND who has DNF'd the cache previously, finds it. He posts his found it log and in his found it log he states, publicly, to everyone on the GC.com site "Oddly, I didn't see any signatures on the logsheet for such and such date." On the date he states YOU are the only cacher who found and logged the cache so right off the bat he might as well have just said your name and accused you of being a liar and a cheat ! You know your sig is on the log. He knows your sig is on the log but you're horrified because no one else knows your sig is on the log ! His statement is pretty much slanderous. He's publicly accusing you of cheating and lying and in a game that runs on honesty, integrity, and the good graces of others, you're, uh, HORRIFIED ! You write to the CO and ask him to ask this person to edit his SLANDEROUS comment out of his log. You describe the hide IN DETAIL and tell him how you initialed the nano logsheet. The CO writes back to you and says "Please contact the poster directly about this." What would you do ?
  17. We don't hunt caches owned by n00bs, ever. After we hunted the 3rd n00b owned cache that wasn't even placed yet at the time of publishing, we vowed to never do it again and before you say we were n00bs hiding caches at one time, we weren't ! We didn't hide our first cache until we had 552 finds. We wanted to be sure we knew the game before we hid our first cache.
  18. Is your signature on the physical logsheet inside this cache container ? What does that have to do with the conversation? What does that have to do with the converstation ? Seriously ? Ok. I'll respond. The comment states he/she is giving posters details so their comments can be somewhat more valid....distance from his/her house ( which he/she would only know if they went to my profile page and pulled up the only 4/4 I recently found ),lots of measurements which he/she can only attempt to calculate from MY photo. This person hasn't been to this cache, he/she is providing these "details," from information I provided. I found this cache. I signed the log. I was there. Wether his sig is on the logsheet or not has EVERYTHING to do with it if he's going to attempt to enlighten everyone with DETAILS ! It's a bit like trying to give the police details of a traffic accident that you saw on the 10 o'clock news while sitting on your living room couch. Who are the police going to listen to ? The armchair spectator or me ? I gave the police my account of the same accident only I was standing on the street corner when it happened. Trust me. This parking lot store sign cache ain't no 4/4. If the GC cache rating scale went to 40 ? Maybe. But it doesn't. It goes to 5....THAT'S THE MOST DIFFICULT, TREACHEROUS, CHALLENGING ! This 30 second parking lot PNG cache is NOWHERE NEAR the upper end of the rating scale. If you rate this parking lot sign a 4, WHERE can you possibly go from there ?? We've found almost 2,800 caches and have YET to see a real 4/4. The most challenging cache we've ever found has to be "Ruby's Outstanding Cache," and if you look at the photos, you'll see why. We waded through ice cold, chest high swamp water wearing waders, sinking 1' down into disgusting muck every step we took. You can see our photos on the cache page. I believe we're the only cachers to find this cache while the swamp was water and not solid ice. Everybody else who saw GZ in spring/summer, came back in the winter. I conquered a personal fear of water to sign the log on this cache. Not just water, but disgusting swamp water ! My heart was beating so fast the entire time I was almost hyperventilating ! I suppose it all depends on where you've been... Edit: "Ruby's," is rated a 1/3. So there you go. Difficulty and Terrain are ALL in the eye of the beholder !!! Sign the logbook on Ruby's IN THE SPRING, and then sign the logsheet on the ( ahem ), 4/4 parking lot PNG in question, then come back and talk to me about the ratings....
  19. The latest ridiculous "FTF more later," notes for 4-11-11...One cacher does it 3 times. He posts his "FTF more later," notes for 3 caches he was FTF on and the 4th was found first by another cacher, the one he mentions in one of his notes. She does the same thing !! She posts a note..."FTF. more later." I still don't get it ? They get the FTF and they post an immediate NOTE but NOT a FOUND IT LOG ! They post their Found It logs an hour later. I DON'T GET IT. What's the point. If you're gonna post a "more later," note why not just make it a found it log and get these caches off my "Unfound Caches," PQ ??? April 11 by FOUND IT LOG: "FTF @ 11:05. Saw these publsih and since SW of me tends to be a FTF wasteland, headed on down. This was the first of two I found down here - both were wonderful hides. I've seen this type of hide before, but this was very well constructed! Gotta love the break in the onotany of hides I tend towards due to the minicachers. Thanks!" April 11 NOTE: "ftf @ 11:05...more later" April 11 FOUND IT LOG:"FTF @ 1:20pm. out with the minicachers on a spontanteous cache run. Not sure I'm following anything about this cache, but I DID find the cache itself, so I'm running with it. I did get a kick out of the theme of this series. Thanks!" NOTE: "ftf...more later 1:20" April 11 by FTF just ahead of ______ and ______. I pulled in, and was surprised to see the pristine log here, bookending my only non-ftf of the series. Of the 4 4's, I found 3, I got FTF on 2, and met other cachers at 1. This was the one. I was signing in when I saw across the lot, someone looking aat their phone, looking at me, looking at their phone looking at me (just in my direction of course), but when they didn't come by, I put the cache back and got in th car to log the note. Suddenly;, their car pulled up next to mine. I introduced myself and wer chatted for a bit. Finally, time to head home with the kidlets. Great day today! Thanks. April 11 by NOTE: "ftf just ahead of another group. more later." ( names of 2 other cachers removed ) April 11 by (the cacher who actually was FTF on this one) FTF! More later April 11 by FOUND IT LOG: "Best hide of the three I found. Aftering getting the FTF on another 4 down south, I was surpised to see that wasn't the case here. Good times. Caching's caching can't complain. Thanks!" April 11 by NOTE: "not ftf...more later"
