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  1. This is indeed a good idea and great news. I'm sure anything organized will draw a crowd!
  2. You still in F'ton? I have a venture.
  3. My vote goes to Cache Agent, doing a great job in eastern Canada Great job on the staff El Diablo!
  4. Hi Buzz. Have a look at Geo Hikes , I think this may be what you are looking for. This is Doctor Livingstone site.
  5. Just to shed a little light.... I beleive the reason this story came to air is because of the concerns of the activities that have been going on in this particular park during daytime hours. There has been at least one other cache that has been archived in this park because of what was going on. I feel that a member of our community chose to bring this to the media in an effort to reclaim our parks and play areas from these sick individuals. I of course have no proof of this but am verbalising my opinion. The whole thing was discussed at length as to what should be done (if anything) over at MGA
  6. Thanks to all for your input. Some points made I hadn't stopped to think about.
  7. I have a variation on a TB Hotel. It's a TB Exchange where you would take a tb only if you where leaving one. My question is: Is it acceptable to virtually log a tb. Someone has done this at my cache. Basically posted a note stating they didn't move the TB because they couldn't move it along for it's mission but they did log it as a find at the TB page. (Made a grab then drop in same cache). I have been debating weither to contact the owner of the TB to see if they would be willing to delete the log/stat for that player.
  8. Not sure this has been said on this thread or not. I had a similar problem with my Venture this spring. Vertical lines messing up the display. I was a little worried the unit was on the fringe. I found that the problem was the battery terminals were dirty and or loose. Rechargeable batteries are smaller in size than disposable ones. I streatched the connections. Second, i used a pencil earaser and "rubbed" off potential grime/dirt from the connection, similar to what you should/would do to a cellphone. It done the trip, haven't had it happen again/since. IMHO, no need to send anywhere for repair.
  9. I think this is a great idea. I'd be willing to "adopt" this standard for any of my caches. I would say that most of the members of http://www.maritimegeocaching.com would do the same.
  10. GeoSlyCa

    Nick Change

    Have been thinking of changing my nick for some time but never got around to it. It has finally been done. Some of you from the maritimes may have seen my post or found my calling card. Tha Landrys has been changed to Geoslyca . Hope to see you on the trails!
  11. GeoSlyCa

    Fly The Flag

    Great idea. Go canada Go
  12. quote:Originally posted by Peregrine007:I'm hoping a cacher from the Halifax area can help me with a little adventure. I'm looking for something that may or may not have 'disappeared' after your storm recently. Hopefully it's still there, but the area may not even be accessible yet as I understand that a clean-up is still in progress. I'll be happy to give you more details if you could email me (via the Geocaching.com emailer). Thanks! Fired off an email earlier today. How can we help?
  13. quote:Originally posted by dasein:We're always suspicious when we read a log that says "We took this and that, left something, can't remember what." From day one, I have carried a pencil in my pocket, and immediately after making the find and trade, write down (on the cache page) what time we were there, what we T/L, and any other thoughts. That way we don't forget or get caches confused. We feel like logging what you T/L online makes you think again, and keeps you honest. I do the same as well. I keep all my printed cache pages in a 3 ring binder with my "to do" and my "logged" caches. I also mark at top of my printed pages the distance from my home coordinates and file in increasing distance from my home. Helps in grouping caches by area too. I don't geocache for the treasure, I geocache for the adventure. If there's a TB, I'll usually take it and leave one in place or put some other lil treasure. I don't usually take anything else and always leave my calling card that I staple to the log page.
  14. quote:Originally posted by Olar:How did all you geocachers do this past long weekend? I personally took advantage of the clear dry weather and tackled 5 caches and found 4. Well I guess I had a good geocaching weekend We went to Fredericton NB to visit relatives and to geocache with my bro in law (ace 226). We logged 5 on Saturday (had a late start), 8 on Sunday (3 failed ones) and 2 on Monday. Weather was great, 24'C on Sat and Sun but light rain on Mon. Managed to get a family turkey dinner in Great weekend indeed!!
  15. quote:Why hasn't anyone visited my cache lately...last find was June 15 over 100 days ago.....Uniacke Raiders GCG4GZ.....does it seem too hard for most people ? Your cache is on my list I've been working away from my home coordinates. I usually try to group caches by area ie, go to a specific area and do as many as I have time.
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