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  1. I can also help you out after I get out of work today....just send me a PM. A demo if needed:
  2. I use a shareware app called MacCaching (www.maccaching.com) for my waypoint manager. Works great with my Vista Cx
  3. National Map Corps Volunteer....
  4. I'm very new to geocaching too and completely hooked. Lots of good advice here I wish I would of asked for. I spent about $400 getting all the gadgets I think I need (probably more than a actually needed). GPSr, software, gear, TB's, Ammo Box's, etc... For me its a one time - long term investment. Worth every cent for the the way I get to spend time with my family. Better than any movie or amusement park if you ask me. Good luck and have fun!
  5. Can I export a file from Google Earth? If so how? Thanks!
  6. Looking forward to it! I'm always looking for ways to work around OS quarks.
  7. I train working dogs for the protection of owners (female chihuahuas).
  8. Maybe you can have a friend convert the maps for you.
  9. Right now with your set up its a matter of compromise. Being a OS X user myself I've come to grips that I can't run the same programs as PC users unless I'm willing to install bootcamp or other windows emulators. Garmin is working on a OS X version, but don't hold your breath. I use my Vista Cx with the installed base maps and take hard copy topo maps with me. I also print my own maps using National Geographic TOPO. I'm able to see more of the layout that I would on my screen and I like having a "map" with me just in case. That's just me, but I would get your money back for the Topo 2008 disk if you can. Good Luck!
  10. My waypoint manager (MacCaching) will export to my address book or an iPod. I select address book and then sync the blackberry. Same concept should work if your working with a PC.
  11. Glad you found MacCaching! It's a great app! It should do most everything you need. FYI Garmin has a POI updater and WebUpdater for OS X. I think they're both in Beta, but they work on my eTrex Vista Cx. http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=3499 http://www8.garmin.com/support/collection....ct=999-99999-12
  12. I use my blackberry 8700 address book to store cache information. Not sure how robust the address section of your phone is, but it may be an option. Good luck!
  13. I just use common sense. I don't go to caches near schools while they are in class. Who know's what kind of trouble that would cause. I also "now" stay away from banks during open hours. I had one the other day that was between a restaurant and bank. I parked my car and saw the teller looking at me through the drive through window. Then a restaurant worker came out because they thought I was going to eat. Just felt odd so I took off. That cache will be a early Sunday hunt when both business are closed. On urban caches I just pretend I'm suppose to be looking around that lamp post or whatever. Seems to work good for me. Have fun!
  14. Not sure what other devices you have but I use this for my back-up w/ GMM. Works great and was cheap ($90-100)! http://www.telenav.com/products/tn/btgps/
  15. I think the Vista and Legend Cx and HCx models are rated for longer use (25-32hrs). I know I get more than 10 hrs from mine.
  16. I have a eTrex Vista Cx and it works pretty good for me.
  17. RubberToes thanks for the tip!
  18. zafwon


    I use a BlackBerry 8700. Works good for me.
  19. That's easy if you have the tracking number, but I have to assume the OP doesn't have it. I keep a spreadsheet and try to remember to record the numbers here at home just in case that happens. I do to. I like to note everything about a cache. Like you - I think it's good practice to.
  20. When you hook it up are you using the Mass USB storage mode? Try it both ways...just a suggestion.
  21. Were the caches close together? Can you log picking it up again and move it to the correct cache? What is the rule? I don't know so thats why I'm asking....thanks!
  22. I do some real time caching with my Blackberry 8700, bluetooth GPS receiver ($99) and Google Maps (Image mode) in urban areas. Geocaching.com has a WAP site that you can bookmark on your phones browser. I use Google Maps Mobile for my mapping software. I punch the lat/long in and save it as a favorite and Google map drops the point on the map. I fire my GPS up and it works really good! It's pretty cool to be able to see the location via satellite imagery. Reminds me if something from that movie "Enemy of the State". Geekness in all its glory! I also download all my points as address cards and sync them with my BlackBerry. So I have the descriptions, lat/long and hints with me wherever I go. Good luck!
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