  20. Is your signature on the physical logsheet inside this cache container ?
  21. Again, with the introduction of Bisons, Nanos and now SuperNanos, preforms aren't micros anymore. Pill bottles aren't micros. Film containers aren't micros. What is it going to take ?
  22. Too funny ! Have you ever opened a cache container that REEKS of what was once in it and even if you love "the product," that it once held, the aroma of it makes you wanna puke if you're in the woods? Why? What is it about the woods and the overwhelming smell of Oregano that don't mix? What is it about a lamppost skirt and the gagging aroma of pickles that don't mix? I like Oregano and I like pickles BUT I don't wanna smell either when I open a cache !
  23. First,THANK YOU for saying you respect our opinion ! That's not said too often. A logsheet could easily be slipped into my preform. I only need one sheet and as far as the pen argument goes, don't even get me started ! I don't know about the rest of you but next to my iPhone, my pen is THE SECOND thing I make sure I have when I leave the house to go caching. I have my Inka...that's right..."the first pen designed especially for the adventurer," the Special Edition Titanium,indestructable, $25.95, strapped around my neck hanging from my "Get Outta My Face," lanyard. It writes on wet and frozen paper, upside down and at the highest altitudes. That's how important a pen is to me ! I spent 30 bucks on it !! No real self-respecting Geocacher would EVER leave home without a pen and then expect to find one in every cache. If you don't bring a pen and there isn't a pen in my cache and you claim a find on my cache but say you couldn't sign the log because you didn't have a pen and there wasn't a pen in the cache.....sorry....you're looking at a log deletion. Super Nanos ? You haven't seen these ? Where do you live ?
  24. Signing the physical log "rule," seems to be the only rule left in the game. We play by it so we expect others to play by it. Every single cache we've found, we signed the physical log. If that log was soaked. We changed it. If it was full. We changed it. NEVER, NOT ONCE, have we or would we claim a find on a cache if we didn't sign the physical log or somehow leave our sig inside the container. At least once a day someone logs one or more of our caches and says they couldn't reach it or the log was wet and they couldn't sign...blah-blah. NO. As a CO you have to decide what's more important, protecting the integrity of the game or being popular. I can tell you this from personal experience, the moment you delete someone's found it log because they didn't sign the physical log in your cache, they WILL hate you. THAT is gauranteed ! They will be offended. I see logs posted all day everyday where cachers say they didn't sign the log because of this or that or this or that....and the CO's don't say ANYTHING because they're afraid that cacher won't like them. Me ? I don't care if you don't like me. I play by THE RULE, so I expect you to play by THE RULE and if you think you're gonna log my cache without signing the physical log, you are sadly mistaken !
  25. How are the sizes still the same and when did container size ratings depend on wether or not you can fit a TB or Geocoin inside AND what is with the food thing and being able to stuff a corned beef sandwich inside ? I'm sorry. I'm very analytical and I tend to pick things down to the bone. Most folks don't analyze things like I do, therefore they don't understand where I'm coming from or my point of view. That's ok. All this talk about being able to fit TB's and Geocoins inside containers should determine their size rating ? In MY experience, TB's and Geocoins are one of the most disrespected aspects of the game ! 90% of TB's and Geocoins are not where they're supposed to be ! We don't even look at cache inventory anymore ! We used to. Not anymore. If you find a TB or Geocoin in a cache and that's where it's actually supposed to be ( in other words, listed in said cache's inventory ), that's rare ! So PLEASE don't USE TB's and Geocoins as a basis for cache size ratings. There are more MIA TB's and Geocoins than there are ones that "make it !" It's human nature to hate what you're not good at or what scares you ! If you hate micros, real micros like Bisons, Nanos, SuperNanos and they scare you because you're not good at finding them, say so but PLEASE stop fooling yourself into believing that preforms are micros !
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