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  1. Well, here is my tale. I got home off the road a couple of hours before I was to host the Dinner after GeoRendezous. As we were setting up, I saw Lori Darling with a group of cachers in a camp site next to where we were to cook. Wanting to make sure I had a chance to visit before things got busy, I popped over.


    A lady cacher I do not know asked me who I was, and then told me she had a coin for me. After looking at it quickly, I tucked it in my pocket. Lori then asked me if I knew what I had. Being worried about getting the dinner kicked off right, I had not taken much of a look. Pulling it out, I could feel Lori's “All Knowing Smile” waiting for me to realize what it was. Not one to get into the forums much, I was clueless. Then I was informed what I had been handed. WOW, a mystery coin of my own. This will be treasured with the couple of others I have been lucky enough to receive.


    For someone who is (I don't think) not well known in the caching community (outside of the Utah/Idaho area), I felt really grateful (and a bit stressed for the dinner) for the idea that I was selected to receive a wonderful gift. Thank you for coin number 163.


    And for Write Shop Robert, a fellow “Over The Road Cacher”, I understand the feeling of getting home to a stuffed mailbox. Be safe out there.

  2. Happy Birthday Karma


    My funny story is one is when Damenace, Boo Boo and myself sat up in Karma's hotel room getting coins ready to go out. What a way to spend time with frineds before heading out to an event.


    Nothing like spending time with friends

  3. This was my first Mega Event, and having traveled down with Damenace (my partner in crime), I am glad I can put faces to names I have only heard about. It was more like going to a family reunion and meeting family members, vs people you don't know anything about. I would like to point out the speical people, but I have to be on the road from Utah to Inidana in the mornings, so I'll say thanks to all, and to all a good night. :ph34r:

  4. Mystery coin: Creepy Crawly Cacher

    How obtained: Mail


    Mystery Coin: The Great GeoPumpkin

    How obtained: Found in cache


    Mystery coin: Santa's Stocking

    How obtained: mail


    Mystery coin: G.O. Coin Bug

    How obtained: Left on windsheild of car while at an event


    Mystery coin: Don't Fence Me In

    How obtained: Somehow at Geowoodstock VI


    Mystery coin: Crappy Cache Award

    How obtained: Found in Cache


    Mystery coin: Night Before Christamas

    How obtained: Found in a Cache


    Mystery coin: Pay It Forward

    How obtained: E-mail telling me where to find it. :ph34r:

  5. I just came into the forums, and saw I was a day late for the first run. I would like to add my name and coin to the list. I have a coin that has an icon, which covers many coins thus who is getting the coin does not know what it looks like, thus one of the issues is covered that was brought up before. Information sent. Thanks. :D

  6. I'm In...


    I love the first, and if there is a chance to mint more of them, I would love it. I love the design, cost and ability to leave them in caches for others. It makes a fun Signature item for the rare cacher to find.


    If the Vs 2 is tracksable, I'll still get some, just not as many as I would if they were non-trackable... which is just a cost factor. As far as changing shapre, I like the idea of making the vs 2 both looking like the first (like the Geojellys ) and the idea of changing so we can still have the cacher's name on the coin, so I'm not worried about the design change.


    Either way, when we're ready, I'm in.


    BTW... is there a way to re-mint vs 1 and get vs 2 underway? I am willing to do a larger number of vs 1 to help get a good cost per coin for a re-minting. If this is possable, I will still commit for vs 2

  7. As a former Navy Photographer's Mate, when I saw this thread, I thought of a coin in the shape of a Speed Graphic. It is a 4x5 (film Size) press camera you see in the older movies (i.e. the '40's ). This was the first camera the Navy gave us to use in school, and for a short time, I had one of my own to use (maybe again if I get a dark room set up)


    I would love to help in producing a camera coin, just let me know.

  8. Received my first mission package yesterday from Utah. It had a Lyonden_UT Nerd, Dandelyon Salad GeoJelly 3, and the Old Boot Stew - HOBO Event Geocoin. Thanks for the package my WEGE sender <--no secret here :P . These are 3 coins I did not have and now I have a 2nd and 3rd generation GeoJelly. I think that I was FTA (First to Arrive) <_<:D


    Well, I thought it would be better to send out coins I knew you did not have, nor most likely have. Okay, so I did not hide too well. Glad to share the luck I had in getting into the coin projects, as well as an event group I am proud to be apart of... Hobo's Rule.


    Glad you have added to your Geojelly collection


    Happy New Years to all :P

  9. Thanks for letting me know about the coin. I would like to add my name to the list, as I am becoming known (for some odd reason) it is Lyonden_ut. I have looked back to the past coins and love the idea. Can't wait to see the final coin(s)

  10. R GBOTS... just a note on the other side. My work truck is a '05 Kenworth with 407k in 3 years. And I am adding to it as I head from Salt Lake to Pheonix on New Years day. And I wonder why I don't get to cafche at home much....


    Happy New Years Everyone <_<

  11. I have been nice and naughty, does that count :rolleyes: !! I better go sit on Santa's lap and do some convincing!!!


    I can vouch for the naughty part.. as in some of the caches we have placed together. As for Nice, Boo Boo will have to be asked that.


    I am so lucky to have found one of these stockings in my mail when I got back off a road trip today. Thanks Santa.

  12. Just had the chance to show off what I got from my Secret Santa sent me. I had no idea about the paperless caching coin until it showed up... WOW. Thanks Santa.


    A Paperless Caching coin

    2006 Kentucky Coin

    Law Enforment coin

  13. I just got home and got my Geojellys in. I am placing 1/2 of my order on a trade list for other Jellys (or a cool trade). I don't have much time to contact people for trades, so if anyone would like one of my 10 which are avalable, please drop me a note, and I will get the coins out as soon as the boss lets me back by the house...


    Caching in a Kenworth somewhere....

  14. 1. Participating ... Yep

    2. Received Name ... Yep

    3. Mission Complete ... Yer

    4. Package Received! YEPPPPPPPP


    I was stuck on a a long road trip which included 2 long weekends down in snow storms. So when I got Home today, My mail box was crammed with a lot of Junk Mail... and a package containing 3 great conis and 2 pins. I will post a picture of the truck decked out for the Holiday fun as well as the coins tomarrow after work. Right now, I am a tired truck driver ready to discover my own bed after a few weeks on the road. :laughing:

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