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  1. OK, you can called me obsessed, but I've actually just finished updating all 3572 caches in my GSAK database with the AddLogs.gsk makro! Took me ages, but now it's done!!! I then ran the FoundLogsCount.gsk makro to count all the Found logs for each cache in my database, and the top 10 caches, in terms of finds are as follows: 1. GCMYYZ Table Top Trove - 188 finds 2. GC3055 Smuts House, Irene - 184 finds 3. GC43FA Historical Series Harbour entrance - 163 finds 4. GC9CC4 Signal Hill - 161 finds 5. GCAF35 Sea Point Historical 1 - 126 finds 6. GCA538 Sea Point Contact - 123 finds 7. GCWK3K TF16 180° Sea - 122 finds 8. GC13FB Pretoria-East 001: - 118 finds 9. GC114RH Cape Town TB Hotel - 116 finds 10. GCP64K Konsentrasiekampkerkhof - 113 finds
  2. Hi iNokia - you have a valid point! However, there is a macro called "AddLogs.gsk" that will populate each cache listing in GSAK with all the missing logs - it accesses the GC site to do so. The only hassle with this method is that you have to run the macro on each cache line individually in GSAK! Maybe, when I have nothing else to do, I will do just that! I update all the caches on a weekly basis, so I should not need to run the macro thereafter.
  3. I used GSAK to extract a filter of all the SA caches, and the cache with the most "Found" logs turns out to be GCMYYZ Table Top Trove in the Western Cape - 184 finds! To set the filter, I went to Search...Filter and then selected the "Logs" tab. Then I went to the Log Type section and selected the "Found It" option.
  4. Excellent job Gerhard - I really enjoyed watching the videos! And the heavy breathing behind the lens...
  5. I'm keen to visit the Rustenburg area for a caching spree - it looks like there are a lot of good quality caches there within a relatively small radius. I'm thinking of driving up on a Friday, caching like mad on the Saturday and Sunday, and then driving back on the Monday. Is there anyone in the Sandpit who would like to join me on this adventure and share travel costs? I'm hoping to go there within the next month or two.
  6. Just the prompt I need! Now to see if I can round up two or three other KZN cachers to drive up with me and share the transport costs!
  7. Mmmm - the area looks very appetising! I reckon it should take me about 6 hours to drive to Rustenburg from Hilton, soooo.... if I drove up on a Friday and drove back on a Monday, would Saturday and Sunday be sufficient time to find most of the good caches in the area? Any recommended places I could spend the 3 nights there?
  8. I spent all morning dropping and retrieving my car TB into all the caches I've found so far - 363 caches since July last year. I was amazed that it has clocked up nearly 21,000kms! And that is measured as straight lines between caches - it must be even more if it was measured along the actual routes! No wonder I'm so poor these days...
  9. And the Blackjack Bailey Mobile TB is born!
  10. Apart from one high-muggle area urban cache and two earth-caches, my nearest unfound cache is 50km away.
  11. Thanks cincol - I figured that out and re-submitted my order via PayPal. See you next month!
  12. I've just placed my order on the website, but the only payment options were PayPal and Phone Payment - I selected the second option. Will I be getting a phone call to confirm my banking details?
  13. ...and that wasn't the end of the story! Later that evening I visited someone for dinner, and I was wearing the same jersey that I was wearing whilst bushwacking Pergatory Nature Reserve. My host suddenly stopped talking and stared at my jersey - stupefied! It was covered by millions of flippin' blackjacks and I didn't even know! As they say, if you don't bath, you won't know how bad you smell - in my case, if my name is Blackjack Bailey, I won't notice if I'm covered in my natural habitat...
  14. What's wrong with blackjacks? Sorry, couldn't resist...
  15. I really can't understand how the minds of such people tick! Who are they kidding? Some of you might recall when I was agonising as to whether I should be entitled to claim a find on a cache that I had adopted from another cacher, but which I had not yet found myself, even after a couple of attempts! It started getting ridiculous when I was getting requests from cachers to maintain "my" cache, yet I didn't know where it was myself! Eventually I managed to find it - even then, I felt slightly guilty when I signed the logbook of my own cache. Now, if I felt unjustified guilt in doing so, how can these guys do what they are doing and feel nothing? The mind boggles...
  16. Hi NevaP, On your way to Nottingham Road, you will be passing through my territory (Pietermaritzburg and Hilton - sometimes known as Blackjack Territory! ). There are quite a few caches, close to your route, which are big enough for your bugs - many of them are mine. Have a look at GC17XK6 (Kettlefontein View), GCNORD (Troll Hole) and GC14BDN (The Conservatory) as examples. You are more than welcome to give me a call/email beforehand if you would like to meet.
  17. I must say, although I'm game for a good physical challenge, I'm "poep bang" of dizzy heights and sheer drops! Give me a field of blackjacks any day - I'll feel much more at home there!
  18. Read these posts and you will see how the name was born!
  19. Hello folks! Just to let you all know - I've had a makeover recently. "Neville Bailey" has been morphed into "Blackjack Bailey"! I dare you to find my caches without getting blackjacked!
  20. Wazat, from Wayne's World - and Blackjack Bailey - what a combo! Now you've made me spill coffee all over my keyboard, I'm laughing so much! I think I need to get a custom caching outfit, covered with fake blackjacks - it will match with my receding greying hair... Total camo!!!
  21. Fiddlesticks - now I've gotta revisit over 300 caches to re-sign the logbooks with my new name!
  22. Excellent! Request has been submitted - wait for my extreme makeover to take place soon!
  23. Just done a search - Black Jack, or Blackjack, already exists!
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